Windows.Graphics.Holographic Windows.Graphics.Holographic Windows.Graphics.Holographic Namespace


Contains classes that let apps display holograms in the world around you.


HolographicCamera HolographicCamera HolographicCamera

Provides rendering state for a display to which a holographic view must render each frame from that frame's pose.

HolographicCameraPose HolographicCameraPose HolographicCameraPose

Represents the predicted location of a holographic camera for a particular frame.

HolographicCameraRenderingParameters HolographicCameraRenderingParameters HolographicCameraRenderingParameters

Represents per-camera parameters for rendering holographic content.

HolographicCameraViewportParameters HolographicCameraViewportParameters HolographicCameraViewportParameters

Represents per-viewport parameters for rendering holographic content.

HolographicDisplay HolographicDisplay HolographicDisplay

Provides metadata for a display to which a holographic view must render each frame from that frame's pose.

HolographicFrame HolographicFrame HolographicFrame

Represents a frame of holographic content that an app must render to all cameras.

HolographicFramePrediction HolographicFramePrediction HolographicFramePrediction

Represents the poses for each holographic camera at the time that they're predicted to be displayed.

HolographicSpace HolographicSpace HolographicSpace

Represents a holographic scene, with one or more holographic cameras rendering its content.

HolographicSpaceCameraAddedEventArgs HolographicSpaceCameraAddedEventArgs HolographicSpaceCameraAddedEventArgs

Provides data for the HolographicSpace.CameraAdded event.

HolographicSpaceCameraRemovedEventArgs HolographicSpaceCameraRemovedEventArgs HolographicSpaceCameraRemovedEventArgs

Provides data for the HolographicSpace.CameraRemoved event.


HolographicAdapterId HolographicAdapterId HolographicAdapterId

Represents the graphics adapter used for rendering holographic content. Matches the Win32 locally unique identifier (LUID) type.

HolographicStereoTransform HolographicStereoTransform HolographicStereoTransform

Contains view or projection transforms for stereo rendering. One transform is for the left display, and the other is for the right display.


HolographicFramePresentResult HolographicFramePresentResult HolographicFramePresentResult

Indicates the outcome of a Present call on a holographic frame.

HolographicFramePresentWaitBehavior HolographicFramePresentWaitBehavior HolographicFramePresentWaitBehavior

Specifies whether a Present call should wait for the frame to finish or returns control to the thread immediately.

HolographicReprojectionMode HolographicReprojectionMode HolographicReprojectionMode

Represents the kind of reprojection an app is requesting to stabilize its holographic rendering relative to the user's head motion.