Windows.Services.Maps Windows.Services.Maps Windows.Services.Maps Windows.Services.Maps Windows.Services.Maps Namespace

The Windows.Services.Maps namespace contains classes that provide location, routing, and geocoding services.


EnhancedWaypoint EnhancedWaypoint EnhancedWaypoint EnhancedWaypoint EnhancedWaypoint

Represents a stop, start, or intermediate waypoint that a route must pass through.

ManeuverWarning ManeuverWarning ManeuverWarning ManeuverWarning ManeuverWarning

Represents a potential issue along a route leg.

MapAddress MapAddress MapAddress MapAddress MapAddress

Represents an address.

MapLocation MapLocation MapLocation MapLocation MapLocation

Represents a geographic location.

MapLocationFinder MapLocationFinder MapLocationFinder MapLocationFinder MapLocationFinder

Provides methods to convert addresses to geographic locations (geocoding) and to convert geographic locations to addresses (reverse geocoding).

MapLocationFinderResult MapLocationFinderResult MapLocationFinderResult MapLocationFinderResult MapLocationFinderResult

Returns the result of a MapLocationFinder query.

MapManager MapManager MapManager MapManager MapManager

Displays the UI that lets users download maps for offline use, or update maps that were previously downloaded.

MapRoute MapRoute MapRoute MapRoute MapRoute

Represents a path to be traveled between two or more waypoints.

MapRouteDrivingOptions MapRouteDrivingOptions MapRouteDrivingOptions MapRouteDrivingOptions MapRouteDrivingOptions

Represents advanced routing options.

MapRouteFinder MapRouteFinder MapRouteFinder MapRouteFinder MapRouteFinder

Gets a route.

MapRouteFinderResult MapRouteFinderResult MapRouteFinderResult MapRouteFinderResult MapRouteFinderResult

Returns the result of a MapRouteFinder query.

MapRouteLeg MapRouteLeg MapRouteLeg MapRouteLeg MapRouteLeg

Represents the set of actions (maneuvers) required to travel between two waypoints along a route.

MapRouteManeuver MapRouteManeuver MapRouteManeuver MapRouteManeuver MapRouteManeuver

Represents actions to be taken along the path of a route leg.

MapService MapService MapService MapService MapService

Communicates with the online map services.

PlaceInfo PlaceInfo PlaceInfo PlaceInfo PlaceInfo

Displays a map location and information that describes that location in a light-dismissible window which closes automatically when the user clicks outside of the window.

PlaceInfoCreateOptions PlaceInfoCreateOptions PlaceInfoCreateOptions PlaceInfoCreateOptions PlaceInfoCreateOptions

Represents the information about a map location that your app can show in a light-dismissible window within your app.


ManeuverWarningKind ManeuverWarningKind ManeuverWarningKind ManeuverWarningKind ManeuverWarningKind

Specifies the type of potential issue along a route leg.

ManeuverWarningSeverity ManeuverWarningSeverity ManeuverWarningSeverity ManeuverWarningSeverity ManeuverWarningSeverity

Specifies the severity of a potential issue along a route leg.

MapLocationDesiredAccuracy MapLocationDesiredAccuracy MapLocationDesiredAccuracy MapLocationDesiredAccuracy MapLocationDesiredAccuracy

Indicates the desired accuracy to use when converting latitude and longitude coordinates to a physical location like a city or address.

MapLocationFinderStatus MapLocationFinderStatus MapLocationFinderStatus MapLocationFinderStatus MapLocationFinderStatus

Returns the status of a MapLocationFinder query. This enumeration provides values for the Status property of a MapLocationFinderResult.

MapManeuverNotices MapManeuverNotices MapManeuverNotices MapManeuverNotices MapManeuverNotices

Provides additional information about a maneuver. This enumeration provides values for the ManeuverNotices property of a MapRouteManeuver.

MapRouteFinderStatus MapRouteFinderStatus MapRouteFinderStatus MapRouteFinderStatus MapRouteFinderStatus

Returns the status of a MapRouteFinder query. This enumeration provides values for the Status property of a MapRouteFinderResult.

MapRouteManeuverKind MapRouteManeuverKind MapRouteManeuverKind MapRouteManeuverKind MapRouteManeuverKind

Describes the various types of maneuvers that can occur in a route. This enumeration provides values for the Kind property of a MapRouteManeuver.

MapRouteOptimization MapRouteOptimization MapRouteOptimization MapRouteOptimization MapRouteOptimization

Specifies the optimizations applied to a route. This enumeration provides values for certain parameters of some overloads of the GetDrivingRouteAsync and GetDrivingRouteFromWaypointsAsync methods.

MapRouteRestrictions MapRouteRestrictions MapRouteRestrictions MapRouteRestrictions MapRouteRestrictions

Specifies the restrictions applied to a route. This enumeration provides values for certain parameters of some overloads of the GetDrivingRouteAsync and GetDrivingRouteFromWaypointsAsync methods.

MapServiceDataUsagePreference MapServiceDataUsagePreference MapServiceDataUsagePreference MapServiceDataUsagePreference MapServiceDataUsagePreference

Specifies whether to use online or offline map data.

TrafficCongestion TrafficCongestion TrafficCongestion TrafficCongestion TrafficCongestion

Specifies the level of traffic congestion along a map route or route leg.

WaypointKind WaypointKind WaypointKind WaypointKind WaypointKind

Specifies the type of waypoint.


Your Universal Windows app must be authenticated before it can use the MapControl and map services in the Windows.Services.Maps namespace. To authenticate your app, you must specify a maps authentication key.

See Request a maps authentication key.

See also