Windows.Devices.Input Windows.Devices.Input Windows.Devices.Input Windows.Devices.Input Windows.Devices.Input Namespace

Provides support for identifying the input devices available (pointer, touch, mouse, and keyboard) and retrieving information about those devices.


KeyboardCapabilities KeyboardCapabilities KeyboardCapabilities KeyboardCapabilities KeyboardCapabilities

Supports the ability to determine the capabilities of any connected hardware keyboards.

MouseCapabilities MouseCapabilities MouseCapabilities MouseCapabilities MouseCapabilities

Supports the ability to determine the capabilities of any connected mouse devices.

MouseDevice MouseDevice MouseDevice MouseDevice MouseDevice

Supports the ability to identify and track connected mouse devices.

MouseEventArgs MouseEventArgs MouseEventArgs MouseEventArgs MouseEventArgs

Contains event data for the MouseMoved event.

PenDevice PenDevice PenDevice PenDevice PenDevice

Supports the ability to identify and track connected pen devices.

PointerDevice PointerDevice PointerDevice PointerDevice PointerDevice

Supports the ability to identify the connected pointer devices and determine their capabilities.

TouchCapabilities TouchCapabilities TouchCapabilities TouchCapabilities TouchCapabilities

Supports the ability to determine the touch capabilities of any connected touch digitizers.


MouseDelta MouseDelta MouseDelta MouseDelta MouseDelta

Identifies the change in screen location of the mouse pointer, relative to the location of the last mouse event.

PointerDeviceUsage PointerDeviceUsage PointerDeviceUsage PointerDeviceUsage PointerDeviceUsage

Identifies the Human Interface Device (HID) usage details for the input device.

A Human Interface Device (HID) usage describes what a Human Interface Device (HID)-compliant control is measuring or reporting and can also indicate the control's intended use. A specific control usage is defined by its usage page, a usage ID, a name, and a description.


PointerDeviceType PointerDeviceType PointerDeviceType PointerDeviceType PointerDeviceType

Enumerates pointer device types.

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