Windows.​Media.​Editing Windows.​Media.​Editing Windows.​Media.​Editing Namespace

Provides functionality for editing, previewing, and saving edited media clips.

For how-to guidance on adding media editing to your app, see Media compositions and editing.


BackgroundAudioTrack BackgroundAudioTrack BackgroundAudioTrack

Represents a single audio track for accompanying a video clip.

EmbeddedAudioTrack EmbeddedAudioTrack EmbeddedAudioTrack

Represents an audio track embedded in the media clip.

MediaClip MediaClip MediaClip

Represents a single media object.

MediaComposition MediaComposition MediaComposition

Represents a collection of media clips and background audio tracks.

MediaOverlay MediaOverlay MediaOverlay

Represents an overlay that can be used in a media composition.

MediaOverlayLayer MediaOverlayLayer MediaOverlayLayer

Represents a layer of a media overlay.


MediaTrimmingPreference MediaTrimmingPreference MediaTrimmingPreference

Used to specify if media trimming should use a faster or a more precise algorithm during transcoding.

VideoFramePrecision VideoFramePrecision VideoFramePrecision

Used to specify the frame precision algorithm when retrieving a thumbnail.