Data​Plan​Status Data​Plan​Status Data​Plan​Status Class


Represents the current status information for the data plan associated with a connection.

public sealed class DataPlanStatus : IDataPlanStatuspublic sealed class DataPlanStatus : IDataPlanStatusPublic NotInheritable Class DataPlanStatus Implements IDataPlanStatus
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0 - for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


For more information on using cost data to manage connectivity, see Quickstart: Managing metered network cost constraints.


DataLimitInMegabytes DataLimitInMegabytes DataLimitInMegabytes

Gets a value indicating the maximum data transfer allowance for a connection within each billing cycle, as defined by the data plan.

public IReference<uint> DataLimitInMegabytes { get; }public IReference<uint> DataLimitInMegabytes { get; }Public ReadOnly Property DataLimitInMegabytes As IReference<uint>

The maximum number of megabytes allowed as defined by the network carrier.


DataPlanUsage DataPlanUsage DataPlanUsage

Gets a DataPlanUsage object that indicates the amount of data transferred over the connection, in megabytes, and the last time this value was refreshed.

public DataPlanUsage DataPlanUsage { get; }public DataPlanUsage DataPlanUsage { get; }Public ReadOnly Property DataPlanUsage As DataPlanUsage
DataPlanUsage DataPlanUsage DataPlanUsage

The data usage and the last updated time.


InboundBitsPerSecond InboundBitsPerSecond InboundBitsPerSecond

Gets a value indicating the nominal rate of the inbound data transfer occurring on the connection.

public IReference<ulong> InboundBitsPerSecond { get; }public IReference<ulong> InboundBitsPerSecond { get; }Public ReadOnly Property InboundBitsPerSecond As IReference<ulong>

The rate of inbound data transfer.


MaxTransferSizeInMegabytes MaxTransferSizeInMegabytes MaxTransferSizeInMegabytes

Gets a value indicates the maximum size of a transfer that is allowed without user consent on a metered network.

public IReference<uint> MaxTransferSizeInMegabytes { get; }public IReference<uint> MaxTransferSizeInMegabytes { get; }Public ReadOnly Property MaxTransferSizeInMegabytes As IReference<uint>

The maximum size of a transfer that is allowed without user consent on a metered network.


NextBillingCycle NextBillingCycle NextBillingCycle

Gets a value indicating the date and time of the next billing cycle.

public IReference<DateTime> NextBillingCycle { get; }public IReference<DateTime> NextBillingCycle { get; }Public ReadOnly Property NextBillingCycle As IReference<DateTime>

The date and time of the next billing cycle.


OutboundBitsPerSecond OutboundBitsPerSecond OutboundBitsPerSecond

Gets a value indicating the nominal rate of the outbound data transfer.

public IReference<ulong> OutboundBitsPerSecond { get; }public IReference<ulong> OutboundBitsPerSecond { get; }Public ReadOnly Property OutboundBitsPerSecond As IReference<ulong>

The outbound data transfer rate.


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