Windows.​Phone.​Personal​Information Windows.​Phone.​Personal​Information Windows.​Phone.​Personal​Information Namespace

Provides APIs for managing a custom contact store.


ContactAddress ContactAddress ContactAddress

Represents a civic address for StoredContact objects.

ContactChangeRecord ContactChangeRecord ContactChangeRecord

Represents a change in contact information that occurred between revisions.

ContactInformation ContactInformation ContactInformation

Represents a contact without an association to a contact store.

ContactQueryOptions ContactQueryOptions ContactQueryOptions

Represents query options for retrieving contacts using CreateContactQuery.

ContactQueryResult ContactQueryResult ContactQueryResult

Represents the result of a contact query.

ContactStore ContactStore ContactStore

Represents the custom contact store for a Windows Phone app.

KnownContactProperties KnownContactProperties KnownContactProperties

Provides key names for accessing known properties for StoredContact or ContactInformation objects.

StoredContact StoredContact StoredContact

Represents a contact associated with a custom contact store.


IContactInformation IContactInformation IContactInformation

Defines the interface for contact information.

IContactInformation2 IContactInformation2 IContactInformation2

Provides additional contact properties.


ContactChangeType ContactChangeType ContactChangeType

Indicates the type of change represented by a ContactChangeRecord.

ContactQueryResultOrdering ContactQueryResultOrdering ContactQueryResultOrdering

Specifies the order in which contacts are returned from a CreateContactQuery call.

ContactStoreApplicationAccessMode ContactStoreApplicationAccessMode ContactStoreApplicationAccessMode

Specifies the application access mode for a custom contact store created with CreateOrOpenAsync.

ContactStoreSystemAccessMode ContactStoreSystemAccessMode ContactStoreSystemAccessMode

Specifies the system access mode for a custom contact store created with CreateOrOpenAsync.

VCardFormat VCardFormat VCardFormat

The format of a vCard.


APIs in this namespace are typically used for a Microsoft Silverlight app for Windows Phone. For most scenarios, similar APIs exist that can be used by a Windows Runtime app for Windows Phone, and if you use these APIs you can apply much of your code to a universal app. See:


There are some scenarios where you will need Windows.Phone.PersonalInformation API even when writing a Windows Runtime app. For example, see the Contact Picker app sample. For Windows Phone, the sample uses the Windows.Phone.PersonalInformation API to prepopulate the contact store for demonstration purposes.