IncrementNumberRounder IncrementNumberRounder IncrementNumberRounder IncrementNumberRounder IncrementNumberRounder Class


Rounds numbers to a specified increment.

For example, this class can be used to round a number to the nearest 0.01.

public : sealed class IncrementNumberRounder : INumberRounder
struct winrt::Windows::Globalization::NumberFormatting::IncrementNumberRounder : INumberRounder
public sealed class IncrementNumberRounder : INumberRounder
Public NotInheritable Class IncrementNumberRounder Implements INumberRounder
var incrementNumberRounder = new incrementNumberRounder();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


IncrementNumberRounder() IncrementNumberRounder() IncrementNumberRounder() IncrementNumberRounder() IncrementNumberRounder()

Creates an IncrementNumberRounder object.

This constructor initializes RoundingAlgorithm to a default value of RoundingAlgorithm.RoundHalfUp, and Increment to 1.


Increment Increment Increment Increment Increment

Gets or sets the increment this IncrementNumberRounder object uses for rounding.

RoundingAlgorithm RoundingAlgorithm RoundingAlgorithm RoundingAlgorithm RoundingAlgorithm

Gets or sets the rounding algorithm used when incrementing.


RoundDouble(Double) RoundDouble(Double) RoundDouble(Double) RoundDouble(Double) RoundDouble(Double)

Rounds a Double number to the specified increment.

RoundInt32(Int32) RoundInt32(Int32) RoundInt32(Int32) RoundInt32(Int32) RoundInt32(Int32)

Rounds an Int32 number to the specified increment.

RoundInt64(Int64) RoundInt64(Int64) RoundInt64(Int64) RoundInt64(Int64) RoundInt64(Int64)

Rounds an Int64 number to the specified increment.

RoundSingle(Single) RoundSingle(Single) RoundSingle(Single) RoundSingle(Single) RoundSingle(Single)

Rounds a Single number to the specified increment.

RoundUInt32(UInt32) RoundUInt32(UInt32) RoundUInt32(UInt32) RoundUInt32(UInt32) RoundUInt32(UInt32)

Rounds a UInt32 number to the specified increment.

RoundUInt64(UInt64) RoundUInt64(UInt64) RoundUInt64(UInt64) RoundUInt64(UInt64) RoundUInt64(UInt64)

Rounds a UInt64 number to the specified increment.

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