NetworkDeviceStatus NetworkDeviceStatus NetworkDeviceStatus NetworkDeviceStatus NetworkDeviceStatus Enum


Describes the readiness of a device to connect to a wireless network.


This functionality is only available to mobile operator apps and UWP apps given privileged access by mobile network operators.

If you want to use this API and publish your app to the Store, you will need special approval. For more information, see the Special and restricted capabilities section under App capability declarations.

public : enum class NetworkDeviceStatus
enum class winrt::Windows::Networking::NetworkOperators::NetworkDeviceStatus : int32_t
public enum NetworkDeviceStatus
Public Enum NetworkDeviceStatus
var value = Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators.NetworkDeviceStatus.accountNotActivated;
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0 - for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)
cellularDeviceControl cellularDeviceIdentity


AccountNotActivated AccountNotActivated AccountNotActivated AccountNotActivated AccountNotActivated

A subscription account for the mobile broadband device is not active.

BadSim BadSim BadSim BadSim BadSim

The SIM card is not valid. This can occur when PIN Unblock Key attempts have exceeded the limit.

DeviceBlocked DeviceBlocked DeviceBlocked DeviceBlocked DeviceBlocked

The mobile broadband device is blocked by a PIN or password preventing the device from initializing and registering with a wireless network.

DeviceHardwareFailure DeviceHardwareFailure DeviceHardwareFailure DeviceHardwareFailure DeviceHardwareFailure

The mobile broadband device hardware is not responding.

DeviceLocked DeviceLocked DeviceLocked DeviceLocked DeviceLocked

The mobile broadband device is locked by a PIN or password preventing the device from initializing and registering with a wireless network.

DeviceNotReady DeviceNotReady DeviceNotReady DeviceNotReady DeviceNotReady

The mobile broadband device is off.

DeviceReady DeviceReady DeviceReady DeviceReady DeviceReady

The device is powered on and ready for mobile broadband operations.

SimNotInserted SimNotInserted SimNotInserted SimNotInserted SimNotInserted

The mobile broadband device does not have a SIM card.


Mobile operator UWP app can have access to different states of the device. Access to the device states such as device readiness, account activation state, and device lock status are made available through the NetworkDeviceStatus enumeration. The radio state information is available through the CurrentRadioState enumeration. Note that these are two different states. For example, a radio state Off does not translate to a DeviceNotReady state and vice versa.