IPointerPointTransform IPointerPointTransform IPointerPointTransform IPointerPointTransform IPointerPointTransform Interface


Provides generalized transformation functions.

public : interface IPointerPointTransform
struct winrt::Windows::UI::Input::IPointerPointTransform
public interface IPointerPointTransform
Public Interface IPointerPointTransform
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Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Do not call this interface directly. IPointerPointTransform is used by a GestureRecognizer to get transformation information for an input pointer.


Inverse Inverse Inverse Inverse Inverse

Gets the inverse of the specified transformation.

public : IPointerPointTransform Inverse { get; }
IPointerPointTransform Inverse();
public IPointerPointTransform Inverse { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Inverse As IPointerPointTransform
var iPointerPointTransform = iPointerPointTransform.inverse;


TransformBounds(Rect) TransformBounds(Rect) TransformBounds(Rect) TransformBounds(Rect) TransformBounds(Rect)

Transforms the specified bounding rectangle.

public : Rect TransformBounds(Rect rect)
Rect TransformBounds(Rect rect) const;
public Rect TransformBounds(Rect rect)
Public Function TransformBounds(rect As Rect) As Rect
var rect = iPointerPointTransform.transformBounds(rect);
Rect Rect Rect

The bounding rectangle to transform.


The smallest, axis-aligned bounding box that encloses rect after the transformation. (An axis-aligned bounding box is one which has all sides parallel to the coordinate axes.)


rect is typically the ContactRect associated with the input point that is transformed through the TryTransform method. rect must be recalculated as it does not change with the transformation of the input point.

This method should return an HResult that identifies whether the transformation was successful.

TryTransform(Point, Point) TryTransform(Point, Point) TryTransform(Point, Point) TryTransform(Point, Point) TryTransform(Point, Point)

Attempts to perform the transformation on the specified input point.

public : Platform::Boolean TryTransform(Point inPoint, Point outPoint)
bool TryTransform(Point inPoint, Point outPoint) const;
public bool TryTransform(Point inPoint, Point outPoint)
Public Function TryTransform(inPoint As Point, outPoint As Point) As bool
var bool = iPointerPointTransform.tryTransform(inPoint, outPoint);
Point Point Point

The original input point.

Point Point Point

The transformed input point.

bool bool bool

True if inPoint was transformed successfully; otherwise, false.