Windows.Security.Credentials Windows.Security.Credentials Windows.Security.Credentials Windows.Security.Credentials Namespace

Provides a common way to securely store and manage your passcodes, passphrases, and other identification information.


Enterprise credentials can't be roamed.

The Credential locker sample gives specific scenarios of storing and retrieving credentials.


KeyCredential KeyCredential KeyCredential KeyCredential

Represents a key credential, an RSA, 2048-bit, asymmetric key that represents a user's identity for an application.

KeyCredentialAttestationResult KeyCredentialAttestationResult KeyCredentialAttestationResult KeyCredentialAttestationResult

Represents the results of the KeyCredential.GetAttestationAsync method.

KeyCredentialManager KeyCredentialManager KeyCredentialManager KeyCredentialManager

Contains methods for basic management of key credentials.

KeyCredentialOperationResult KeyCredentialOperationResult KeyCredentialOperationResult KeyCredentialOperationResult

Represents the result of a key credential operation.

KeyCredentialRetrievalResult KeyCredentialRetrievalResult KeyCredentialRetrievalResult KeyCredentialRetrievalResult

Represents the result of a key credential retrieval.

PasswordCredential PasswordCredential PasswordCredential PasswordCredential

Represents the password credential store.

PasswordCredentialPropertyStore PasswordCredentialPropertyStore PasswordCredentialPropertyStore PasswordCredentialPropertyStore

Represents the password credential property store. This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.

PasswordVault PasswordVault PasswordVault PasswordVault

Represents a Credential Locker of credentials. The contents of the locker are specific to the app or service. Apps and services don't have access to credentials associated with other apps or services.

WebAccount WebAccount WebAccount WebAccount

Identifies an account from a web account provider.

WebAccountProvider WebAccountProvider WebAccountProvider WebAccountProvider

Represents a web account authentication provider.


IWebAccount IWebAccount IWebAccount IWebAccount

Enables a class to represent an account from a web account provider.


KeyCredentialAttestationStatus KeyCredentialAttestationStatus KeyCredentialAttestationStatus KeyCredentialAttestationStatus

Represents key credential attestation statuses.

KeyCredentialCreationOption KeyCredentialCreationOption KeyCredentialCreationOption KeyCredentialCreationOption

Represents the options for creating key credentials.

KeyCredentialStatus KeyCredentialStatus KeyCredentialStatus KeyCredentialStatus

Represents the status of a key credential request.

WebAccountPictureSize WebAccountPictureSize WebAccountPictureSize WebAccountPictureSize

Represents the sizes of a web account picture.

WebAccountState WebAccountState WebAccountState WebAccountState

Describes the state of a WebAccount object.

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