EasClientDeviceInformation EasClientDeviceInformation EasClientDeviceInformation EasClientDeviceInformation EasClientDeviceInformation Class


Provides the app with the ability to retrieve device information from the local device.

For a Windows 8.x sample application showing how mail clients can retrieve device information, see the EAS policies for mail clients Windows 8.x sample.

public : sealed class EasClientDeviceInformation
struct winrt::Windows::Security::ExchangeActiveSyncProvisioning::EasClientDeviceInformation
public sealed class EasClientDeviceInformation
Public NotInheritable Class EasClientDeviceInformation
var easClientDeviceInformation = new easClientDeviceInformation();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


EasClientDeviceInformation() EasClientDeviceInformation() EasClientDeviceInformation() EasClientDeviceInformation() EasClientDeviceInformation()

Creates an instance of an object that allows the caller app to retrieve device information from the local device.


FriendlyName FriendlyName FriendlyName FriendlyName FriendlyName

Gets the friendly name of the local device. This value might come from a NetBIOS computer name.

Id Id Id Id Id

Returns the identifier of the local device.

OperatingSystem OperatingSystem OperatingSystem OperatingSystem OperatingSystem

Gets the name of the operating system of the local device.

SystemFirmwareVersion SystemFirmwareVersion SystemFirmwareVersion SystemFirmwareVersion SystemFirmwareVersion

Gets the system firmware version of the local device.

SystemHardwareVersion SystemHardwareVersion SystemHardwareVersion SystemHardwareVersion SystemHardwareVersion

Gets the system hardware version of the local device.

SystemManufacturer SystemManufacturer SystemManufacturer SystemManufacturer SystemManufacturer

Gets the system manufacturer of the local device. Use SystemManufacturer only if the value of SystemSku is empty.

SystemProductName SystemProductName SystemProductName SystemProductName SystemProductName

Gets the system product name of the local device. Use SystemProductName only if the value of SystemSku is empty.

SystemSku SystemSku SystemSku SystemSku SystemSku

Gets the system SKU of the local device.

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