Windows.​Management.​Deployment Windows.​Management.​Deployment Windows.​Management.​Deployment Namespace

Provides functionality for managing app packages.


DeploymentResult DeploymentResult DeploymentResult

Provides the result of a deployment request.

PackageManager PackageManager PackageManager

Manages the software available to a user.

PackageManagerDebugSettings PackageManagerDebugSettings PackageManagerDebugSettings

Settings for debugging app packages.

PackageUserInformation PackageUserInformation PackageUserInformation

Provides information about the users of an installed package.

PackageVolume PackageVolume PackageVolume

Represents a package storage volume.


DeploymentProgress DeploymentProgress DeploymentProgress

Contains progress information for the deployment request.


DeploymentOptions DeploymentOptions DeploymentOptions

Specifies the package deployment options.

DeploymentProgressState DeploymentProgressState DeploymentProgressState

Represents the state of a deployment request.

PackageInstallState PackageInstallState PackageInstallState

Represents the install state of the package.

PackageState PackageState PackageState

Represents the state of the package.

PackageStatus PackageStatus PackageStatus

Provides info about the status of a package.

PackageTypes PackageTypes PackageTypes

Defines the types of packages to be included in the result set of a query.

RemovalOptions RemovalOptions RemovalOptions

Values that modify the removal of a package.