AudioRenderEffectsManager AudioRenderEffectsManager AudioRenderEffectsManager AudioRenderEffectsManager Class


Represent an audio render effects manager which can be used to discover the audio processing chain on a device for a specific media category and audio processing mode.

public : sealed class AudioRenderEffectsManager : IAudioRenderEffectsManager, IAudioRenderEffectsManager2public sealed class AudioRenderEffectsManager : IAudioRenderEffectsManager, IAudioRenderEffectsManager2Public NotInheritable Class AudioRenderEffectsManager Implements IAudioRenderEffectsManager, IAudioRenderEffectsManager2// You can use this class in JavaScript.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


To create an instance of AudioRenderEffectsManager, call AudioEffectsManager.CreateAudioRenderEffectsManager.

See the Audio effects discovery sample for an example of how to query and monitor audio effects on render and capture audio devices.


EffectsProviderSettingsLabel EffectsProviderSettingsLabel EffectsProviderSettingsLabel EffectsProviderSettingsLabel

Gets the label that is associated with this audio effects provider setting.

public : PlatForm::String EffectsProviderSettingsLabel { get; }public string EffectsProviderSettingsLabel { get; }Public ReadOnly Property EffectsProviderSettingsLabel As string// You can use this property in JavaScript.
PlatForm::String string string string

The string to use as the label for the audio effects provider setting.

EffectsProviderThumbnail EffectsProviderThumbnail EffectsProviderThumbnail EffectsProviderThumbnail

Gets the thumbnail image that is associated with this audio effects provider.

public : IRandomAccessStreamWithContentType EffectsProviderThumbnail { get; }public IRandomAccessStreamWithContentType EffectsProviderThumbnail { get; }Public ReadOnly Property EffectsProviderThumbnail As IRandomAccessStreamWithContentType// You can use this property in JavaScript.


GetAudioRenderEffects() GetAudioRenderEffects() GetAudioRenderEffects() GetAudioRenderEffects()

Gets the list of audio effects on the device.

public : IVectorView<AudioEffect> GetAudioRenderEffects()public IReadOnlyList<AudioEffect> GetAudioRenderEffects()Public Function GetAudioRenderEffects() As IReadOnlyList( Of AudioEffect )// You can use this method in JavaScript.
IVectorView<AudioEffect> IReadOnlyList<AudioEffect> IReadOnlyList<AudioEffect> IReadOnlyList<AudioEffect>

The list of audio effects.

ShowSettingsUI() ShowSettingsUI() ShowSettingsUI() ShowSettingsUI()

Displays the audio effect settings page.

public : void ShowSettingsUI()public void ShowSettingsUI()Public Function ShowSettingsUI() As void// You can use this method in JavaScript.


AudioRenderEffectsChanged AudioRenderEffectsChanged AudioRenderEffectsChanged AudioRenderEffectsChanged

Occurs when audio process chain changes.

public : event TypedEventHandler AudioRenderEffectsChanged<AudioRenderEffectsManager,  object>public event TypedEventHandler AudioRenderEffectsChanged<AudioRenderEffectsManager,  object>Public Event AudioRenderEffectsChanged<AudioRenderEffectsManager,  object>// You can use this event in JavaScript.

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