MobileBroadbandModem MobileBroadbandModem MobileBroadbandModem MobileBroadbandModem MobileBroadbandModem Class


Represents a mobile broadband modem.


This functionality is only available to mobile operator apps and UWP apps given privileged access by mobile network operators.

If you want to use this API and publish your app to the Store, you will need special approval. For more information, see the Special and restricted capabilities section under App capability declarations.

public : sealed class MobileBroadbandModem : IMobileBroadbandModem
struct winrt::Windows::Networking::NetworkOperators::MobileBroadbandModem : IMobileBroadbandModem
public sealed class MobileBroadbandModem : IMobileBroadbandModem
Public NotInheritable Class MobileBroadbandModem Implements IMobileBroadbandModem
// This class does not provide a public constructor.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0 - for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)
cellularDeviceControl cellularDeviceIdentity


CurrentAccount CurrentAccount CurrentAccount CurrentAccount CurrentAccount

Gets the MobileBroadbandAccount associated currently with the mobile broadband modem.

CurrentNetwork CurrentNetwork CurrentNetwork CurrentNetwork CurrentNetwork

Gets an object that describes the mobile broadband network that this modem us currently attached to.

DeviceInformation DeviceInformation DeviceInformation DeviceInformation DeviceInformation

Gets the MobileBroadbandDeviceInformation for the mobile broadband modem.

DeviceServices DeviceServices DeviceServices DeviceServices DeviceServices

Gets a list of the device services available for the mobile broadband modem.

IsInEmergencyCallMode IsInEmergencyCallMode IsInEmergencyCallMode IsInEmergencyCallMode IsInEmergencyCallMode

Gets a value indicating whether the mobile broadband modem is in emergency call mode.

IsResetSupported IsResetSupported IsResetSupported IsResetSupported IsResetSupported

Gets a value indicating whether the mobile broadband modem allows a reset operation.

MaxDeviceServiceCommandSizeInBytes MaxDeviceServiceCommandSizeInBytes MaxDeviceServiceCommandSizeInBytes MaxDeviceServiceCommandSizeInBytes MaxDeviceServiceCommandSizeInBytes

Gets the maximum device service command size, in bytes, for the mobile broadband modem.

MaxDeviceServiceDataSizeInBytes MaxDeviceServiceDataSizeInBytes MaxDeviceServiceDataSizeInBytes MaxDeviceServiceDataSizeInBytes MaxDeviceServiceDataSizeInBytes

Gets the maximum device service data size, in bytes, for the mobile broadband modem.


FromId(String) FromId(String) FromId(String) FromId(String) FromId(String)

Determine if a mobile broadband device is a Wireless WAN device.

GetCurrentConfigurationAsync() GetCurrentConfigurationAsync() GetCurrentConfigurationAsync() GetCurrentConfigurationAsync() GetCurrentConfigurationAsync()

Asynchronously retrieves mobile broadband modem configuration information.

GetDefault() GetDefault() GetDefault() GetDefault() GetDefault()

Determines the default mobile broadband modem.

GetDeviceSelector() GetDeviceSelector() GetDeviceSelector() GetDeviceSelector() GetDeviceSelector()

Gets a device selector for the mobile broadband modem.

GetDeviceService(Guid) GetDeviceService(Guid) GetDeviceService(Guid) GetDeviceService(Guid) GetDeviceService(Guid)

Gets a specific device service for the mobile broadband modem.

GetIsPassthroughEnabledAsync() GetIsPassthroughEnabledAsync() GetIsPassthroughEnabledAsync() GetIsPassthroughEnabledAsync() GetIsPassthroughEnabledAsync()

Gets a value indicating whether passthrough mode is enabled.

ResetAsync() ResetAsync() ResetAsync() ResetAsync() ResetAsync()

Asynchronously performs a reset operation on the mobile broadband modem.

SetIsPassthroughEnabledAsync(Boolean) SetIsPassthroughEnabledAsync(Boolean) SetIsPassthroughEnabledAsync(Boolean) SetIsPassthroughEnabledAsync(Boolean) SetIsPassthroughEnabledAsync(Boolean)

Asynchronously enables or disables passthrough mode.

TryGetPcoAsync() TryGetPcoAsync() TryGetPcoAsync() TryGetPcoAsync() TryGetPcoAsync()

Asynchronously retrieves the Protocol Configuration Options (PCO) data for the modem.


IsInEmergencyCallModeChanged IsInEmergencyCallModeChanged IsInEmergencyCallModeChanged IsInEmergencyCallModeChanged IsInEmergencyCallModeChanged

Occurs when the mobile broadband modem either enters or exits emergency call mode.