Windows.​Security.​Cryptography.​Certificates Windows.​Security.​Cryptography.​Certificates Windows.​Security.​Cryptography.​Certificates Namespace

Contains types that you can use to create certificate requests and install certificate responses.


Certificate Certificate Certificate

Represents a cryptography certificate.

CertificateChain CertificateChain CertificateChain

Represents a certificate chain used for signature verification.

CertificateEnrollmentManager CertificateEnrollmentManager CertificateEnrollmentManager

Represents a certificate enrollment manager.

CertificateExtension CertificateExtension CertificateExtension

Represents a certificate extension.

CertificateKeyUsages CertificateKeyUsages CertificateKeyUsages

Represents the usages of a certificate key.

CertificateQuery CertificateQuery CertificateQuery

Represents parameters for a query for certificates from the certificate store for an app.

CertificateRequestProperties CertificateRequestProperties CertificateRequestProperties

Represents the properties of a certificate request.

CertificateStore CertificateStore CertificateStore

Represents a certificate store for an app.

CertificateStores CertificateStores CertificateStores

Represents a collection of certificate stores.

ChainBuildingParameters ChainBuildingParameters ChainBuildingParameters

Represents parameters to use when building a certificate chain.

ChainValidationParameters ChainValidationParameters ChainValidationParameters

Represents values to use when verifying a certificate chain.

CmsAttachedSignature CmsAttachedSignature CmsAttachedSignature

Represents a signature attached to a signed CMS message.

CmsDetachedSignature CmsDetachedSignature CmsDetachedSignature

Represents a detached signature for a signed CMS message.

CmsSignerInfo CmsSignerInfo CmsSignerInfo

Represents signer information for a signed CMS message which contains a set of properties.

CmsTimestampInfo CmsTimestampInfo CmsTimestampInfo

Represents an RFC3161 unauthenticated timestamp attribute in a signed CMS message.

KeyAlgorithmNames KeyAlgorithmNames KeyAlgorithmNames

Defines several commonly used public key algorithm names. You can use this class in the KeyAlgorithmName property on the CertificateRequestProperties class.

KeyAttestationHelper KeyAttestationHelper KeyAttestationHelper

Provides access to key attestation methods.

KeyStorageProviderNames KeyStorageProviderNames KeyStorageProviderNames

Defines several commonly used key storage provider names. You can use this class in the KeyStorageProviderName property on the CertificateRequestProperties class.

PfxImportParameters PfxImportParameters PfxImportParameters

Represents PFX import parameters.

StandardCertificateStoreNames StandardCertificateStoreNames StandardCertificateStoreNames

Provides properties for retrieving standard certificate store names.

SubjectAlternativeNameInfo SubjectAlternativeNameInfo SubjectAlternativeNameInfo

Provides info about a subject alternative name.

UserCertificateEnrollmentManager UserCertificateEnrollmentManager UserCertificateEnrollmentManager

Provides access to certificate creation, import, and enrollment methods.

UserCertificateStore UserCertificateStore UserCertificateStore

Represents a user certificate store.


CertificateChainPolicy CertificateChainPolicy CertificateChainPolicy

Describes the policy to use when performing a certificate chain validation.

ChainValidationResult ChainValidationResult ChainValidationResult

Describes the result of a certificate chain verification operation.

EnrollKeyUsages EnrollKeyUsages EnrollKeyUsages

Specifies the cryptographic operations that can be performed by the private key. This enumeration type is used in the KeyUsages property of a CertificateRequestProperties object.

ExportOption ExportOption ExportOption

Specifies whether a private key can be exported. This enumeration type is used in the Exportable property of a CertificateRequestProperties object.

InstallOptions InstallOptions InstallOptions

Specifies certificate installation options. This enumeration type is used by the InstallCertificateAsync and ImportPfxDataAsync methods.

KeyProtectionLevel KeyProtectionLevel KeyProtectionLevel

Specifies the key protection level. This enumeration type is used in the KeyProtectionLevel property of a CertificateRequestProperties object.

KeySize KeySize KeySize

Specifies commonly used RSA algorithm key sizes. This enumeration type can be used in the KeySize property of a CertificateRequestProperties object.

SignatureValidationResult SignatureValidationResult SignatureValidationResult

Describes the result of a signature verification operation.