RevocationAndRenewalItem RevocationAndRenewalItem RevocationAndRenewalItem RevocationAndRenewalItem RevocationAndRenewalItem Class


Represents a component that is being revoked and renewed with a trusted component.

public : sealed class RevocationAndRenewalItem : IRevocationAndRenewalItem
struct winrt::Windows::Media::Protection::RevocationAndRenewalItem : IRevocationAndRenewalItem
public sealed class RevocationAndRenewalItem : IRevocationAndRenewalItem
Public NotInheritable Class RevocationAndRenewalItem Implements IRevocationAndRenewalItem
// This class does not provide a public constructor.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


This example shows a ComponentLoadFailedEventHandler. A loop iterates through the failed components. And RenewSystemComponentsAsync is invoked. Note that the RevocationAndRenewalInformation is passed in through the ComponentLoadFailedEventArgs.

function ComponentLoadFailed(e) {

    for (var i = 0; i < e.information.items.size; i++) {
        LogMessage('Component Name=' + 
                    e.information.items[i].name + 
        LogMessage('Failure Reason=' + 
                    e.information.items[i].reasons.toString(16) + 
        LogMessage('Renewal GUID=' + 
                    e.information.items[i].renewalId + 

    //  Invoke the revocation               
        function (r) {
            LogMessage("RenewSystemComponentsAsync: " + 
                        r.toString() + 



An instance of this object is returned by the RevocationAndRenewalInformation.Items property. This information can be passed to ComponentRenewal.RenewSystemComponentsAsync for system processing.


HeaderHash HeaderHash HeaderHash HeaderHash HeaderHash

Returns the header hash for the component being revoked.

public : Platform::String HeaderHash { get; }
winrt::hstring HeaderHash();
public string HeaderHash { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property HeaderHash As string
var string = revocationAndRenewalItem.headerHash;
string string string

The string for the header hash.

Name Name Name Name Name

Returns the name for the component being revoked.

public : Platform::String Name { get; }
winrt::hstring Name();
public string Name { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Name As string
var string =;
string string string

The name of the component.

PublicKeyHash PublicKeyHash PublicKeyHash PublicKeyHash PublicKeyHash

Returns the public key hash for the component.

public : Platform::String PublicKeyHash { get; }
winrt::hstring PublicKeyHash();
public string PublicKeyHash { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property PublicKeyHash As string
var string = revocationAndRenewalItem.publicKeyHash;
string string string

The public key hash.

Reasons Reasons Reasons Reasons Reasons

Returns the reason for revocation of component.

public : RevocationAndRenewalReasons Reasons { get; }
RevocationAndRenewalReasons Reasons();
public RevocationAndRenewalReasons Reasons { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Reasons As RevocationAndRenewalReasons
var revocationAndRenewalReasons = revocationAndRenewalItem.reasons;
RevocationAndRenewalReasons RevocationAndRenewalReasons RevocationAndRenewalReasons

Defines reasons for the revocation and renewal of a certificate for a media component.

RenewalId RenewalId RenewalId RenewalId RenewalId

Returns the GUID for the renewal object.

public : Platform::String RenewalId { get; }
winrt::hstring RenewalId();
public string RenewalId { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property RenewalId As string
var string = revocationAndRenewalItem.renewalId;
string string string

The renewal object GUID.