StoreContext.GetAssociatedStoreProductsWithPagingAsync(IEnumerable<String>, UInt32) Method


Gets Microsoft Store listing info for the products that can be purchased from within the current app. This method supports paging to return the results.

 virtual IAsyncOperation<StoreProductPagedQueryResult ^> ^ GetAssociatedStoreProductsWithPagingAsync(IIterable<Platform::String ^> ^ productKinds, unsigned int maxItemsToRetrievePerPage) = GetAssociatedStoreProductsWithPagingAsync;
/// [Windows.Foundation.Metadata.RemoteAsync]
IAsyncOperation<StoreProductPagedQueryResult> GetAssociatedStoreProductsWithPagingAsync(IIterable<winrt::hstring> const & productKinds, uint32_t maxItemsToRetrievePerPage);
public IAsyncOperation<StoreProductPagedQueryResult> GetAssociatedStoreProductsWithPagingAsync(IEnumerable<string> productKinds, uint maxItemsToRetrievePerPage);
function getAssociatedStoreProductsWithPagingAsync(productKinds, maxItemsToRetrievePerPage)
Public Function GetAssociatedStoreProductsWithPagingAsync (productKinds As IEnumerable(Of String), maxItemsToRetrievePerPage As UInteger) As IAsyncOperation(Of StoreProductPagedQueryResult)



An array of strings that specify the types of products you want to get. For a list of the supported string values, see the ProductKind property.


The maximum number of products to return in each page of results.



An asynchronous operation that, on successful completion, returns a StoreProductPagedQueryResult that provides access to the associated products, relevant error info, and the next page of results.



This method is similar to GetAssociatedStoreProductsAsync, with the difference that it enables you to use paging to retrieve the products. For more information about using GetAssociatedStoreProductsAsync, including a code example, see Get product info for apps and add-ons.

Use the HasMoreResults of the StoreProductPagedQueryResult return value to determine whether there are additional pages of results, and use the GetNextAsync method to get the next page of results.


Always use HasMoreResults to determine if there are more pages available, even if the current page of data contains fewer items than maxItemsToRetrievePerPage. To provide faster results, the service can return fewer items in a page than maxItemsToRetrievePerPage even if there are more pages of data available.

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