Windows.UI.Popups Windows.UI.Popups Windows.UI.Popups Windows.UI.Popups Namespace

Provides support for context menu and message dialogs.


Represents a dialog. The dialog has a command bar that can support up to 3 commands in desktop apps, or 2 commands in mobile apps. If you don't specify any commands, then a default command is added to close the dialog.

The dialog dims the screen behind it and blocks touch events from passing to the app's canvas until the user responds.

Message dialogs should be used sparingly, and only for critical messages or simple questions that must block the user's flow.

Represents a context menu.

Represents a command in a context menu.

Represents a command separator in a context menu.


Represents a command in a context menu or message dialog box.


Specifies less frequently used options for a MessageDialog.

Specifies where the context menu should be positioned relative to the selection rectangle.


Represents a callback function that handles the event that is fired when the user invokes a context menu command.