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[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Contains values used as automation property identifiers by UI Automation providers and UI Automation clients.

public : sealed class AutomationElementIdentifiers : IAutomationElementIdentifiers
struct winrt::Windows::UI::Xaml::Automation::AutomationElementIdentifiers : IAutomationElementIdentifiers
public sealed class AutomationElementIdentifiers : IAutomationElementIdentifiers
Public NotInheritable Class AutomationElementIdentifiers Implements IAutomationElementIdentifiers
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Classes such as AutomationElementIdentifiers are the identifiers for the Windows Runtime implementation of a common provider pattern for Microsoft UI Automation. AutomationElementIdentifiers identifies the general automation peer properties that are part of the basic peer functionality, as opposed to being related to a specific automation control pattern. You might use these identifiers if you are implementing a Windows Runtime custom automation peer based on AutomationPeer or FrameworkElementAutomationPeer. These identifiers are needed for the RaisePropertyChangedEvent calls that you make from control code that references your own peer, or for FindItemByProperty in an items container peer.

This same set of property identifiers is usually exposed to clients in a different way, depending on which technology they use to implement the client and examine the Microsoft UI Automation tree. One such property identifier list for clients is documented in the topic Automation Element Property Identifiers.


AcceleratorKeyProperty AcceleratorKeyProperty AcceleratorKeyProperty AcceleratorKeyProperty

Identifies the accelerator key automation property. The accelerator key property value is returned by the GetAcceleratorKey method.

AccessKeyProperty AccessKeyProperty AccessKeyProperty AccessKeyProperty

Identifies the access key automation property. The access key property value is returned by the GetAccessKey method.

AnnotationsProperty AnnotationsProperty AnnotationsProperty AnnotationsProperty

Gets the identifier for the annotations automation property.

AutomationIdProperty AutomationIdProperty AutomationIdProperty AutomationIdProperty

Identifies the automation element identifier automation property. The automation element identifier value is returned by the GetAutomationId method.

BoundingRectangleProperty BoundingRectangleProperty BoundingRectangleProperty BoundingRectangleProperty

Identifies the bounding rectangle automation property. The bounding rectangle property value is returned by the GetBoundingRectangle method.

ClassNameProperty ClassNameProperty ClassNameProperty ClassNameProperty

Identifies the class name automation property. The class name property value is returned by the GetClassName method.

ClickablePointProperty ClickablePointProperty ClickablePointProperty ClickablePointProperty

Identifies the clickable point automation property. A valid clickable point property value is returned by the GetClickablePoint method.

ControlledPeersProperty ControlledPeersProperty ControlledPeersProperty ControlledPeersProperty

Identifies the controlled peers automation property. A list of controlled peers is returned by the GetControlledPeers method.

ControlTypeProperty ControlTypeProperty ControlTypeProperty ControlTypeProperty

Identifies the control type automation property. The control type property value is returned by the GetAutomationControlType method.

CultureProperty CultureProperty CultureProperty CultureProperty

Identifies the Culture property, which contains a locale identifier for the automation element (for example, 0x0409 for "en-US" or English (United States)).

DescribedByProperty DescribedByProperty DescribedByProperty DescribedByProperty

Identifies the described by automation property.

FlowsFromProperty FlowsFromProperty FlowsFromProperty FlowsFromProperty

Identifies the "flows from" automation property. The "flows from" property value is returned by the GetFlowsFrom method.

FlowsToProperty FlowsToProperty FlowsToProperty FlowsToProperty

Identifies the "flows to" automation property. The "flows to" property value is returned by the GetFlowsTo method.

FullDescriptionProperty FullDescriptionProperty FullDescriptionProperty FullDescriptionProperty

Identifies the full description automation property.

HasKeyboardFocusProperty HasKeyboardFocusProperty HasKeyboardFocusProperty HasKeyboardFocusProperty

Identifies the keyboard focus automation property. The keyboard focus state is returned by the HasKeyboardFocus method.

HeadingLevelProperty HeadingLevelProperty HeadingLevelProperty HeadingLevelProperty

Prerelease. Identifies the heading level automation property. The heading level property value is returned by the GetHeadingLevel method.

HelpTextProperty HelpTextProperty HelpTextProperty HelpTextProperty

Identifies the help text automation property. The help text property value is returned by the GetHelpText method.

IsContentElementProperty IsContentElementProperty IsContentElementProperty IsContentElementProperty

Identifies the content element determination automation property. The content element status indicates whether the element contains content that is valuable to the end user. The current status is returned by the IsContentElement method.

IsControlElementProperty IsControlElementProperty IsControlElementProperty IsControlElementProperty

Identifies the control element determination automation property. The control element status indicates whether the element contains user interface components that can be manipulated. The current status is returned by the IsControlElement method.

IsDataValidForFormProperty IsDataValidForFormProperty IsDataValidForFormProperty IsDataValidForFormProperty

Identifies the Boolean automation property that indicates if the data is valid for the form.

IsEnabledProperty IsEnabledProperty IsEnabledProperty IsEnabledProperty

Identifies the enabled determination automation property. The enabled status indicates whether the item referenced by the automation peer is enabled. The current status is returned by the IsEnabled method.

IsKeyboardFocusableProperty IsKeyboardFocusableProperty IsKeyboardFocusableProperty IsKeyboardFocusableProperty

Identifies the keyboard-focusable determination automation property. The keyboard focusable status is returned by the IsKeyboardFocusable method.

IsOffscreenProperty IsOffscreenProperty IsOffscreenProperty IsOffscreenProperty

Identifies the offscreen determination automation property. The offscreen status indicates whether the item referenced by the automation peer is off the screen. The current status is returned by the IsOffscreen method.

IsPasswordProperty IsPasswordProperty IsPasswordProperty IsPasswordProperty

Identifies the password determination automation property. The password status indicates whether the item referenced by the automation peer contains a password. The current status is returned by the IsPassword method.

IsPeripheralProperty IsPeripheralProperty IsPeripheralProperty IsPeripheralProperty

Identifies the Boolean automation property that indicates if the automation element represents peripheral UI.

IsRequiredForFormProperty IsRequiredForFormProperty IsRequiredForFormProperty IsRequiredForFormProperty

Identifies the form requirement determination automation property. The form requirement status indicates whether the element must be completed on a form. The current status is returned by the IsRequiredForForm method.

ItemStatusProperty ItemStatusProperty ItemStatusProperty ItemStatusProperty

Identifies the item status automation property. The current item status is returned by the GetItemStatus method.

ItemTypeProperty ItemTypeProperty ItemTypeProperty ItemTypeProperty

Identifies the item type automation property. The item type value is returned by GetItemType method.

LabeledByProperty LabeledByProperty LabeledByProperty LabeledByProperty

Identifies the labeled-by peer automation property. The labeling relationship for an automation peer is returned by the GetLabeledBy method.

LandmarkTypeProperty LandmarkTypeProperty LandmarkTypeProperty LandmarkTypeProperty

Gets the identifier for the landmark type automation property.

LevelProperty LevelProperty LevelProperty LevelProperty

Gets the identifier for the level automation property.

LiveSettingProperty LiveSettingProperty LiveSettingProperty LiveSettingProperty

Identifies the live settings automation property. The live settings property value is returned by the GetLiveSetting method.

LocalizedControlTypeProperty LocalizedControlTypeProperty LocalizedControlTypeProperty LocalizedControlTypeProperty

Identifies the localized control type automation property which provides a mechanism to alter the control type read by Narrator.

LocalizedLandmarkTypeProperty LocalizedLandmarkTypeProperty LocalizedLandmarkTypeProperty LocalizedLandmarkTypeProperty

Gets the identifier for the localized landmark type automation property.

NameProperty NameProperty NameProperty NameProperty

Identifies the element name automation property. The current name is returned by the GetName method.

OrientationProperty OrientationProperty OrientationProperty OrientationProperty

Identifies the orientation automation property. The current orientation value is returned by the GetOrientation method.

PositionInSetProperty PositionInSetProperty PositionInSetProperty PositionInSetProperty

Gets the identifier for the position in set automation property.

SizeOfSetProperty SizeOfSetProperty SizeOfSetProperty SizeOfSetProperty

Gets the identification of the size of set automation property.

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