Windows.​Phone.​UI.​Core Windows.​Phone.​UI.​Core Windows.​Phone.​UI.​Core Windows.​Phone.​UI.​Core Namespace

Provides support for processing input events on the core window.


CoreSelectionChangedEventArgs CoreSelectionChangedEventArgs CoreSelectionChangedEventArgs CoreSelectionChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the SelectionChanged event.

CoreTextChangedEventArgs CoreTextChangedEventArgs CoreTextChangedEventArgs CoreTextChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the TextChanged event.

KeyboardInputBuffer KeyboardInputBuffer KeyboardInputBuffer KeyboardInputBuffer

Provides access to a text buffer that is used to aggregate user input to the Software Input Panel keyboard on the phone.


ICoreWindowKeyboardInput ICoreWindowKeyboardInput ICoreWindowKeyboardInput ICoreWindowKeyboardInput

IsKeyboardInputEnabled may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2.

The interface that a Windows Runtime class must implement in order to handle keyboard input.


CoreInputScope CoreInputScope CoreInputScope CoreInputScope

Specifies the values that can be assigned to the InputScope property to select the type of Software Input Panel keyboard that is displayed for text input.