RacingWheel RacingWheel RacingWheel RacingWheel RacingWheel Class


Represents a racing wheel.

public : sealed class RacingWheel : IGameController, IGameControllerBatteryInfo
struct winrt::Windows::Gaming::Input::RacingWheel : IGameController, IGameControllerBatteryInfo
public sealed class RacingWheel : IGameController, IGameControllerBatteryInfo
Public NotInheritable Class RacingWheel Implements IGameController, IGameControllerBatteryInfo
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (introduced v10.0.14393.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v3)


Supported Devices

RacingWheel supports any Xbox One-certified or Xbox 360-compatible racing wheel without force feedback support.

Force feedback is supported on the following device models:

MOMO Force Feedback Racing Wheel
RGT Force Feedback
HID-mode for the Xbox One

Note that to use the devices listed above you should include a HID (Human Interface Device) capability declaration in your app's appxmanifest:

  <DeviceCapability Name="humaninterfacedevice">
    <Device Id="any">
      <Function Type="usage:0001 0004"/>
      <Function Type="usage:0001 0005"/>

Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1703 15063 FromGameController
1703 15063 TryGetBatteryReport


HasClutch HasClutch HasClutch HasClutch HasClutch

Boolean indicating whether the racing wheel has a clutch.

HasHandbrake HasHandbrake HasHandbrake HasHandbrake HasHandbrake

Boolean indicating whether the racing wheel has a handbrake.

HasPatternShifter HasPatternShifter HasPatternShifter HasPatternShifter HasPatternShifter

Boolean indicating whether the racing wheel has a pattern shifter.

Headset Headset Headset Headset Headset

The audio headset attached to the racing wheel.

IsWireless IsWireless IsWireless IsWireless IsWireless

Gets a value that indicates the wireless state of the racing wheel.

MaxPatternShifterGear MaxPatternShifterGear MaxPatternShifterGear MaxPatternShifterGear MaxPatternShifterGear

The highest gear of the shifter.

MaxWheelAngle MaxWheelAngle MaxWheelAngle MaxWheelAngle MaxWheelAngle

The maximum angle, in degrees, of the racing wheel.

RacingWheels RacingWheels RacingWheels RacingWheels RacingWheels

The list of all connected racing wheels.

User User User User User

The user associated with the racing wheel.

WheelMotor WheelMotor WheelMotor WheelMotor WheelMotor

The force feedback motor for the racing wheel.


FromGameController(IGameController) FromGameController(IGameController) FromGameController(IGameController) FromGameController(IGameController) FromGameController(IGameController)

Returns the given game controller as a racing wheel.

GetButtonLabel(RacingWheelButtons) GetButtonLabel(RacingWheelButtons) GetButtonLabel(RacingWheelButtons) GetButtonLabel(RacingWheelButtons) GetButtonLabel(RacingWheelButtons)

Retrieves the button label for the specified button.

GetCurrentReading() GetCurrentReading() GetCurrentReading() GetCurrentReading() GetCurrentReading()

Gets a snapshot of the racing wheel's state.

TryGetBatteryReport() TryGetBatteryReport() TryGetBatteryReport() TryGetBatteryReport() TryGetBatteryReport()

Gets information about the racing wheel's current battery state.


HeadsetConnected HeadsetConnected HeadsetConnected HeadsetConnected HeadsetConnected

Signals when a headset is attached to the racing wheel.

HeadsetDisconnected HeadsetDisconnected HeadsetDisconnected HeadsetDisconnected HeadsetDisconnected

Signals when a headset is disconnected from the racing wheel.

RacingWheelAdded RacingWheelAdded RacingWheelAdded RacingWheelAdded RacingWheelAdded

Signals when a new racing wheel is connected.

RacingWheelRemoved RacingWheelRemoved RacingWheelRemoved RacingWheelRemoved RacingWheelRemoved

Signals when a racing wheel is disconnected.

UserChanged UserChanged UserChanged UserChanged UserChanged

Signals when the user associated with the racing wheel has changed.

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