Windows.System Windows.System Windows.System Windows.System Namespace

Enables system functionality such as launching apps, obtaining information about a user, and memory profiling.


AppDiagnosticInfo AppDiagnosticInfo AppDiagnosticInfo AppDiagnosticInfo

Contains APIs for getting a basic set of diagnostic information for all running apps.

AppDiagnosticInfoWatcher AppDiagnosticInfoWatcher AppDiagnosticInfoWatcher AppDiagnosticInfoWatcher

Allows you to monitor diagnostic information for an app and get notifications when an app is added or removed from the list of running apps.

AppDiagnosticInfoWatcherEventArgs AppDiagnosticInfoWatcherEventArgs AppDiagnosticInfoWatcherEventArgs AppDiagnosticInfoWatcherEventArgs

The data object passed to an AppDiagnosticInfoWatcher event.

AppMemoryReport AppMemoryReport AppMemoryReport AppMemoryReport

Represents app memory usage at a single point in time.

AppMemoryUsageLimitChangingEventArgs AppMemoryUsageLimitChangingEventArgs AppMemoryUsageLimitChangingEventArgs AppMemoryUsageLimitChangingEventArgs

Provides data for the AppMemoryUsageLimitChanging event.

AppResourceGroupBackgroundTaskReport AppResourceGroupBackgroundTaskReport AppResourceGroupBackgroundTaskReport AppResourceGroupBackgroundTaskReport

Provides snapshot information about a background task such as its name, trigger name, entry point name, and task identifier.

AppResourceGroupInfo AppResourceGroupInfo AppResourceGroupInfo AppResourceGroupInfo

Provides diagnostic information such as memory usage and energy use.

AppResourceGroupInfoWatcher AppResourceGroupInfoWatcher AppResourceGroupInfoWatcher AppResourceGroupInfoWatcher

Allows you to monitor the set of resource groups (AppResourceGroupInfo objects) for an app, and get notifications when a resource group is added or removed.

AppResourceGroupInfoWatcherEventArgs AppResourceGroupInfoWatcherEventArgs AppResourceGroupInfoWatcherEventArgs AppResourceGroupInfoWatcherEventArgs

Provides information about app resource groups.

AppResourceGroupInfoWatcherExecutionStateChangedEventArgs AppResourceGroupInfoWatcherExecutionStateChangedEventArgs AppResourceGroupInfoWatcherExecutionStateChangedEventArgs AppResourceGroupInfoWatcherExecutionStateChangedEventArgs

Provides info about the execution state of this resource group when the state changes.

AppResourceGroupMemoryReport AppResourceGroupMemoryReport AppResourceGroupMemoryReport AppResourceGroupMemoryReport

Provides memory information for a resource group, such as commit usage.

AppResourceGroupStateReport AppResourceGroupStateReport AppResourceGroupStateReport AppResourceGroupStateReport

Provides information, such as the execution state and energy quota usage, for a resource group.

DateTimeSettings DateTimeSettings DateTimeSettings DateTimeSettings

Sets the system date and time.

DispatcherQueue DispatcherQueue DispatcherQueue DispatcherQueue

Manages a prioritized queue on which tasks execute in a serial fashion on a thread.

DispatcherQueueController DispatcherQueueController DispatcherQueueController DispatcherQueueController

Manages the lifetime of a DispatcherQueue. Provides methods to create and shutdown the DispatcherQueue.

DispatcherQueueShutdownStartingEventArgs DispatcherQueueShutdownStartingEventArgs DispatcherQueueShutdownStartingEventArgs DispatcherQueueShutdownStartingEventArgs

Provides the arguments for the ShutdownStarting event.

DispatcherQueueTimer DispatcherQueueTimer DispatcherQueueTimer DispatcherQueueTimer

Executes a task in a DispatcherQueue periodically after a time interval has elapsed.

FolderLauncherOptions FolderLauncherOptions FolderLauncherOptions FolderLauncherOptions

Specifies the options to use when launching File Explorer to display the contents of a specific folder by calling the LaunchFolderAsync(IStorageFolder, FolderLauncherOptions) method.

KnownUserProperties KnownUserProperties KnownUserProperties KnownUserProperties

Contains basic information about a user.

Launcher Launcher Launcher Launcher

Starts the default app associated with the specified file or URI.

LauncherOptions LauncherOptions LauncherOptions LauncherOptions

Specifies the options used to launch the default app for a file or URI.

LauncherUIOptions LauncherUIOptions LauncherUIOptions LauncherUIOptions

Specifies options for user interface elements such as the application picker that can be invoked by this API.

LaunchUriResult LaunchUriResult LaunchUriResult LaunchUriResult

Represents the results of a Uri launch.

MemoryManager MemoryManager MemoryManager MemoryManager

Provides access to information on an app's memory usage.

ProcessLauncher ProcessLauncher ProcessLauncher ProcessLauncher

Starts the specified process with associated arguments, if any.

ProcessLauncherOptions ProcessLauncherOptions ProcessLauncherOptions ProcessLauncherOptions

Specifies the options used to launch the specified process.

ProcessLauncherResult ProcessLauncherResult ProcessLauncherResult ProcessLauncherResult

Represents the return of the launched process.

ProcessMemoryReport ProcessMemoryReport ProcessMemoryReport ProcessMemoryReport

Represents process memory usage at a single point in time.

ProtocolForResultsOperation ProtocolForResultsOperation ProtocolForResultsOperation ProtocolForResultsOperation

Represents the result to the application that launched the current application for results.

RemoteLauncher RemoteLauncher RemoteLauncher RemoteLauncher

Starts the default app associated with the specified URI on a remote device.

RemoteLauncherOptions RemoteLauncherOptions RemoteLauncherOptions RemoteLauncherOptions

Specifies the options used to launch the default app for URI on a remote device.

ShutdownManager ShutdownManager ShutdownManager ShutdownManager

Manages the shutdown of devices that run in fixed-purpose mode.

TimeZoneSettings TimeZoneSettings TimeZoneSettings TimeZoneSettings

Contains methods and properties for interacting with time zones.

User User User User

Represents a user.

UserAuthenticationStatusChangeDeferral UserAuthenticationStatusChangeDeferral UserAuthenticationStatusChangeDeferral UserAuthenticationStatusChangeDeferral

Represents a user authentication status change deferral returned by the UserAuthenticationStatusChangingEventArgs.GetDeferral method.

UserAuthenticationStatusChangingEventArgs UserAuthenticationStatusChangingEventArgs UserAuthenticationStatusChangingEventArgs UserAuthenticationStatusChangingEventArgs

Provides data for a user authentication status changing event.

UserChangedEventArgs UserChangedEventArgs UserChangedEventArgs UserChangedEventArgs

Provides data for a user changed event.

UserDeviceAssociation UserDeviceAssociation UserDeviceAssociation UserDeviceAssociation

Contains methods for querying for an association between a user and a device.

UserDeviceAssociationChangedEventArgs UserDeviceAssociationChangedEventArgs UserDeviceAssociationChangedEventArgs UserDeviceAssociationChangedEventArgs

Contains information about a UserDeviceAssociationChanged event.

UserPicker UserPicker UserPicker UserPicker

Contains methods and properties for allowing a user to select a user account in multi-user scenarios (such as on Xbox).

UserWatcher UserWatcher UserWatcher UserWatcher

Provides events that fire during enumeration of users, when the collection of users changes, or when a user's authentication status changes.


ILauncherViewOptions ILauncherViewOptions ILauncherViewOptions ILauncherViewOptions

Contains methods for launcher view options.


AppDiagnosticInfoWatcherStatus AppDiagnosticInfoWatcherStatus AppDiagnosticInfoWatcherStatus AppDiagnosticInfoWatcherStatus

Defines the status values that are returned from a call to AppDiagnosticInfoWatcher.Status.

AppMemoryUsageLevel AppMemoryUsageLevel AppMemoryUsageLevel AppMemoryUsageLevel

An enumeration containing 3 levels of app memory usage: low, medium, and high.

AppResourceGroupEnergyQuotaState AppResourceGroupEnergyQuotaState AppResourceGroupEnergyQuotaState AppResourceGroupEnergyQuotaState

Describes how the resource group is performing relative to its energy quota.

AppResourceGroupExecutionState AppResourceGroupExecutionState AppResourceGroupExecutionState AppResourceGroupExecutionState

Describes the execution state of the resource group.

AppResourceGroupInfoWatcherStatus AppResourceGroupInfoWatcherStatus AppResourceGroupInfoWatcherStatus AppResourceGroupInfoWatcherStatus

Describes the various states that the AppResourceGroupInfoWatcher may be in.

DiagnosticAccessStatus DiagnosticAccessStatus DiagnosticAccessStatus DiagnosticAccessStatus

Indicates if your app has permission to access to UWP app diagnostic information.

DispatcherQueuePriority DispatcherQueuePriority DispatcherQueuePriority DispatcherQueuePriority

Defines the priority levels that can be given to work assigned to a DispatcherQueue.

LaunchFileStatus LaunchFileStatus LaunchFileStatus LaunchFileStatus

Specifies the result of activating an application for a file.

LaunchQuerySupportStatus LaunchQuerySupportStatus LaunchQuerySupportStatus LaunchQuerySupportStatus

Specifies whether an app is available that supports activation.

LaunchQuerySupportType LaunchQuerySupportType LaunchQuerySupportType LaunchQuerySupportType

Specifies the type of activation to query for.

LaunchUriStatus LaunchUriStatus LaunchUriStatus LaunchUriStatus

Specifies the result of activating an application for a URI.

PowerState PowerState PowerState PowerState

Represents power states for fixed-purpose devices.

ProcessorArchitecture ProcessorArchitecture ProcessorArchitecture ProcessorArchitecture

Specifies the processor architecture supported by an app.

RemoteLaunchUriStatus RemoteLaunchUriStatus RemoteLaunchUriStatus RemoteLaunchUriStatus

Specifies the result of activating an application for a URI on a remote device.

ShutdownKind ShutdownKind ShutdownKind ShutdownKind

Describes the types of shutdown that you can perform for a device that runs in fixed-purpose mode.

UserAuthenticationStatus UserAuthenticationStatus UserAuthenticationStatus UserAuthenticationStatus

Represents the authentication status of a user.

UserPictureSize UserPictureSize UserPictureSize UserPictureSize

Represents user picture sizes.

UserType UserType UserType UserType

Represents user types.

UserWatcherStatus UserWatcherStatus UserWatcherStatus UserWatcherStatus

Represents the status of a user watcher.

VirtualKey VirtualKey VirtualKey VirtualKey

Specifies the values for each virtual key.

The keys listed below are virtual, which means that they are not the physical keys or buttons on an attached keyboard or device, but an abstract mapping of those keys that may be connected to hardware that provides either those keys and buttons or an interface that simulates their physical behavior (such as an onscreen touch keyboard).

VirtualKeyModifiers VirtualKeyModifiers VirtualKeyModifiers VirtualKeyModifiers

Specifies the virtual key used to modify another keypress. For example, the Ctrl key when pressed in conjunction with another key, as in Ctrl+C.


DispatcherQueueHandler DispatcherQueueHandler DispatcherQueueHandler DispatcherQueueHandler

A callback that will be executed on the DispatcherQueue thread.

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