ITransformProvider2 ITransformProvider2 ITransformProvider2 ITransformProvider2 Interface


Extends the ITransformProvider interface to enable Microsoft UI Automation providers to expose API to support the viewport zooming functionality of a control.

public : interface ITransformProvider2 : ITransformProvider
public interface ITransformProvider2 : ITransformProvider
Public Interface ITransformProvider2 Implements ITransformProvider
// You can't instantiate an interface directly in JavaScript. You can use objects that implement the interface, however.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


This pattern has guidelines and conventions that aren't fully documented here. For more info on what this pattern is for, see Transform Control Pattern.

Use the TransformPattern2Identifiers class if you want to reference the ITransformProvider2 pattern properties from control code when you call RaisePropertyChangedEvent.


CanZoom CanZoom CanZoom CanZoom

Gets a value that indicates whether the control supports zooming of its viewport.

public : Platform::Boolean CanZoom { get; }
public bool CanZoom { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property CanZoom As bool
var bool = iTransformProvider2.canZoom;
Platform::Boolean bool bool bool

true if the viewport can be zoomed; otherwise, false.

MaxZoom MaxZoom MaxZoom MaxZoom

Gets the maximum zoom level of the element.

public : double MaxZoom { get; }
public double MaxZoom { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property MaxZoom As double
var double = iTransformProvider2.maxZoom;
double double double double

The maximum zoom level, as a percentage.

See Also

MinZoom MinZoom MinZoom MinZoom

Gets the minimum zoom level of the element.

public : double MinZoom { get; }
public double MinZoom { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property MinZoom As double
var double = iTransformProvider2.minZoom;
double double double double

The minimum zoom level, as a percentage.

See Also

ZoomLevel ZoomLevel ZoomLevel ZoomLevel

Gets the zoom level of the control's viewport.

public : double ZoomLevel { get; }
public double ZoomLevel { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ZoomLevel As double
var double = iTransformProvider2.zoomLevel;
double double double double

The zoom level, specified as a percentage. The provider should zoom the viewport to the nearest supported value.

CanMove CanMove CanMove CanMove

Inherited from ITransformProvider

CanResize CanResize CanResize CanResize

Inherited from ITransformProvider

CanRotate CanRotate CanRotate CanRotate

Inherited from ITransformProvider


Zoom(Double) Zoom(Double) Zoom(Double) Zoom(Double)

Zooms the viewport of the control.

public : void Zoom(double zoom)
public void Zoom(Double zoom)
Public Function Zoom(zoom As Double) As void
double Double Double Double

The amount to zoom the viewport, specified as a percentage. The provider should zoom the viewport to the nearest supported value.

See Also

ZoomByUnit(ZoomUnit) ZoomByUnit(ZoomUnit) ZoomByUnit(ZoomUnit) ZoomByUnit(ZoomUnit)

Zooms the viewport of the control by the specified logical unit.

public : void ZoomByUnit(ZoomUnit zoomUnit)
public void ZoomByUnit(ZoomUnit zoomUnit)
Public Function ZoomByUnit(zoomUnit As ZoomUnit) As void
ZoomUnit ZoomUnit ZoomUnit ZoomUnit

The logical unit by which to increase or decrease the zoom of the viewport.

See Also

Move(Double,Double) Move(Double,Double) Move(Double,Double) Move(Double,Double)

Inherited from ITransformProvider

Resize(Double,Double) Resize(Double,Double) Resize(Double,Double) Resize(Double,Double)

Inherited from ITransformProvider

Rotate(Double) Rotate(Double) Rotate(Double) Rotate(Double)

Inherited from ITransformProvider

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