AnimationEffect AnimationEffect AnimationEffect AnimationEffect AnimationEffect Enum


Specifies an animation.

public : enum class AnimationEffect
enum class winrt::Windows::UI::Core::AnimationMetrics::AnimationEffect : int32_t
public enum AnimationEffect
Public Enum AnimationEffect
var value = Windows.UI.Core.AnimationMetrics.AnimationEffect.addToGrid;
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows Desktop Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.UI.Core.AnimationMetrics.AnimationMetricsContract (introduced v1)


AddToGrid AddToGrid AddToGrid AddToGrid AddToGrid

An object is added to a collection that is arranged in a grid.

AddToList AddToList AddToList AddToList AddToList

An object is added to a list.

AddToSearchGrid AddToSearchGrid AddToSearchGrid AddToSearchGrid AddToSearchGrid

An object is added to search results that are arranged in a grid.

AddToSearchList AddToSearchList AddToSearchList AddToSearchList AddToSearchList

An object is added to a vertically arranged list of search results.

Collapse Collapse Collapse Collapse Collapse

An object decreases in size to hide content.

CrossFade CrossFade CrossFade CrossFade CrossFade

One item is faded out as another fades in in its place.

DeleteFromGrid DeleteFromGrid DeleteFromGrid DeleteFromGrid DeleteFromGrid

An object is removed from a collection that is arranged in a grid.

DeleteFromList DeleteFromList DeleteFromList DeleteFromList DeleteFromList

An object is removed from a list.

DeleteFromSearchGrid DeleteFromSearchGrid DeleteFromSearchGrid DeleteFromSearchGrid DeleteFromSearchGrid

An object is removed from search results that are arranged in a grid.

DeleteFromSearchList DeleteFromSearchList DeleteFromSearchList DeleteFromSearchList DeleteFromSearchList

An object is removed from a vertically arranged list of search results.

DragBetweenEnter DragBetweenEnter DragBetweenEnter DragBetweenEnter DragBetweenEnter

A drag source has moved between two items.

DragBetweenLeave DragBetweenLeave DragBetweenLeave DragBetweenLeave DragBetweenLeave

A drag source is no longer between two items.

DragSourceEnd DragSourceEnd DragSourceEnd DragSourceEnd DragSourceEnd

The user has stopped dragging an item.

DragSourceStart DragSourceStart DragSourceStart DragSourceStart DragSourceStart

The user has begun dragging an item.

EnterPage EnterPage EnterPage EnterPage EnterPage

A page of content is brought in to the display.

Expand Expand Expand Expand Expand

An object increases in size to reveal additional content.

FadeIn FadeIn FadeIn FadeIn FadeIn

A contextual control fades in.

FadeOut FadeOut FadeOut FadeOut FadeOut

A contextual control fades out.

Hide Hide Hide Hide Hide

UI collapses around a tapped or clicked target.

HideEdgeUI HideEdgeUI HideEdgeUI HideEdgeUI HideEdgeUI

UI displayed at the edge of the screen is removed.

HidePanel HidePanel HidePanel HidePanel HidePanel

A section of content is removed from the screen.

HidePopup HidePopup HidePopup HidePopup HidePopup

A pop-up control is removed from the screen.

Peek Peek Peek Peek Peek

Contents of a tile move up or down to show a part of the tile that is normally hidden.

PointerDown PointerDown PointerDown PointerDown PointerDown

The pointing device (such as a mouse or touch) has engaged on an item.

PointerUp PointerUp PointerUp PointerUp PointerUp

The pointing device (such as a mouse or touch) has disengaged from an item.

Reposition Reposition Reposition Reposition Reposition

An object changes position. No more specific animation applies.

Reveal Reveal Reveal Reveal Reveal

UI expands around a tapped or clicked target.

ShowEdgeUI ShowEdgeUI ShowEdgeUI ShowEdgeUI ShowEdgeUI

UI is brought in from the edge of the screen.

ShowPanel ShowPanel ShowPanel ShowPanel ShowPanel

A section of content appears on the screen.

ShowPopup ShowPopup ShowPopup ShowPopup ShowPopup

A pop-up control appears on the screen.

SwipeDeselect SwipeDeselect SwipeDeselect SwipeDeselect SwipeDeselect

An object has been deselected through the swipe interaction.

SwipeReveal SwipeReveal SwipeReveal SwipeReveal SwipeReveal

Triggered by a press and hold on an item that can be cross-slide selected.

SwipeSelect SwipeSelect SwipeSelect SwipeSelect SwipeSelect

An object has been selected through the swipe interaction.

TransitionContent TransitionContent TransitionContent TransitionContent TransitionContent

Large-scale content replacement is occuring.

TransitionPage TransitionPage TransitionPage TransitionPage TransitionPage

One page is replaced by another page.

UpdateBadge UpdateBadge UpdateBadge UpdateBadge UpdateBadge

Update a tile's badge overlay.


The AnimationDescription constructor uses the values of this enumeration to specify the animation.

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