Windows.​UI.​Popups Windows.​UI.​Popups Windows.​UI.​Popups Namespace

Provides support for context menu and message dialogs.


MessageDialog MessageDialog MessageDialog

Represents a dialog for showing messages to the user.

PopupMenu PopupMenu PopupMenu

Represents a context menu.

UICommand UICommand UICommand

Represents a command in a context menu.

UICommandSeparator UICommandSeparator UICommandSeparator

Represents a command separator in a context menu.


IUICommand IUICommand IUICommand

Represents a command in a context menu or message dialog box.


MessageDialogOptions MessageDialogOptions MessageDialogOptions

Specifies less frequently used options for a MessageDialog.

Placement Placement Placement

Specifies where the context menu should be positioned relative to the selection rectangle.


UICommandInvokedHandler UICommandInvokedHandler UICommandInvokedHandler

Represents a callback function that handles the event that is fired when the user invokes a context menu command.