Windows.Storage.Provider Windows.Storage.Provider Windows.Storage.Provider Windows.Storage.Provider Namespace

Allows apps to provide real-time updates to files through the Cached File Updater contract.


CachedFileUpdater CachedFileUpdater CachedFileUpdater CachedFileUpdater

Manages files so that they can be updated in real-time by an app that participates in the Cached File Updater contract.

CachedFileUpdaterUI CachedFileUpdaterUI CachedFileUpdaterUI CachedFileUpdaterUI

Used to interact with the file picker if your app provides file updates through the Cached File Updater contract.

FileUpdateRequest FileUpdateRequest FileUpdateRequest FileUpdateRequest

Provides information about a requested file update so that the app can complete the request.

FileUpdateRequestDeferral FileUpdateRequestDeferral FileUpdateRequestDeferral FileUpdateRequestDeferral

Use to complete an update asynchronously.

FileUpdateRequestedEventArgs FileUpdateRequestedEventArgs FileUpdateRequestedEventArgs FileUpdateRequestedEventArgs

Provides information about a FileUpdateRequested event.

StorageProviderItemProperties StorageProviderItemProperties StorageProviderItemProperties StorageProviderItemProperties

Provides access to the properties of a Cloud Storage Provider storage item (like a file or folder).

StorageProviderItemProperty StorageProviderItemProperty StorageProviderItemProperty StorageProviderItemProperty

Defines a Cloud Storage Provider property for a storage item (like a file or folder).

StorageProviderItemPropertyDefinition StorageProviderItemPropertyDefinition StorageProviderItemPropertyDefinition StorageProviderItemPropertyDefinition

Defines the properties of an item from a Cloud Storage Provider.

StorageProviderSyncRootInfo StorageProviderSyncRootInfo StorageProviderSyncRootInfo StorageProviderSyncRootInfo

Contains the properties of a Cloud Storage Provider's sync root to be registered with the operating system.

StorageProviderSyncRootManager StorageProviderSyncRootManager StorageProviderSyncRootManager StorageProviderSyncRootManager

Provides the ability to register or unregister a Cloud Storage Provider sync root with the operating system.


IStorageProviderItemPropertySource IStorageProviderItemPropertySource IStorageProviderItemPropertySource IStorageProviderItemPropertySource

Provides access to storage provider item propeties from the sync root.

IStorageProviderPropertyCapabilities IStorageProviderPropertyCapabilities IStorageProviderPropertyCapabilities IStorageProviderPropertyCapabilities

Provides access to the property capabilities supported by the sync root.


CachedFileOptions CachedFileOptions CachedFileOptions CachedFileOptions

Describes when Windows will request an update to a file.

CachedFileTarget CachedFileTarget CachedFileTarget CachedFileTarget

Indicates whether updates should be applied to the locally cached copy or the remote version of the file.

FileUpdateStatus FileUpdateStatus FileUpdateStatus FileUpdateStatus

Describes the status of a file update request.

ReadActivationMode ReadActivationMode ReadActivationMode ReadActivationMode

Indicates when Windows will request a file update if another app reads the locally cached version of the file.

StorageProviderHardlinkPolicy StorageProviderHardlinkPolicy StorageProviderHardlinkPolicy StorageProviderHardlinkPolicy

Specifies whether hard links are permitted on a placeholder file or folder. By default, hard links are not allowed on a placeholder.

StorageProviderHydrationPolicy StorageProviderHydrationPolicy StorageProviderHydrationPolicy StorageProviderHydrationPolicy

An enumeration of file hydration policy values for a placeholder file. The hydration policy allows a sync root to customize behavior for retrieving data for a placeholder file.

StorageProviderHydrationPolicyModifier StorageProviderHydrationPolicyModifier StorageProviderHydrationPolicyModifier StorageProviderHydrationPolicyModifier

Provides policy modifiers to be used with the primary StorageProviderHydrationPolicy.

StorageProviderInSyncPolicy StorageProviderInSyncPolicy StorageProviderInSyncPolicy StorageProviderInSyncPolicy

Contains the file and directory attributes supported by the sync root.

StorageProviderPopulationPolicy StorageProviderPopulationPolicy StorageProviderPopulationPolicy StorageProviderPopulationPolicy

Allows a sync provider to control how a placeholder file or directory

StorageProviderProtectionMode StorageProviderProtectionMode StorageProviderProtectionMode StorageProviderProtectionMode

Indicates the type of data contained in the sync root.

UIStatus UIStatus UIStatus UIStatus

Indicates the status of the file picker UI.

WriteActivationMode WriteActivationMode WriteActivationMode WriteActivationMode

Indicates whether other apps can write to the locally cached version of the file and when Windows will request an update if another app writes to that local file.

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