Windows.Foundation.Diagnostics Windows.Foundation.Diagnostics Windows.Foundation.Diagnostics Windows.Foundation.Diagnostics Namespace

Provides classes for logging messages and tracing events.


AsyncCausalityTracer AsyncCausalityTracer AsyncCausalityTracer AsyncCausalityTracer

Enables tracing control flow across asynchronous operations.

ErrorDetails ErrorDetails ErrorDetails ErrorDetails

Provides information about an error that occurred.

FileLoggingSession FileLoggingSession FileLoggingSession FileLoggingSession

Represents the destination of logged messages from LoggingChannel instances.

LogFileGeneratedEventArgs LogFileGeneratedEventArgs LogFileGeneratedEventArgs LogFileGeneratedEventArgs

Provides data for the LogFileGenerated event.

LoggingActivity LoggingActivity LoggingActivity LoggingActivity

Creates Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) events that mark the start and end of a group of related events.

LoggingChannel LoggingChannel LoggingChannel LoggingChannel

Represents a source of log messages.

LoggingChannelOptions LoggingChannelOptions LoggingChannelOptions LoggingChannelOptions

Represents advanced settings that you can use to configure a LoggingChannel object.

LoggingFields LoggingFields LoggingFields LoggingFields

Represents a sequence of event fields and provides methods for adding fields to the sequence.

LoggingOptions LoggingOptions LoggingOptions LoggingOptions

Represents advanced event settings.

LoggingSession LoggingSession LoggingSession LoggingSession

Represents the destination of logged messages from LoggingChannel instances.

RuntimeBrokerErrorSettings RuntimeBrokerErrorSettings RuntimeBrokerErrorSettings RuntimeBrokerErrorSettings

Represents diagnostic error reporting settings.

TracingStatusChangedEventArgs TracingStatusChangedEventArgs TracingStatusChangedEventArgs TracingStatusChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the TracingStatusChanged event.


IErrorReportingSettings IErrorReportingSettings IErrorReportingSettings IErrorReportingSettings

Represents diagnostic error reporting settings.

IFileLoggingSession IFileLoggingSession IFileLoggingSession IFileLoggingSession

Represents the destination of logged messages from LoggingChannel instances.

ILoggingChannel ILoggingChannel ILoggingChannel ILoggingChannel

Represents a source of log messages.

ILoggingSession ILoggingSession ILoggingSession ILoggingSession

Represents the destination of logged messages from LoggingChannel instances.

ILoggingTarget ILoggingTarget ILoggingTarget ILoggingTarget

Logs events.


CausalityRelation CausalityRelation CausalityRelation CausalityRelation

Tracks ways that synchronous work items may interact with asynchronous operations.

CausalitySource CausalitySource CausalitySource CausalitySource

Provides flags that listeners use to filter tracing events.

CausalitySynchronousWork CausalitySynchronousWork CausalitySynchronousWork CausalitySynchronousWork

Indicates the relationship between a work item and an asynchronous operation.

CausalityTraceLevel CausalityTraceLevel CausalityTraceLevel CausalityTraceLevel

Specifies a logging level that listeners can use for trace filtering.

ErrorOptions ErrorOptions ErrorOptions ErrorOptions

Specifies the type of diagnostic error reporting for a thread.

LoggingFieldFormat LoggingFieldFormat LoggingFieldFormat LoggingFieldFormat

Specifies the format of an event field.

LoggingLevel LoggingLevel LoggingLevel LoggingLevel

Specifies the severity level of an event.

LoggingOpcode LoggingOpcode LoggingOpcode LoggingOpcode

Specifies an event opcode. Opcodes represent an operation within a component of an application and are used to logically group events.