Windows.Media.Casting Windows.Media.Casting Windows.Media.Casting Windows.Media.Casting Windows.Media.Casting Namespace

This namespace lets an app to cast or send particular media content to a second device and is meant to be device-protocol agnostic. Today, the APIs work with Miracast, DLNA, and Bluetooth, and support images, audio, and video from HTML Tags, ImageElement and MediaElement.

This namespace is the successor to the source components of the Windows.Media.PlayTo APIs.


CastingConnection CastingConnection CastingConnection CastingConnection CastingConnection

Represents a connection with a casting device.

CastingConnectionErrorOccurredEventArgs CastingConnectionErrorOccurredEventArgs CastingConnectionErrorOccurredEventArgs CastingConnectionErrorOccurredEventArgs CastingConnectionErrorOccurredEventArgs

Represents arguments for the ErrorOccurred event from the CastingConnection

CastingDevice CastingDevice CastingDevice CastingDevice CastingDevice

Represents a physical device that is capable of supporting casting connections and rendering media content sent to it.

CastingDevicePicker CastingDevicePicker CastingDevicePicker CastingDevicePicker CastingDevicePicker

Represents a device picker that contains a list of casting devices for the user to choose from.

CastingDevicePickerFilter CastingDevicePickerFilter CastingDevicePickerFilter CastingDevicePickerFilter CastingDevicePickerFilter

Represents the filter used to determine which devices to show in a casting device picker UI. The filter parameters are OR-ed together to build the resulting filter. In other words, if SupportsAudio and SupportsVideo are both true, the picker will display Audio-only devices, video-only devices, and audio/video devices.

CastingDeviceSelectedEventArgs CastingDeviceSelectedEventArgs CastingDeviceSelectedEventArgs CastingDeviceSelectedEventArgs CastingDeviceSelectedEventArgs

Represents the event arguments for the CastingDeviceSelected event on the CastingDevicePicker object.

CastingSource CastingSource CastingSource CastingSource CastingSource

Represents the media content that can be sent to another device.


CastingConnectionErrorStatus CastingConnectionErrorStatus CastingConnectionErrorStatus CastingConnectionErrorStatus CastingConnectionErrorStatus

Indicates the error status when starting or ending a casting connection.

CastingConnectionState CastingConnectionState CastingConnectionState CastingConnectionState CastingConnectionState

Indicates the current state of a casting connection. Rendering is used when actively playing content.

CastingPlaybackTypes CastingPlaybackTypes CastingPlaybackTypes CastingPlaybackTypes CastingPlaybackTypes

Indicates the capabilities of a particular casting device.

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