Windows.Media.Core Windows.Media.Core Windows.Media.Core Windows.Media.Core Namespace

Contains core media APIs that are used by several different features related to media playback.


AudioStreamDescriptor AudioStreamDescriptor AudioStreamDescriptor AudioStreamDescriptor

Defines an audio media stream.

AudioTrack AudioTrack AudioTrack AudioTrack

Represents an audio track.

AudioTrackOpenFailedEventArgs AudioTrackOpenFailedEventArgs AudioTrackOpenFailedEventArgs AudioTrackOpenFailedEventArgs

Provides data for the OpenFailed event of an AudioTrack.

AudioTrackSupportInfo AudioTrackSupportInfo AudioTrackSupportInfo AudioTrackSupportInfo

Provides support information for an AudioTrack. This information includes the status of the audio decoder, information about any audio degradation applied by the decoder, and the status of the MediaSource with which the audio track is associated.

ChapterCue ChapterCue ChapterCue ChapterCue

Represents a chapter cue that can be included in a TimedMetadataTrack.

CodecInfo CodecInfo CodecInfo CodecInfo

Provides information about a media codec that is installed on the system.

CodecQuery CodecQuery CodecQuery CodecQuery

Provides the FindAllAsync method which allows you to enumerate all media codecs installed on the system.

CodecSubtypes CodecSubtypes CodecSubtypes CodecSubtypes

Provides properties for most supported media subtypes that return the string representation of the GUID for the subtype. Use these property values to filter a query performed with CodecQuery.FindAllAsync. You can also compare the values returned by these properties to the values in the Subtypes collection of a CodecInfo object to determine if a codec supports a particular media subtype.

DataCue DataCue DataCue DataCue

Represents a data cue that can be included in a TimedMetadataTrack.

FaceDetectedEventArgs FaceDetectedEventArgs FaceDetectedEventArgs FaceDetectedEventArgs

Provides data for the FaceDetected event.

FaceDetectionEffect FaceDetectionEffect FaceDetectionEffect FaceDetectionEffect

Represents an effect that attempts to detect faces in a video stream.

FaceDetectionEffectDefinition FaceDetectionEffectDefinition FaceDetectionEffectDefinition FaceDetectionEffectDefinition

Represents the definition of a face detection video effect.

FaceDetectionEffectFrame FaceDetectionEffectFrame FaceDetectionEffectFrame FaceDetectionEffectFrame

Represents a video frame that includes a list of faces detected by the FaceDetectionEffect.

HighDynamicRangeControl HighDynamicRangeControl HighDynamicRangeControl HighDynamicRangeControl

Provides the ability to enable and disable High Dynamic Range (HDR) analysis for the SceneAnalysisEffect.

HighDynamicRangeOutput HighDynamicRangeOutput HighDynamicRangeOutput HighDynamicRangeOutput

Provides the results of a High Dynamic Range (HDR) analysis operation from the SceneAnalysisEffect.

ImageCue ImageCue ImageCue ImageCue

Represents a image cue that can be included in a TimedMetadataTrack.

InitializeMediaStreamSourceRequestedEventArgs InitializeMediaStreamSourceRequestedEventArgs InitializeMediaStreamSourceRequestedEventArgs InitializeMediaStreamSourceRequestedEventArgs

Provides data for the InitializeMediaStreamSourceRequested event.

LowLightFusion LowLightFusion LowLightFusion LowLightFusion

This class allows you to submit a set of image frames, captured in low-light settings and in close temporal proximity, and receieve a single image that has been processed to improve image lighting and fidelity.

LowLightFusionResult LowLightFusionResult LowLightFusionResult LowLightFusionResult

Represents the result of a low-light fusion operation initiated with a call to FuseAsync.

MediaBinder MediaBinder MediaBinder MediaBinder

Enables deferred binding of media content associated with a MediaSource.

Use this class for media content that you don't want to bind to a MediaSource object until a media player is about to actually play the content. A typical scenario for this is playing content that requires payment when it is accessed.

MediaBindingEventArgs MediaBindingEventArgs MediaBindingEventArgs MediaBindingEventArgs

Provides data for the Binding event and methods for binding media content to the associated MediaSource.

MediaCueEventArgs MediaCueEventArgs MediaCueEventArgs MediaCueEventArgs

Provides data for the TimedMetadataTrack.CueEntered and TimedMetadataTrack.CueExited events.

MediaSource MediaSource MediaSource MediaSource

Represents a media source. Provides a common way to reference media from different sources and exposes a common model for accessing media data regardless of the underlying media format.

MediaSourceAppServiceConnection MediaSourceAppServiceConnection MediaSourceAppServiceConnection MediaSourceAppServiceConnection

Enables the implementation of an app service that provides a custom media source that can be consumed by UWP apps.

MediaSourceError MediaSourceError MediaSourceError MediaSourceError

Represents an error that occurred with a MediaSource.

MediaSourceOpenOperationCompletedEventArgs MediaSourceOpenOperationCompletedEventArgs MediaSourceOpenOperationCompletedEventArgs MediaSourceOpenOperationCompletedEventArgs

Provides data for the MediaSource.MediaSourceOpenOperationCompleted event.

MediaSourceStateChangedEventArgs MediaSourceStateChangedEventArgs MediaSourceStateChangedEventArgs MediaSourceStateChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the StateChanged event of a MediaSource object.

MediaStreamSample MediaStreamSample MediaStreamSample MediaStreamSample

Represents a media sample used by the MediaStreamSource.

MediaStreamSamplePropertySet MediaStreamSamplePropertySet MediaStreamSamplePropertySet MediaStreamSamplePropertySet

Contains properties for the MediaStreamSample.

MediaStreamSampleProtectionProperties MediaStreamSampleProtectionProperties MediaStreamSampleProtectionProperties MediaStreamSampleProtectionProperties

Represents a collection properties that are specific to the Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection of the MediaStreamSample.

MediaStreamSource MediaStreamSource MediaStreamSource MediaStreamSource

Represents a media source that delivers media samples directly to the media pipeline.

MediaStreamSourceClosedEventArgs MediaStreamSourceClosedEventArgs MediaStreamSourceClosedEventArgs MediaStreamSourceClosedEventArgs

Provides data for the MediaStreamSource.Closed event.

MediaStreamSourceClosedRequest MediaStreamSourceClosedRequest MediaStreamSourceClosedRequest MediaStreamSourceClosedRequest

Represents an object to be used by the MediaStreamSource.closed event to provide information to the application.

MediaStreamSourceSampleRenderedEventArgs MediaStreamSourceSampleRenderedEventArgs MediaStreamSourceSampleRenderedEventArgs MediaStreamSourceSampleRenderedEventArgs

Provides data for the MediaStreamSource.SampleRendered event, which occurs when a sample from a MediaStreamSource is rendered. Use SampleLag property to determine if there is a lag in the rendering of a sample, in which case you may decide to switch to a lower-bandwidth stream.

MediaStreamSourceSampleRequest MediaStreamSourceSampleRequest MediaStreamSourceSampleRequest MediaStreamSourceSampleRequest

Represents an object to be used by the MediaStreamSource.SampleRequest event to provide information to the application.

MediaStreamSourceSampleRequestDeferral MediaStreamSourceSampleRequestDeferral MediaStreamSourceSampleRequestDeferral MediaStreamSourceSampleRequestDeferral

Provides a way for the application to asynchronously report that it has completed retrieving the MediaStreamSample.

MediaStreamSourceSampleRequestedEventArgs MediaStreamSourceSampleRequestedEventArgs MediaStreamSourceSampleRequestedEventArgs MediaStreamSourceSampleRequestedEventArgs

Provides the data for the SampleRequested event.

MediaStreamSourceStartingEventArgs MediaStreamSourceStartingEventArgs MediaStreamSourceStartingEventArgs MediaStreamSourceStartingEventArgs

Provides data for the MediaStreamSource.Starting event.

MediaStreamSourceStartingRequest MediaStreamSourceStartingRequest MediaStreamSourceStartingRequest MediaStreamSourceStartingRequest

Represents a request from the MediaStreamSource.Starting event for the application to start accumulating MediaStreamSample objects from a specific position in the media.

MediaStreamSourceStartingRequestDeferral MediaStreamSourceStartingRequestDeferral MediaStreamSourceStartingRequestDeferral MediaStreamSourceStartingRequestDeferral

Provides a way for the application to asynchronously report that it has completed processing the MediaStreamSource.Starting event.

MediaStreamSourceSwitchStreamsRequest MediaStreamSourceSwitchStreamsRequest MediaStreamSourceSwitchStreamsRequest MediaStreamSourceSwitchStreamsRequest

Represents an object to be used by the MediaStreamSource.SwitchStreamsRequest event to provide information to the application.

MediaStreamSourceSwitchStreamsRequestDeferral MediaStreamSourceSwitchStreamsRequestDeferral MediaStreamSourceSwitchStreamsRequestDeferral MediaStreamSourceSwitchStreamsRequestDeferral

Provides a way for the application to asynchronously report that it has completed the MediaStreamSource.SwitchStreamsRequested event.

MediaStreamSourceSwitchStreamsRequestedEventArgs MediaStreamSourceSwitchStreamsRequestedEventArgs MediaStreamSourceSwitchStreamsRequestedEventArgs MediaStreamSourceSwitchStreamsRequestedEventArgs

Provides data for the MediaStreamSource.SwitchStreamsRequested event.

MseSourceBuffer MseSourceBuffer MseSourceBuffer MseSourceBuffer

Represents a media source extensions (MSE) source buffer.

MseSourceBufferList MseSourceBufferList MseSourceBufferList MseSourceBufferList

Represents a list of media source extensions (MSE) source buffers.

MseStreamSource MseStreamSource MseStreamSource MseStreamSource

Represents a media source extensions (MSE) stream source.

SceneAnalysisEffect SceneAnalysisEffect SceneAnalysisEffect SceneAnalysisEffect

Represents an effect that analyzes video frames to determine if any of the supported variable photo sequence capture techniques may produce a higher-quality captured image.

SceneAnalysisEffectDefinition SceneAnalysisEffectDefinition SceneAnalysisEffectDefinition SceneAnalysisEffectDefinition

Represents the definition of a scene analysis video effect.

SceneAnalysisEffectFrame SceneAnalysisEffectFrame SceneAnalysisEffectFrame SceneAnalysisEffectFrame

Represents a video frame that includes the results of the scene analysis operation.

SceneAnalyzedEventArgs SceneAnalyzedEventArgs SceneAnalyzedEventArgs SceneAnalyzedEventArgs

Provides data for the SceneAnalysisEffect.SceneAnalyzed event.

SpeechCue SpeechCue SpeechCue SpeechCue

Represents a speech cue that can be included in a TimedMetadataTrack. This cue can be used to receive events based on metadata included in a text-to-speech (TTS) stream, such as word boundaries, sentence boundaries, and Speech Sythesis Markup Language (SSML) bookmarks.

TimedMetadataTrack TimedMetadataTrack TimedMetadataTrack TimedMetadataTrack

Represents a timed metadata track. The track contains a list of IMediaCue objects and raises events at the beginning and end of the time window of each cue.

TimedMetadataTrackError TimedMetadataTrackError TimedMetadataTrackError TimedMetadataTrackError

Provides information about an error that occurred with a timed metadata track.

TimedMetadataTrackFailedEventArgs TimedMetadataTrackFailedEventArgs TimedMetadataTrackFailedEventArgs TimedMetadataTrackFailedEventArgs

Provides data for the TimedMetadataTrack.TrackFailed event.

TimedTextCue TimedTextCue TimedTextCue TimedTextCue

Represents a text cue in a TimedMetadataTrack.

TimedTextLine TimedTextLine TimedTextLine TimedTextLine

Represents a line of text that is displayed with a TimedTextCue.

TimedTextRegion TimedTextRegion TimedTextRegion TimedTextRegion

Exposes properties for customizing the appearance of the rendering area of a TimedTextCue.

TimedTextSource TimedTextSource TimedTextSource TimedTextSource

Represents a source of timed text data.

TimedTextSourceResolveResultEventArgs TimedTextSourceResolveResultEventArgs TimedTextSourceResolveResultEventArgs TimedTextSourceResolveResultEventArgs

Provides data for the TimedTextSource.Resolved event.

TimedTextStyle TimedTextStyle TimedTextStyle TimedTextStyle

Defines the style of the rendered text in a TimedTextCue. You can set the style of a substring within a TimedTextLine by using the Subformats property.

TimedTextSubformat TimedTextSubformat TimedTextSubformat TimedTextSubformat

Defines a TimedTextStyle for a substring in a TimedTextLine. of the cue, which defines the style of the rendered text.

VideoStabilizationEffect VideoStabilizationEffect VideoStabilizationEffect VideoStabilizationEffect

Represents an effect that stabilizes a video stream.

VideoStabilizationEffectDefinition VideoStabilizationEffectDefinition VideoStabilizationEffectDefinition VideoStabilizationEffectDefinition

Represents the definition of a video stabilization effect.

VideoStabilizationEffectEnabledChangedEventArgs VideoStabilizationEffectEnabledChangedEventArgs VideoStabilizationEffectEnabledChangedEventArgs VideoStabilizationEffectEnabledChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the VideoStabilizationEffect.EnabledChanged event.

VideoStreamDescriptor VideoStreamDescriptor VideoStreamDescriptor VideoStreamDescriptor

Defines an video media stream.

VideoTrack VideoTrack VideoTrack VideoTrack

Represents a video track.

VideoTrackOpenFailedEventArgs VideoTrackOpenFailedEventArgs VideoTrackOpenFailedEventArgs VideoTrackOpenFailedEventArgs

Provides data for the OpenFailed event of a VideoTrack.

VideoTrackSupportInfo VideoTrackSupportInfo VideoTrackSupportInfo VideoTrackSupportInfo

Provides support information for a VideoTrack. This information includes the status of the video decoder and the status of the MediaSource with which the video track is associated.


MseTimeRange MseTimeRange MseTimeRange MseTimeRange

Describes the start and end of a time range.

TimedTextDouble TimedTextDouble TimedTextDouble TimedTextDouble

Represents a floating point value that is used to convey the values of timed text style properties.

TimedTextPadding TimedTextPadding TimedTextPadding TimedTextPadding

Represents the size of padding around a timed text region.

TimedTextPoint TimedTextPoint TimedTextPoint TimedTextPoint

Represents 2D coordinate that is used to convey the values of timed text style properties.

TimedTextSize TimedTextSize TimedTextSize TimedTextSize

Represents a size that is used to convey the values of timed text style properties.


IMediaCue IMediaCue IMediaCue IMediaCue

Defines the interface implemented by all media cues.

IMediaSource IMediaSource IMediaSource IMediaSource

Represents a media source that delivers media samples to a media pipeline.

IMediaStreamDescriptor IMediaStreamDescriptor IMediaStreamDescriptor IMediaStreamDescriptor

Defines an interface implemented by a audio or video stream descriptor.

IMediaStreamDescriptor2 IMediaStreamDescriptor2 IMediaStreamDescriptor2 IMediaStreamDescriptor2

Defines an interface implemented by a audio or video stream descriptor.

IMediaTrack IMediaTrack IMediaTrack IMediaTrack

Defines the interface implemented by media tracks.

ISingleSelectMediaTrackList ISingleSelectMediaTrackList ISingleSelectMediaTrackList ISingleSelectMediaTrackList

Represents a media track list that allows a single item to be selected at a time.

ITimedMetadataTrackProvider ITimedMetadataTrackProvider ITimedMetadataTrackProvider ITimedMetadataTrackProvider

Defines the interface implemented by a custom stream that provides metadata tracks.


AudioDecoderDegradation AudioDecoderDegradation AudioDecoderDegradation AudioDecoderDegradation

Specifies the type of degredation, if any, applied to an AudioTrack by the audio decoder.

AudioDecoderDegradationReason AudioDecoderDegradationReason AudioDecoderDegradationReason AudioDecoderDegradationReason

Specifies the reason that the audio decoder degraded an AudioTrack.

CodecCategory CodecCategory CodecCategory CodecCategory

Specifies the category of a codec.

CodecKind CodecKind CodecKind CodecKind

Specifies whether a codec operates on audio or video data.

FaceDetectionMode FaceDetectionMode FaceDetectionMode FaceDetectionMode

Specifies the mode used for face detection.

MediaDecoderStatus MediaDecoderStatus MediaDecoderStatus MediaDecoderStatus

Specifies the status of a media decoder when decoding a media item.

MediaSourceState MediaSourceState MediaSourceState MediaSourceState

Specifies the state of a MediaSource.

MediaSourceStatus MediaSourceStatus MediaSourceStatus MediaSourceStatus

Specifies the status of a MediaSource when opening media items associated with the source.

MediaStreamSourceClosedReason MediaStreamSourceClosedReason MediaStreamSourceClosedReason MediaStreamSourceClosedReason

Specifies the reason why a MediaStreamSource was closed.

MediaStreamSourceErrorStatus MediaStreamSourceErrorStatus MediaStreamSourceErrorStatus MediaStreamSourceErrorStatus

Specifies errors related to MediaStreamSource.

MediaTrackKind MediaTrackKind MediaTrackKind MediaTrackKind

Specifies the type of a media track.

MseAppendMode MseAppendMode MseAppendMode MseAppendMode

Specifies how a MseSourceBuffer object appends a buffer.

MseEndOfStreamStatus MseEndOfStreamStatus MseEndOfStreamStatus MseEndOfStreamStatus

Specifies the status at the end of stream.

MseReadyState MseReadyState MseReadyState MseReadyState

Specifies the ready state of a MseStreamSource object.

SceneAnalysisRecommendation SceneAnalysisRecommendation SceneAnalysisRecommendation SceneAnalysisRecommendation

Specifies the recommended image processing to improve image quality and fidelity of captured images based on the current capture conditions, as determined by the SceneAnalysisEffect.

TimedMetadataKind TimedMetadataKind TimedMetadataKind TimedMetadataKind

Specifies the types of metadata that may be present in a TimedMetadataTrack.

TimedMetadataTrackErrorCode TimedMetadataTrackErrorCode TimedMetadataTrackErrorCode TimedMetadataTrackErrorCode

Specifies the type of error that occurred with a TimedMetadataTrack.

TimedTextDisplayAlignment TimedTextDisplayAlignment TimedTextDisplayAlignment TimedTextDisplayAlignment

Specifies the alignment of a TimedTextRegion relative to the video frame.

TimedTextFlowDirection TimedTextFlowDirection TimedTextFlowDirection TimedTextFlowDirection

Specifies the direction timed text is flowed.

TimedTextFontStyle TimedTextFontStyle TimedTextFontStyle TimedTextFontStyle

Specifies the font styles that can be used for the display timed text.

TimedTextLineAlignment TimedTextLineAlignment TimedTextLineAlignment TimedTextLineAlignment

Specifies the alignment of a TimedTextLine relative to the TimedTextRegion in which it is displayed.

TimedTextScrollMode TimedTextScrollMode TimedTextScrollMode TimedTextScrollMode

Specifies the method in which lines of text scroll through the region.

TimedTextUnit TimedTextUnit TimedTextUnit TimedTextUnit

Specifies the units in which timed a timed text style value is expressed.

TimedTextWeight TimedTextWeight TimedTextWeight TimedTextWeight

Specifies the weight of timed text.

TimedTextWrapping TimedTextWrapping TimedTextWrapping TimedTextWrapping

Specifies the wrapping behavior of timed text.

TimedTextWritingMode TimedTextWritingMode TimedTextWritingMode TimedTextWritingMode

Specifies the direction timed text is written.

VideoStabilizationEffectEnabledChangedReason VideoStabilizationEffectEnabledChangedReason VideoStabilizationEffectEnabledChangedReason VideoStabilizationEffectEnabledChangedReason

Specifies the reason why the VideoStabilizationEffect::Enabled property changed.

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