ICorePointerInputSource ICorePointerInputSource ICorePointerInputSource Interface


Defines the behavior of pointer input (for processing on a worker thread).

public : interface ICorePointerInputSource
public interface ICorePointerInputSource
Public Interface ICorePointerInputSource
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


HasCapture HasCapture HasCapture

Occurs if the pointer input source has capture functionality.

public : Platform::Boolean HasCapture { get; }
public bool HasCapture { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property HasCapture As bool
Platform::Boolean bool bool

True if the pointer input source has capture functionality; false if it does not.

PointerCursor PointerCursor PointerCursor

Gets or sets the current pointer cursor type.

public : CoreCursor PointerCursor { get; set; }
public CoreCursor PointerCursor { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property PointerCursor As CoreCursor
CoreCursor CoreCursor CoreCursor

The current pointer cursor.

PointerPosition PointerPosition PointerPosition

Gets the current position of the pointer in screen coordinates.

public : Point PointerPosition { get; }
public Point PointerPosition { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property PointerPosition As Point
Point Point Point

The current position of the pointer, in screen coordinates.


ReleasePointerCapture() ReleasePointerCapture() ReleasePointerCapture()

Stops the capture of pointer input data.

public : void ReleasePointerCapture()
public void ReleasePointerCapture()
Public Function ReleasePointerCapture() As void

SetPointerCapture() SetPointerCapture() SetPointerCapture()

Starts the capture of pointer input data, if the pointer input device supports it.

public : void SetPointerCapture()
public void SetPointerCapture()
Public Function SetPointerCapture() As void


PointerCaptureLost PointerCaptureLost PointerCaptureLost

Occurs when the pointer input capture stream fails or is lost.

public : event TypedEventHandler PointerCaptureLost<Platform::Object, PointerEventArgs>
public event TypedEventHandler PointerCaptureLost<object, PointerEventArgs>
Public Event TypedEventHandler PointerCaptureLost( Of ( Of object ), ( Of PointerEventArgs ))

PointerEntered PointerEntered PointerEntered

Occurs when the pointer enters a UI element.

public : event TypedEventHandler PointerEntered<Platform::Object, PointerEventArgs>
public event TypedEventHandler PointerEntered<object, PointerEventArgs>
Public Event TypedEventHandler PointerEntered( Of ( Of object ), ( Of PointerEventArgs ))

PointerExited PointerExited PointerExited

Occurs when the pointer exits a UI element.

public : event TypedEventHandler PointerExited<Platform::Object, PointerEventArgs>
public event TypedEventHandler PointerExited<object, PointerEventArgs>
Public Event TypedEventHandler PointerExited( Of ( Of object ), ( Of PointerEventArgs ))

PointerMoved PointerMoved PointerMoved

Occurs when the pointer is moved.

public : event TypedEventHandler PointerMoved<Platform::Object, PointerEventArgs>
public event TypedEventHandler PointerMoved<object, PointerEventArgs>
Public Event TypedEventHandler PointerMoved( Of ( Of object ), ( Of PointerEventArgs ))

PointerPressed PointerPressed PointerPressed

Occurs when a press action (such as a screen press or mouse click) is received for the pointer.

public : event TypedEventHandler PointerPressed<Platform::Object, PointerEventArgs>
public event TypedEventHandler PointerPressed<object, PointerEventArgs>
Public Event TypedEventHandler PointerPressed( Of ( Of object ), ( Of PointerEventArgs ))

PointerReleased PointerReleased PointerReleased

Occurs when a release action (such as a screen press-release or mouse click-release) is received for the pointer.

public : event TypedEventHandler PointerReleased<Platform::Object, PointerEventArgs>
public event TypedEventHandler PointerReleased<object, PointerEventArgs>
Public Event TypedEventHandler PointerReleased( Of ( Of object ), ( Of PointerEventArgs ))

PointerWheelChanged PointerWheelChanged PointerWheelChanged

Occurs when the pointer wheel (mouse or virtual) has changed position.

public : event TypedEventHandler PointerWheelChanged<Platform::Object, PointerEventArgs>
public event TypedEventHandler PointerWheelChanged<object, PointerEventArgs>
Public Event TypedEventHandler PointerWheelChanged( Of ( Of object ), ( Of PointerEventArgs ))