Windows.Phone.Management.Deployment Windows.Phone.Management.Deployment Windows.Phone.Management.Deployment Windows.Phone.Management.Deployment Namespace

Provides classes to query the applications installed on a phone and manage the installation state of application packages.


Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise

Represents an enterprise in which the user can enroll to install company apps, or from which the user can unenroll.

EnterpriseEnrollmentManager EnterpriseEnrollmentManager EnterpriseEnrollmentManager EnterpriseEnrollmentManager

Manages enrollment in an enterprise.

EnterpriseEnrollmentResult EnterpriseEnrollmentResult EnterpriseEnrollmentResult EnterpriseEnrollmentResult

Reports the status of the enrollment action initiated by the user.

InstallationManager InstallationManager InstallationManager InstallationManager

Manages the application installations for a phone.

PackageInstallResult PackageInstallResult PackageInstallResult PackageInstallResult

Provides the results of an application install for a specified application package.


EnterpriseEnrollmentStatus EnterpriseEnrollmentStatus EnterpriseEnrollmentStatus EnterpriseEnrollmentStatus

Reports the status of the user's enrollment in the enterprise.

EnterpriseStatus EnterpriseStatus EnterpriseStatus EnterpriseStatus

Specifies the current status of the user's enrollment in the enterprise.