Windows.Devices.Scanners Windows.Devices.Scanners Windows.Devices.Scanners Windows.Devices.Scanners Namespace

Contains the classes, interfaces, structures and other components that are built on top of the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) COM APIs to provide scan functionality for Windows Store app and desktop apps.


Represents the properties of images to scan.

Represents the auto-configured scan source of the scanner.

Represents the Feeder scan source of the scanner.

Represents the Flatbed scan source of the scanner.

Represents the result of a preview scan job.

Represents the result of a scan job.


Specifies the scan resolution.


Configures the file format when a scanner input source transfers acquired image data to the app.

Queries and configures scan settings that are common to both Flatbed and Feeder sources.

The scan settings are:

  • Scan region coordinates
  • Scan resolution
  • Color mode


Specifies the automatic crop mode of the scanning device.

Specifies the color modes for the scan source.

The type of files to scan to.

The types of scan source for the scanning device.