Windows.Management.Deployment Windows.Management.Deployment Windows.Management.Deployment Windows.Management.Deployment Namespace

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Prerelease APIs are identified by a Prerelease label.

[This namespace contains one or more prerelease APIs.]
Provides functionality for managing app packages.


DeploymentResult DeploymentResult DeploymentResult DeploymentResult

Provides the result of a deployment request.

PackageManager PackageManager PackageManager PackageManager

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Manages the software available to a user.

PackageManagerDebugSettings PackageManagerDebugSettings PackageManagerDebugSettings PackageManagerDebugSettings

Settings for debugging app packages.

PackageUserInformation PackageUserInformation PackageUserInformation PackageUserInformation

Provides information about the users of an installed package.

PackageVolume PackageVolume PackageVolume PackageVolume

Represents a package storage volume.


DeploymentProgress DeploymentProgress DeploymentProgress DeploymentProgress

Contains progress information for the deployment request.


AddPackageByAppInstallerOptions AddPackageByAppInstallerOptions AddPackageByAppInstallerOptions AddPackageByAppInstallerOptions

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
A subset of DeploymentOptions that are valid for App Installer.

DeploymentOptions DeploymentOptions DeploymentOptions DeploymentOptions

Specifies the package deployment options.

DeploymentProgressState DeploymentProgressState DeploymentProgressState DeploymentProgressState

Represents the state of a deployment request.

PackageInstallState PackageInstallState PackageInstallState PackageInstallState

Represents the install state of the package.

PackageState PackageState PackageState PackageState

Represents the state of the package.

PackageStatus PackageStatus PackageStatus PackageStatus

Provides info about the status of a package.

PackageTypes PackageTypes PackageTypes PackageTypes

Defines the types of packages to be included in the result set of a query.

RemovalOptions RemovalOptions RemovalOptions RemovalOptions

Values that modify the removal of a package.