NetworkStateChangeEventDetails NetworkStateChangeEventDetails NetworkStateChangeEventDetails NetworkStateChangeEventDetails NetworkStateChangeEventDetails Class


Indicates which properties of a network have changed after a network state change background trigger.

public : sealed class NetworkStateChangeEventDetails : INetworkStateChangeEventDetails, INetworkStateChangeEventDetails2
struct winrt::Windows::Networking::Connectivity::NetworkStateChangeEventDetails : INetworkStateChangeEventDetails, INetworkStateChangeEventDetails2
public sealed class NetworkStateChangeEventDetails : INetworkStateChangeEventDetails, INetworkStateChangeEventDetails2
Public NotInheritable Class NetworkStateChangeEventDetails Implements INetworkStateChangeEventDetails, INetworkStateChangeEventDetails2
// This class does not provide a public constructor.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


HasNewConnectionCost HasNewConnectionCost HasNewConnectionCost HasNewConnectionCost HasNewConnectionCost

Indicates if a connected network has a new connection cost.

public : Platform::Boolean HasNewConnectionCost { get; }
bool HasNewConnectionCost();
public bool HasNewConnectionCost { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property HasNewConnectionCost As bool
var bool = networkStateChangeEventDetails.hasNewConnectionCost;
bool bool bool

true if there is a new connection cost; otherwise, false.

HasNewDomainConnectivityLevel HasNewDomainConnectivityLevel HasNewDomainConnectivityLevel HasNewDomainConnectivityLevel HasNewDomainConnectivityLevel

Indicates a connected network has a new domain connectivity level.

public : Platform::Boolean HasNewDomainConnectivityLevel { get; }
bool HasNewDomainConnectivityLevel();
public bool HasNewDomainConnectivityLevel { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property HasNewDomainConnectivityLevel As bool
var bool = networkStateChangeEventDetails.hasNewDomainConnectivityLevel;
bool bool bool

true if the connectivity level changed; otherwise, false.

HasNewHostNameList HasNewHostNameList HasNewHostNameList HasNewHostNameList HasNewHostNameList

Indicates if the list of host names returned by GetHostNames has changed.

public : Platform::Boolean HasNewHostNameList { get; }
bool HasNewHostNameList();
public bool HasNewHostNameList { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property HasNewHostNameList As bool
var bool = networkStateChangeEventDetails.hasNewHostNameList;
bool bool bool

true if a new Host Name list was provided; otherwise, false.

HasNewInternetConnectionProfile HasNewInternetConnectionProfile HasNewInternetConnectionProfile HasNewInternetConnectionProfile HasNewInternetConnectionProfile

Indicates if the local machine has a new connection profile associated with the current internet connection.

public : Platform::Boolean HasNewInternetConnectionProfile { get; }
bool HasNewInternetConnectionProfile();
public bool HasNewInternetConnectionProfile { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property HasNewInternetConnectionProfile As bool
var bool = networkStateChangeEventDetails.hasNewInternetConnectionProfile;
bool bool bool

true if the connection has changed; otherwise, false.

HasNewNetworkConnectivityLevel HasNewNetworkConnectivityLevel HasNewNetworkConnectivityLevel HasNewNetworkConnectivityLevel HasNewNetworkConnectivityLevel

Indicates if the network connectivity level for any connection profiles has changed.

public : Platform::Boolean HasNewNetworkConnectivityLevel { get; }
bool HasNewNetworkConnectivityLevel();
public bool HasNewNetworkConnectivityLevel { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property HasNewNetworkConnectivityLevel As bool
var bool = networkStateChangeEventDetails.hasNewNetworkConnectivityLevel;
bool bool bool

true if the network connectivity level changed; otherwise, false.

HasNewTetheringClientCount HasNewTetheringClientCount HasNewTetheringClientCount HasNewTetheringClientCount HasNewTetheringClientCount

Gets a value indicating whether the network state change event shows a new tethering client count.

public : Platform::Boolean HasNewTetheringClientCount { get; }
bool HasNewTetheringClientCount();
public bool HasNewTetheringClientCount { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property HasNewTetheringClientCount As bool
var bool = networkStateChangeEventDetails.hasNewTetheringClientCount;
bool bool bool

When true, the tethering client count has changed.

HasNewTetheringOperationalState HasNewTetheringOperationalState HasNewTetheringOperationalState HasNewTetheringOperationalState HasNewTetheringOperationalState

Gets a value that indicates whether the tethering operational state has changed.

public : Platform::Boolean HasNewTetheringOperationalState { get; }
bool HasNewTetheringOperationalState();
public bool HasNewTetheringOperationalState { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property HasNewTetheringOperationalState As bool
var bool = networkStateChangeEventDetails.hasNewTetheringOperationalState;
bool bool bool

When true, tethering operational state has changed.

HasNewWwanRegistrationState HasNewWwanRegistrationState HasNewWwanRegistrationState HasNewWwanRegistrationState HasNewWwanRegistrationState

Indicates if the network state change event represents a change to the registration state of a WWAN connection. The current registration state can be retrieved from WwanConnectionProfileDetails.GetNetworkRegistrationState.

public : Platform::Boolean HasNewWwanRegistrationState { get; }
bool HasNewWwanRegistrationState();
public bool HasNewWwanRegistrationState { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property HasNewWwanRegistrationState As bool
var bool = networkStateChangeEventDetails.hasNewWwanRegistrationState;
bool bool bool

true if the registration state has changed; otherwise, false.