SetVersionRequest SetVersionRequest SetVersionRequest SetVersionRequest Class


Provides data when an app sets the version of the application data in its app data store.

public : sealed class SetVersionRequest : ISetVersionRequest
public sealed class SetVersionRequest : ISetVersionRequest
Public NotInheritable Class SetVersionRequest Implements ISetVersionRequest
// This class does not provide a public constructor.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


This object is accessed when you implement a ApplicationDataSetVersionHandler delegate to respond to the set version event.


CurrentVersion CurrentVersion CurrentVersion CurrentVersion

Gets the current version.

public : unsigned int CurrentVersion { get; }
public uint CurrentVersion { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property CurrentVersion As uint
var uint = setVersionRequest.currentVersion;
unsigned int uint uint uint

The current version.

DesiredVersion DesiredVersion DesiredVersion DesiredVersion

Gets the requested version.

public : unsigned int DesiredVersion { get; }
public uint DesiredVersion { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property DesiredVersion As uint
var uint = setVersionRequest.desiredVersion;
unsigned int uint uint uint

The requested version.


GetDeferral() GetDeferral() GetDeferral() GetDeferral()

Requests that the set version request be delayed.

public : SetVersionDeferral GetDeferral()
public SetVersionDeferral GetDeferral()
Public Function GetDeferral() As SetVersionDeferral
var setVersionDeferral = setVersionRequest.getDeferral();