List​View​Base​Automation​Peer List​View​Base​Automation​Peer List​View​Base​Automation​Peer Class


A base class that provides a Microsoft UI Automation peer implementation for types that derive from ListViewBase.

public : class ListViewBaseAutomationPeer : SelectorAutomationPeer, IListViewBaseAutomationPeer, IDropTargetProviderpublic class ListViewBaseAutomationPeer : SelectorAutomationPeer, IListViewBaseAutomationPeer, IDropTargetProviderPublic Class ListViewBaseAutomationPeer Inherits SelectorAutomationPeer Implements IListViewBaseAutomationPeer, IDropTargetProvider
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)

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ListViewBase isn't used as a control class, because it is the base class for other controls. You could either derive from those other controls or derive from directly, but the latter means that you have to provide a template and a lot more behavior. If you derive from ListViewBase, override OnCreateAutomationPeer so that it returns a custom peer that is based on ListViewBaseAutomationPeer.

Default peer implementation and overrides in ListViewBaseAutomationPeer

ListViewBaseAutomationPeer has overrides of Core methods such that the associated AutomationPeer methods provide peer-specific information to a Microsoft UI Automation client.

ListViewBaseAutomationPeer derived classes

ListViewBaseAutomationPeer is the parent class for GridViewAutomationPeer and ListViewAutomationPeer.


ListViewBaseAutomationPeer(ListViewBase) ListViewBaseAutomationPeer(ListViewBase) ListViewBaseAutomationPeer(ListViewBase)

Initializes a new instance of the ListViewBaseAutomationPeer class.

public : ListViewBaseAutomationPeer(ListViewBase owner)public ListViewBaseAutomationPeer(ListViewBase owner)Public Sub New(owner As ListViewBase)
ListViewBase ListViewBase ListViewBase

The ListViewBase derived object to create a peer for.



DropEffect DropEffect DropEffect

Gets a string that indicates what will happen when the item is dropped.

public : PlatForm::String DropEffect { get; }public string DropEffect { get; }Public ReadOnly Property DropEffect As string
PlatForm::String string string

A string that indicates what will happen when the item is dropped.



This property is relevant for draggable items when the drop targets are ambiguous. In this case the ListViewBase drag origin suggests an effect of being dropped via this property. The drop target can choose to use the DropEffect value instead of the default drop effect of the target.

DropEffects DropEffects DropEffects

Gets an array of strings that enumerates possible drop effects when this item is dropped.

public : PlatForm::String[] DropEffects { get; }public string[] DropEffects { get; }Public ReadOnly Property DropEffects As string[]
PlatForm::String[] string[] string[]

An array of strings that enumerates possible drop effects when this item is dropped.


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