Windows.​Media.​Protection Windows.​Media.​Protection Windows.​Media.​Protection Windows.​Media.​Protection Namespace

Provides types that provide content protection management for media content.


ComponentLoadFailedEventArgs ComponentLoadFailedEventArgs ComponentLoadFailedEventArgs ComponentLoadFailedEventArgs

Contains event data for a MediaProtectionManager object when the load of binary data fails.

ComponentRenewal ComponentRenewal ComponentRenewal ComponentRenewal

Enables applications to initiate renewal of components which need updating in order to play protected media content.

HdcpSession HdcpSession HdcpSession HdcpSession

Allows apps to set and query the current state of High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) between the graphics hardware and the display.

MediaProtectionManager MediaProtectionManager MediaProtectionManager MediaProtectionManager

Contains a content protection manager object for an application that handles protected media content.

MediaProtectionPMPServer MediaProtectionPMPServer MediaProtectionPMPServer MediaProtectionPMPServer

Represents a Protected Media Path (PMP) server to enable playback of protected content using digital rights management (DRM).

MediaProtectionServiceCompletion MediaProtectionServiceCompletion MediaProtectionServiceCompletion MediaProtectionServiceCompletion

Contains a method that indicates whether a protection service has completed successfully.

ProtectionCapabilities ProtectionCapabilities ProtectionCapabilities ProtectionCapabilities

Provides a mechanism for apps to query for hardware DRM capabilities.

RevocationAndRenewalInformation RevocationAndRenewalInformation RevocationAndRenewalInformation RevocationAndRenewalInformation

Contains information about components that need to be revoked and renewed.

RevocationAndRenewalItem RevocationAndRenewalItem RevocationAndRenewalItem RevocationAndRenewalItem

Represents a component that is being revoked and renewed with a trusted component.

ServiceRequestedEventArgs ServiceRequestedEventArgs ServiceRequestedEventArgs ServiceRequestedEventArgs

Contains event data for a MediaProtectionManager object when a service is requested.


IMediaProtectionServiceRequest IMediaProtectionServiceRequest IMediaProtectionServiceRequest IMediaProtectionServiceRequest

Allows a content enabler object to be exposed directly to an application rather than through a wrapper supplied by the ContentEnabler object.


GraphicsTrustStatus GraphicsTrustStatus GraphicsTrustStatus GraphicsTrustStatus

Describes the status of graphics trusted output.

HdcpProtection HdcpProtection HdcpProtection HdcpProtection

Describes the level of protection of an HdcpSession instance.

HdcpSetProtectionResult HdcpSetProtectionResult HdcpSetProtectionResult HdcpSetProtectionResult

Describes whether setting HDCP was successful.

ProtectionCapabilityResult ProtectionCapabilityResult ProtectionCapabilityResult ProtectionCapabilityResult

Specifies the result of a query for hardware DRM capability support using IsTypeSupported.

RenewalStatus RenewalStatus RenewalStatus RenewalStatus

Defines the possible values returned from RenewSystemComponentsAsync.

RevocationAndRenewalReasons RevocationAndRenewalReasons RevocationAndRenewalReasons RevocationAndRenewalReasons

Defines reasons for the revocation and renewal of a certificate for a media component.


ComponentLoadFailedEventHandler ComponentLoadFailedEventHandler ComponentLoadFailedEventHandler ComponentLoadFailedEventHandler

Represents the method that handles the data passed by the MediaProtectionManager when a load of binary data fails.

RebootNeededEventHandler RebootNeededEventHandler RebootNeededEventHandler RebootNeededEventHandler

Represents the method that handles the data passed by the MediaProtectionManager that requires a reboot.

ServiceRequestedEventHandler ServiceRequestedEventHandler ServiceRequestedEventHandler ServiceRequestedEventHandler

Represents the method that handles the data passed by the MediaProtectionManager when the resume operation is completed.