ContactInformation ContactInformation ContactInformation ContactInformation ContactInformation Class


Represents a contact without an association to a contact store.

public : sealed class ContactInformation : IContactInformation
struct winrt::Windows::Phone::PersonalInformation::ContactInformation : IContactInformation
public sealed class ContactInformation : IContactInformation
Public NotInheritable Class ContactInformation Implements IContactInformation
var contactInformation = new contactInformation();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows Mobile Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Phone.PhoneContract (introduced v1)
ID_CAP_CONTACTS [Windows Phone]


This class is used to store information about a contact. It has a set of commonly used built-in properties like a family name and a description, and it also allows you to store custom properties as name/value pairs. The StoredContact class shares all of these properties but it requires you to open your app's custom contact store before you can obtain an instance of the class. Many applications will use StoredContact directly and never need to use ContactInformation. If you need to temporarily store contact information without opening your contact store or if you need to parse contact information from a vCard using ParseVcardAsync, you can use ContactInformation and then pass the object to the StoredContact constructor.


ContactInformation() ContactInformation() ContactInformation() ContactInformation() ContactInformation()

Initializes a new instance of the ContactInformation class.


DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets or sets the display name of a contact.

DisplayPicture DisplayPicture DisplayPicture DisplayPicture DisplayPicture

Gets the display picture of a contact.

FamilyName FamilyName FamilyName FamilyName FamilyName

Gets or sets the family name of a contact.

GivenName GivenName GivenName GivenName GivenName

Gets or sets the given name of a contact.

HonorificPrefix HonorificPrefix HonorificPrefix HonorificPrefix HonorificPrefix

Gets or sets the honorific prefix of a contact.

HonorificSuffix HonorificSuffix HonorificSuffix HonorificSuffix HonorificSuffix

Gets or sets the honorific suffix of a contact.


GetDisplayPictureAsync() GetDisplayPictureAsync() GetDisplayPictureAsync() GetDisplayPictureAsync() GetDisplayPictureAsync()

Gets the display picture of a contact.

GetPropertiesAsync() GetPropertiesAsync() GetPropertiesAsync() GetPropertiesAsync() GetPropertiesAsync()

Gets the properties for a contact as an map of name/value pairs.

ParseVcardAsync(IInputStream) ParseVcardAsync(IInputStream) ParseVcardAsync(IInputStream) ParseVcardAsync(IInputStream) ParseVcardAsync(IInputStream)

Parses a vCard from a stream and returns a populated ContactInformation object.

SetDisplayPictureAsync(IInputStream) SetDisplayPictureAsync(IInputStream) SetDisplayPictureAsync(IInputStream) SetDisplayPictureAsync(IInputStream) SetDisplayPictureAsync(IInputStream)

Sets the display picture for a contact using an IInputStream object.

ToVcardAsync() ToVcardAsync() ToVcardAsync() ToVcardAsync() ToVcardAsync()

Retrieves a vCard representation of the contact using the vCard version 3.0 format.

ToVcardAsync(VCardFormat) ToVcardAsync(VCardFormat) ToVcardAsync(VCardFormat) ToVcardAsync(VCardFormat) ToVcardAsync(VCardFormat)

Retrieves a vCard representation of the contact using the specified vCard format.

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