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Enables apps get information about users, set globalization preferences, and control the lock screen image.


AdvertisingManager AdvertisingManager AdvertisingManager AdvertisingManager AdvertisingManager

Provides a property that lets the caller retrieve the advertising ID.

AdvertisingManagerForUser AdvertisingManagerForUser AdvertisingManagerForUser AdvertisingManagerForUser AdvertisingManagerForUser

Associates a user with an advertising ID.

DiagnosticsSettings DiagnosticsSettings DiagnosticsSettings DiagnosticsSettings DiagnosticsSettings

Provides properties and methods to access the user's diagnostics settings.

FirstSignInSettings FirstSignInSettings FirstSignInSettings FirstSignInSettings FirstSignInSettings

Represents a collection of settings that a user can opt-in to during the first run experience.

GlobalizationPreferences GlobalizationPreferences GlobalizationPreferences GlobalizationPreferences GlobalizationPreferences

A static class for holding various user globalization preferences.

GlobalizationPreferencesForUser GlobalizationPreferencesForUser GlobalizationPreferencesForUser GlobalizationPreferencesForUser GlobalizationPreferencesForUser

A class for holding the various globalization preferences of a user. This API is part of support for multi-user apps (MUA).

LockScreen LockScreen LockScreen LockScreen LockScreen

Provides properties and methods to manage the full-screen image used as the lock screen background.

UserInformation UserInformation UserInformation UserInformation UserInformation

Represents information about the user, such as name and account picture.


The UserInformation class is not supported on Windows 10 or later. Use the User class instead. See Remarks.

UserProfilePersonalizationSettings UserProfilePersonalizationSettings UserProfilePersonalizationSettings UserProfilePersonalizationSettings UserProfilePersonalizationSettings

Provides properties and methods to manage the user's desktop wallpaper and lock screen background image.


AccountPictureKind AccountPictureKind AccountPictureKind AccountPictureKind AccountPictureKind

Allows you to request a specific image type when using GetAccountPicture.

SetAccountPictureResult SetAccountPictureResult SetAccountPictureResult SetAccountPictureResult SetAccountPictureResult

A result that is returned when you try to set the image for a user account.

This object is returned when you call SetAccountPictureAsync, SetAccountPictureFromStreamAsync, SetAccountPicturesAsync, and SetAccountPicturesFromStreamAsync.

SetImageFeedResult SetImageFeedResult SetImageFeedResult SetImageFeedResult SetImageFeedResult

Specifies the result of a call to LockScreen.RequestSetImageFeedAsync

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