Windows.​UI.​Xaml.​Automation Windows.​UI.​Xaml.​Automation Windows.​UI.​Xaml.​Automation Namespace

Defines the support types for Microsoft UI Automation infrastructure. These support types are for implementing Microsoft UI Automation support for a custom control. Also, AutomationProperties provides accessibility info as part of a XAML UI definition.


AnnotationPatternIdentifiers AnnotationPatternIdentifiers AnnotationPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IAnnotationProvider.

AutomationAnnotation AutomationAnnotation AutomationAnnotation

Represents a single UI automation annotation.

AutomationElementIdentifiers AutomationElementIdentifiers AutomationElementIdentifiers

Contains values used as automation property identifiers by UI Automation providers and UI Automation clients.

AutomationProperties AutomationProperties AutomationProperties

Provides support for getting or setting instance-level values of automation properties. These property values are set as attached properties (typically in XAML) and supplement or override automation property values from a control's AutomationPeer.

AutomationProperty AutomationProperty AutomationProperty

Identifies a property of AutomationElementIdentifiers or of a specific control pattern.

DockPatternIdentifiers DockPatternIdentifiers DockPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IDockProvider.

DragPatternIdentifiers DragPatternIdentifiers DragPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IDragProvider.

DropTargetPatternIdentifiers DropTargetPatternIdentifiers DropTargetPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IDropTargetProvider.

ExpandCollapsePatternIdentifiers ExpandCollapsePatternIdentifiers ExpandCollapsePatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IExpandCollapseProvider.

GridItemPatternIdentifiers GridItemPatternIdentifiers GridItemPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IGridItemProvider.

GridPatternIdentifiers GridPatternIdentifiers GridPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IGridProvider.

MultipleViewPatternIdentifiers MultipleViewPatternIdentifiers MultipleViewPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IMultipleViewProvider.

RangeValuePatternIdentifiers RangeValuePatternIdentifiers RangeValuePatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IRangeValueProvider.

ScrollPatternIdentifiers ScrollPatternIdentifiers ScrollPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IScrollProvider, and also contains the NoScroll constant.

SelectionItemPatternIdentifiers SelectionItemPatternIdentifiers SelectionItemPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by ISelectionItemProvider.

SelectionPatternIdentifiers SelectionPatternIdentifiers SelectionPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by ISelectionProvider.

SpreadsheetItemPatternIdentifiers SpreadsheetItemPatternIdentifiers SpreadsheetItemPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as automation property identifiers for properties of the ISpreadsheetItemProvider pattern.

StylesPatternIdentifiers StylesPatternIdentifiers StylesPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IStylesProvider.

TableItemPatternIdentifiers TableItemPatternIdentifiers TableItemPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by ITableProvider.

TablePatternIdentifiers TablePatternIdentifiers TablePatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by ITableProvider.

TogglePatternIdentifiers TogglePatternIdentifiers TogglePatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IToggleProvider.

TransformPattern2Identifiers TransformPattern2Identifiers TransformPattern2Identifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by ITransformProvider2.

TransformPatternIdentifiers TransformPatternIdentifiers TransformPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by ITransformProvider.

ValuePatternIdentifiers ValuePatternIdentifiers ValuePatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IValueProvider.

WindowPatternIdentifiers WindowPatternIdentifiers WindowPatternIdentifiers

Contains values used as identifiers by IWindowProvider.


AnnotationType AnnotationType AnnotationType

Provides a set of constants that identify types of annotations in a document, as used by the ISpreadsheetItemProvider Microsoft UI Automation interface.

AutomationActiveEnd AutomationActiveEnd AutomationActiveEnd

Defines values for the SelectionActiveEnd text attribute, which indicates the location of the caret relative to a text range that represents the currently selected text.

AutomationAnimationStyle AutomationAnimationStyle AutomationAnimationStyle

Defines the style of animation for the automation.

AutomationBulletStyle AutomationBulletStyle AutomationBulletStyle

Defines the style of bullets used by the automation.

AutomationCaretBidiMode AutomationCaretBidiMode AutomationCaretBidiMode

Defines the direction that the caret travels.

AutomationCaretPosition AutomationCaretPosition AutomationCaretPosition

Defines the caret position.

AutomationFlowDirections AutomationFlowDirections AutomationFlowDirections

Defines the direction of flow.

AutomationOutlineStyles AutomationOutlineStyles AutomationOutlineStyles

Defines the outline style.

AutomationStyleId AutomationStyleId AutomationStyleId

Defines the style of the text.

AutomationTextDecorationLineStyle AutomationTextDecorationLineStyle AutomationTextDecorationLineStyle

Defines the line style of text decorations.

AutomationTextEditChangeType AutomationTextEditChangeType AutomationTextEditChangeType

Defines the type of text edit change.

DockPosition DockPosition DockPosition

Contains values that specify the dock position of an object within a docking container. Used by IDockProvider.DockPosition.

ExpandCollapseState ExpandCollapseState ExpandCollapseState

Contains values that specify the ExpandCollapseState automation property value of a UI Automation element.

RowOrColumnMajor RowOrColumnMajor RowOrColumnMajor

Specifies whether data in a table should be read primarily by row or by column.

ScrollAmount ScrollAmount ScrollAmount

Contains values that are used by the IScrollProvider pattern to indicate the direction and distance to scroll.

SupportedTextSelection SupportedTextSelection SupportedTextSelection

Contains values that specify whether a text provider supports selection and, if so, whether it supports a single, continuous selection or multiple, disjoint selections.

SynchronizedInputType SynchronizedInputType SynchronizedInputType

Provides a of set constants that identify, as used by the ISynchronizedInputProvider Microsoft UI Automation interface.

ToggleState ToggleState ToggleState

Contains values that specify the ToggleState of a UI Automation element.

WindowInteractionState WindowInteractionState WindowInteractionState

Defines values that specify the current state of the window for purposes of user or programmatic interaction.

WindowVisualState WindowVisualState WindowVisualState

Contains values that specify the visual state of a window for the IWindowProvider pattern.

ZoomUnit ZoomUnit ZoomUnit

Contains possible values for the ZoomByUnit method, which zooms the viewport of a control by the specified unit.