CoreInputScope CoreInputScope CoreInputScope Enum


Specifies the values that can be assigned to the InputScope property to select the type of Software Input Panel keyboard that is displayed for text input.

public : enum class CoreInputScope
public enum CoreInputScope
Public Enum CoreInputScope
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows Mobile Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Phone.PhoneInternalContract (introduced v1)


Default Default Default

The default keyboard.

EmailSmtpAddress EmailSmtpAddress EmailSmtpAddress

Email address keyboard. Includes the @ and .com keys.

Number Number Number

The number keyboard. Contains numbers and a decimal point.

The search keyboard. Includes auto-complete.

TelephoneNumber TelephoneNumber TelephoneNumber

The telephone keyboard. Mimics the telephone keypad.

Text Text Text

The text keyboard. Includes auto-complete and an emoticon menu.

Url Url Url

The "Url" keyboard. Includes the .com key.