SceneModeControl SceneModeControl SceneModeControl SceneModeControl Class


Provides functionality for controlling the scene mode settings on a capture device.

public : sealed class SceneModeControl : ISceneModeControlpublic sealed class SceneModeControl : ISceneModeControlPublic NotInheritable Class SceneModeControl Implements ISceneModeControl// You can use this class in JavaScript.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


The SceneModeControl enables apps to tune the post-processing of captured frames to better match the scene being recorded. The SupportedModes enumeration specifies the modes, such as Snow, Night, and Sport, that are supported by the device.

To select a mode, call SceneModeControl.SetValueAsync.

You can access the SceneModeControl for the capture device through MediaCapture.VideoDeviceController.


SupportedModes SupportedModes SupportedModes SupportedModes

Gets the scene modes supported on the capture device.

public : IVectorView<CaptureSceneMode> SupportedModes { get; }public IReadOnlyList<CaptureSceneMode> SupportedModes { get; }Public ReadOnly Property SupportedModes As IReadOnlyList<CaptureSceneMode>// You can use this property in JavaScript.
IVectorView<CaptureSceneMode> IReadOnlyList<CaptureSceneMode> IReadOnlyList<CaptureSceneMode> IReadOnlyList<CaptureSceneMode>

The supported scene modes.

Value Value Value Value

Gets the current scene mod ethe capture device is set to.

public : CaptureSceneMode Value { get; }public CaptureSceneMode Value { get; }Public ReadOnly Property Value As CaptureSceneMode// You can use this property in JavaScript.


To set this property, call SetValueAsync.

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SetValueAsync(CaptureSceneMode) SetValueAsync(CaptureSceneMode) SetValueAsync(CaptureSceneMode) SetValueAsync(CaptureSceneMode)

Asynchronously sets the color temperature Value.

public : IAsyncAction SetValueAsync(CaptureSceneMode sceneMode)public IAsyncAction SetValueAsync(CaptureSceneMode sceneMode)Public Function SetValueAsync(sceneMode As CaptureSceneMode) As IAsyncAction// You can use this method in JavaScript.
CaptureSceneMode CaptureSceneMode CaptureSceneMode CaptureSceneMode

The scene mode to set the Value property to.


The object that is used to control the asynchronous operation.

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