Windows.​Media.​Transcoding Windows.​Media.​Transcoding Windows.​Media.​Transcoding Namespace

Contains classes for transcoding audio and video files.


MediaTranscoder MediaTranscoder MediaTranscoder

Transcodes audio and video files.

PrepareTranscodeResult PrepareTranscodeResult PrepareTranscodeResult

Represents an asynchronous media transcode deferral operation which can be used to start the transcode operation.


MediaVideoProcessingAlgorithm MediaVideoProcessingAlgorithm MediaVideoProcessingAlgorithm

Defines the available algorithms used by the Transcode Video Processor (XVP).

TranscodeFailureReason TranscodeFailureReason TranscodeFailureReason

Specifies the reason the transcode operation failed.


For how-to guidance on transcoding media files, see Transcode media files.