Japanese​Phoneme Japanese​Phoneme Japanese​Phoneme Class


Represents a single Japanese word (a "reading") that has been extracted from a Japanese string by JapanesePhoneticAnalyzer.

public sealed class JapanesePhoneme : IJapanesePhonemepublic sealed class JapanesePhoneme : IJapanesePhonemePublic NotInheritable Class JapanesePhoneme Implements IJapanesePhoneme
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows Desktop Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Globalization.GlobalizationJapanesePhoneticAnalyzerContract (introduced v1)


JapanesePhoneme objects are created by calls to JapanesePhoneticAnalyzer.GetWords(String) or JapanesePhoneticAnalyzer.GetWords(String, Boolean).

See the remarks for JapanesePhoneticAnalyzer for a more complete discussion and example.


DisplayText DisplayText DisplayText

Gets the text to display for this Japanese word.

public PlatForm::String DisplayText { get; }public string DisplayText { get; }Public ReadOnly Property DisplayText As string
string string string

The display text of this Japanese word. It is a sub-string of the Japanese string originally analyzed by JapanesePhoneticAnalyzer.


IsPhraseStart IsPhraseStart IsPhraseStart

Gets a Boolean that indicates if this Japanese word is the start of a phrase.

public PlatForm::Boolean IsPhraseStart { get; }public bool IsPhraseStart { get; }Public ReadOnly Property IsPhraseStart As bool
bool bool bool

true if this Japanese word is the start of a phrase, otherwise false.


YomiText YomiText YomiText

Gets the "reading" (the pronunciation of DisplayText ) for this Japanese word.

public PlatForm::String YomiText { get; }public string YomiText { get; }Public ReadOnly Property YomiText As string
string string string

The "reading" (the pronunciation of DisplayText, represented by a sequence of Hiragana characters).