Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls Namespace

Some information relates to pre-released product which may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here.

Prerelease APIs are identified by a Prerelease label.

[This namespace contains one or more prerelease APIs.]
Provides UI controls and classes that support existing and custom controls.


AppBar AppBar AppBar AppBar AppBar

Represents the container control that holds app UI components for commanding and experiences. For Windows 10, see Remarks.

AppBarButton AppBarButton AppBarButton AppBarButton AppBarButton

Represents a templated button control to be displayed in an AppBar.

AppBarSeparator AppBarSeparator AppBarSeparator AppBarSeparator AppBarSeparator

Represents a line that separates items in an AppBar or CommandBar.

AppBarToggleButton AppBarToggleButton AppBarToggleButton AppBarToggleButton AppBarToggleButton

Represents a button control that can switch states and be displayed in an AppBar.

AutoSuggestBox AutoSuggestBox AutoSuggestBox AutoSuggestBox AutoSuggestBox

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a text control that makes suggestions to users as they type. The app is notified when text has been changed by the user and is responsible for providing relevant suggestions for this control to display.

AutoSuggestBoxQuerySubmittedEventArgs AutoSuggestBoxQuerySubmittedEventArgs AutoSuggestBoxQuerySubmittedEventArgs AutoSuggestBoxQuerySubmittedEventArgs AutoSuggestBoxQuerySubmittedEventArgs

Provides event data for the AutoSuggestBox.QuerySubmitted event.

AutoSuggestBoxSuggestionChosenEventArgs AutoSuggestBoxSuggestionChosenEventArgs AutoSuggestBoxSuggestionChosenEventArgs AutoSuggestBoxSuggestionChosenEventArgs AutoSuggestBoxSuggestionChosenEventArgs

Provides data for the SuggestionChosen event.

AutoSuggestBoxTextChangedEventArgs AutoSuggestBoxTextChangedEventArgs AutoSuggestBoxTextChangedEventArgs AutoSuggestBoxTextChangedEventArgs AutoSuggestBoxTextChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the TextChanged event.

BackClickEventArgs BackClickEventArgs BackClickEventArgs BackClickEventArgs BackClickEventArgs

Provides event data for the SettingsFlyout.BackClick event.

BitmapIcon BitmapIcon BitmapIcon BitmapIcon BitmapIcon

Represents an icon that uses a bitmap as its content.

BitmapIconSource BitmapIconSource BitmapIconSource BitmapIconSource BitmapIconSource

Represents an icon source that uses a bitmap as its content.

Border Border Border Border Border

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Draws a border, background, or both, around another object.

Button Button Button Button Button

Represents a templated button control that interprets a Click user interaction.

CalendarDatePicker CalendarDatePicker CalendarDatePicker CalendarDatePicker CalendarDatePicker

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a control that allows a user to pick a date from a calendar display.

CalendarDatePickerDateChangedEventArgs CalendarDatePickerDateChangedEventArgs CalendarDatePickerDateChangedEventArgs CalendarDatePickerDateChangedEventArgs CalendarDatePickerDateChangedEventArgs

Provides event data for the DateChanged event.

CalendarView CalendarView CalendarView CalendarView CalendarView

Represents a control that enables a user to select a date by using a visual calendar display.

CalendarViewDayItem CalendarViewDayItem CalendarViewDayItem CalendarViewDayItem CalendarViewDayItem

Represents a day on a CalendarView.

CalendarViewDayItemChangingEventArgs CalendarViewDayItemChangingEventArgs CalendarViewDayItemChangingEventArgs CalendarViewDayItemChangingEventArgs CalendarViewDayItemChangingEventArgs

Provides data for the CalendarViewDayItemChanging event.

CalendarViewSelectedDatesChangedEventArgs CalendarViewSelectedDatesChangedEventArgs CalendarViewSelectedDatesChangedEventArgs CalendarViewSelectedDatesChangedEventArgs CalendarViewSelectedDatesChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the SelectedDatesChanged event.

CandidateWindowBoundsChangedEventArgs CandidateWindowBoundsChangedEventArgs CandidateWindowBoundsChangedEventArgs CandidateWindowBoundsChangedEventArgs CandidateWindowBoundsChangedEventArgs

Provides event data for the CandidateWindowBoundsChanged event.

Canvas Canvas Canvas Canvas Canvas

Defines an area within which you can explicitly position child objects, using coordinates that are relative to the Canvas area.

CaptureElement CaptureElement CaptureElement CaptureElement CaptureElement

Renders a stream from a capture device, such as a camera or webcam. CaptureElement is used in conjunction with the Windows.Media.Capture.MediaCapture API, and must be hooked up in the code behind.

CheckBox CheckBox CheckBox CheckBox CheckBox

Represents a control that a user can select (check) or clear (uncheck). A CheckBox can also report its value as indeterminate.

ChoosingGroupHeaderContainerEventArgs ChoosingGroupHeaderContainerEventArgs ChoosingGroupHeaderContainerEventArgs ChoosingGroupHeaderContainerEventArgs ChoosingGroupHeaderContainerEventArgs

Provides event data for the ListViewBase.ChoosingGroupHeaderContainer event.

ChoosingItemContainerEventArgs ChoosingItemContainerEventArgs ChoosingItemContainerEventArgs ChoosingItemContainerEventArgs ChoosingItemContainerEventArgs

Provides event data for the ListViewBase.ChoosingItemContainer event.

CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventArgs CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventArgs CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventArgs CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventArgs CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventArgs

Provides data for the CleanUpVirtualizedItemEvent event.

ColorChangedEventArgs ColorChangedEventArgs ColorChangedEventArgs ColorChangedEventArgs ColorChangedEventArgs

Provides event data for the ColorChanged event.

ColorPicker ColorPicker ColorPicker ColorPicker ColorPicker

Represents a control that lets a user pick a color using a color spectrum, sliders, and text input.

ColumnDefinition ColumnDefinition ColumnDefinition ColumnDefinition ColumnDefinition

Defines column-specific properties that apply to Grid objects.

ColumnDefinitionCollection ColumnDefinitionCollection ColumnDefinitionCollection ColumnDefinitionCollection ColumnDefinitionCollection

Provides access to an ordered, strongly typed collection of ColumnDefinition objects.

ComboBox ComboBox ComboBox ComboBox ComboBox

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a selection control that combines a non-editable text box and a drop-down list box that allows users to select an item from a list.

ComboBoxItem ComboBoxItem ComboBoxItem ComboBoxItem ComboBoxItem

Represents the container for an item in a ComboBox control.

CommandBar CommandBar CommandBar CommandBar CommandBar

Represents a specialized app bar that provides layout for AppBarButton and related command elements.

CommandBarOverflowPresenter CommandBarOverflowPresenter CommandBarOverflowPresenter CommandBarOverflowPresenter CommandBarOverflowPresenter

Displays the overflow content of a CommandBar.

ContainerContentChangingEventArgs ContainerContentChangingEventArgs ContainerContentChangingEventArgs ContainerContentChangingEventArgs ContainerContentChangingEventArgs

Provides data for the ContainerContentChanging event.

ContentControl ContentControl ContentControl ContentControl ContentControl

Represents a control with a single piece of content. Controls such as Button, CheckBox, and ScrollViewer directly or indirectly inherit from this class.

ContentDialog ContentDialog ContentDialog ContentDialog ContentDialog

Represents a dialog box that can be customized to contain checkboxes, hyperlinks, buttons and any other XAML content.

ContentDialogButtonClickDeferral ContentDialogButtonClickDeferral ContentDialogButtonClickDeferral ContentDialogButtonClickDeferral ContentDialogButtonClickDeferral

Represents a deferral that can be used by an app to respond asynchronously to a button click event.

ContentDialogButtonClickEventArgs ContentDialogButtonClickEventArgs ContentDialogButtonClickEventArgs ContentDialogButtonClickEventArgs ContentDialogButtonClickEventArgs

Provides data for the button click events.

ContentDialogClosedEventArgs ContentDialogClosedEventArgs ContentDialogClosedEventArgs ContentDialogClosedEventArgs ContentDialogClosedEventArgs

Provides data for the Closed event.

ContentDialogClosingDeferral ContentDialogClosingDeferral ContentDialogClosingDeferral ContentDialogClosingDeferral ContentDialogClosingDeferral

Represents a deferral that can be used by an app to respond asynchronously to the closing event of the ContentDialog.

ContentDialogClosingEventArgs ContentDialogClosingEventArgs ContentDialogClosingEventArgs ContentDialogClosingEventArgs ContentDialogClosingEventArgs

Provides data for the closing event.

ContentDialogOpenedEventArgs ContentDialogOpenedEventArgs ContentDialogOpenedEventArgs ContentDialogOpenedEventArgs ContentDialogOpenedEventArgs

Provides data for the Opened event.

ContentLinkChangedEventArgs ContentLinkChangedEventArgs ContentLinkChangedEventArgs ContentLinkChangedEventArgs ContentLinkChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the RichEditBox.ContentLinkChanged event.

ContentPresenter ContentPresenter ContentPresenter ContentPresenter ContentPresenter

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Displays the content of a ContentControl. Can also provide content presentation for non-controls. Provides a base class for specialized presenters such as ScrollContentPresenter.

ContextMenuEventArgs ContextMenuEventArgs ContextMenuEventArgs ContextMenuEventArgs ContextMenuEventArgs

Provides event data for the ContextMenuOpening event that exists on several text-related UI elements.

Control Control Control Control Control

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents the base class for UI elements that use a ControlTemplate to define their appearance. Parent class for ContentControl, UserControl, ItemsControl and several practical controls.

ControlTemplate ControlTemplate ControlTemplate ControlTemplate ControlTemplate

Defines the element tree that is used as the control template for a control.

DataTemplateSelector DataTemplateSelector DataTemplateSelector DataTemplateSelector DataTemplateSelector

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Enables custom template selection logic at the application level.

DatePickedEventArgs DatePickedEventArgs DatePickedEventArgs DatePickedEventArgs DatePickedEventArgs

Provides data for the DatePicked event.

DatePicker DatePicker DatePicker DatePicker DatePicker

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a control that allows a user to pick a date value.

DatePickerFlyout DatePickerFlyout DatePickerFlyout DatePickerFlyout DatePickerFlyout

Represents a control that allows a user to pick a date.

DatePickerFlyoutItem DatePickerFlyoutItem DatePickerFlyoutItem DatePickerFlyoutItem DatePickerFlyoutItem

Represents the container for an item in the DatePickerFlyout control.

DatePickerFlyoutPresenter DatePickerFlyoutPresenter DatePickerFlyoutPresenter DatePickerFlyoutPresenter DatePickerFlyoutPresenter

Represents a control to allow a user to pick a date.

DatePickerValueChangedEventArgs DatePickerValueChangedEventArgs DatePickerValueChangedEventArgs DatePickerValueChangedEventArgs DatePickerValueChangedEventArgs

Provides event data for the DatePicker.DateChanged event.

DragItemsCompletedEventArgs DragItemsCompletedEventArgs DragItemsCompletedEventArgs DragItemsCompletedEventArgs DragItemsCompletedEventArgs

Provides event data for the DragItemsCompleted event.

DragItemsStartingEventArgs DragItemsStartingEventArgs DragItemsStartingEventArgs DragItemsStartingEventArgs DragItemsStartingEventArgs

Provides event data for the DragItemsStarting event.

DynamicOverflowItemsChangingEventArgs DynamicOverflowItemsChangingEventArgs DynamicOverflowItemsChangingEventArgs DynamicOverflowItemsChangingEventArgs DynamicOverflowItemsChangingEventArgs

Provides data for the CommandBar.DynamicOverflowItemsChanging event.

FlipView FlipView FlipView FlipView FlipView

Represents an items control that displays one item at a time, and enables "flip" behavior for traversing its collection of items.

FlipViewItem FlipViewItem FlipViewItem FlipViewItem FlipViewItem

Represents the container for an item in a FlipView control.

Flyout Flyout Flyout Flyout Flyout

Represents a control that displays lightweight UI that is either information, or requires user interaction. Unlike a dialog, a Flyout can be light dismissed by clicking or tapping outside of it, pressing the device’s back button, or pressing the ‘Esc’ key.

FlyoutPresenter FlyoutPresenter FlyoutPresenter FlyoutPresenter FlyoutPresenter

Displays the content of a Flyout.

FocusDisengagedEventArgs FocusDisengagedEventArgs FocusDisengagedEventArgs FocusDisengagedEventArgs FocusDisengagedEventArgs

Provides data for the FocusDisengaged event.

FocusEngagedEventArgs FocusEngagedEventArgs FocusEngagedEventArgs FocusEngagedEventArgs FocusEngagedEventArgs

Provides data for the FocusEngaged event.

FontIcon FontIcon FontIcon FontIcon FontIcon

Represents an icon that uses a glyph from the specified font.

FontIconSource FontIconSource FontIconSource FontIconSource FontIconSource

Represents an icon source that uses a glyph from the specified font.

Frame Frame Frame Frame Frame

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Displays Page instances, supports navigation to new pages, and maintains a navigation history to support forward and backward navigation.

Grid Grid Grid Grid Grid

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Defines a flexible grid area that consists of columns and rows. Child elements of the Grid are measured and arranged according to their row/column assignments (set by using Grid.Row and Grid.Column attached properties) and other logic.

GridView GridView GridView GridView GridView

Represents a control that displays data items in rows and columns.

GridViewHeaderItem GridViewHeaderItem GridViewHeaderItem GridViewHeaderItem GridViewHeaderItem

Represents items in the header for grouped data inside a GridView.

GridViewItem GridViewItem GridViewItem GridViewItem GridViewItem

Represents the container for an item in a GridView control.

GroupItem GroupItem GroupItem GroupItem GroupItem

Represents the root element for a subtree that is created for a group.

GroupStyle GroupStyle GroupStyle GroupStyle GroupStyle

Describes how to display the grouped items in a collection, such as the collection from GroupItems.

GroupStyleSelector GroupStyleSelector GroupStyleSelector GroupStyleSelector GroupStyleSelector

Enables custom group style selection logic as a function of the parent group and its level.

HandwritingPanelClosedEventArgs HandwritingPanelClosedEventArgs HandwritingPanelClosedEventArgs HandwritingPanelClosedEventArgs HandwritingPanelClosedEventArgs

Provides event data for the HandwritingView.Closed event.

HandwritingPanelOpenedEventArgs HandwritingPanelOpenedEventArgs HandwritingPanelOpenedEventArgs HandwritingPanelOpenedEventArgs HandwritingPanelOpenedEventArgs

Provides event data for the HandwritingView.Opened event.

HandwritingView HandwritingView HandwritingView HandwritingView HandwritingView

Represents a Windows Ink input surface for text input controls.

Hub Hub Hub Hub Hub

Represents a control that displays groups of content in a panning view.

HubSection HubSection HubSection HubSection HubSection

Represents a single group of content in a Hub.

HubSectionCollection HubSectionCollection HubSectionCollection HubSectionCollection HubSectionCollection

Represents an ordered collection of HubSection objects.

HubSectionHeaderClickEventArgs HubSectionHeaderClickEventArgs HubSectionHeaderClickEventArgs HubSectionHeaderClickEventArgs HubSectionHeaderClickEventArgs

Provides data for the Hub.SectionHeaderClick event.

HyperlinkButton HyperlinkButton HyperlinkButton HyperlinkButton HyperlinkButton

Represents a button control that functions as a hyperlink.

IconElement IconElement IconElement IconElement IconElement

Represents the base class for an icon UI element.

IconSource IconSource IconSource IconSource IconSource

Represents the base class for an icon source.

Image Image Image Image Image

Represents a control that displays an image. The image source is specified by referring to an image file, using several supported formats. The image source can also be set with a stream. See Remarks for the list of supported image source formats.

InkCanvas InkCanvas InkCanvas InkCanvas InkCanvas

Defines an area that receives and displays all pen input as either an ink stroke or an erase stroke (input from an eraser tip, or the pen tip when modified with an erase button).

InkToolbar InkToolbar InkToolbar InkToolbar InkToolbar

Represents a Universal Windows app control containing a customizable and extensible collection of buttons that activate ink-related features in an associated InkCanvas.

InkToolbarBallpointPenButton InkToolbarBallpointPenButton InkToolbarBallpointPenButton InkToolbarBallpointPenButton InkToolbarBallpointPenButton

Represents an InkToolbar button that activates the built-in ballpoint pen.

InkToolbarCustomPen InkToolbarCustomPen InkToolbarCustomPen InkToolbarCustomPen InkToolbarCustomPen

Represents an InkToolbar pen for which the ink color palette and pen tip properties, such as shape, rotation, and size, are defined by the host app.

InkToolbarCustomPenButton InkToolbarCustomPenButton InkToolbarCustomPenButton InkToolbarCustomPenButton InkToolbarCustomPenButton

Represents an InkToolbar button that activates a pen for which the ink color palette and pen tip properties, such as shape, rotation, and size, are defined by the host app.

InkToolbarCustomToggleButton InkToolbarCustomToggleButton InkToolbarCustomToggleButton InkToolbarCustomToggleButton InkToolbarCustomToggleButton

Represents an InkToolbar button that sets the state of an app-defined feature to on or off. When turned on, the feature works in conjunction with the active tool.

InkToolbarCustomToolButton InkToolbarCustomToolButton InkToolbarCustomToolButton InkToolbarCustomToolButton InkToolbarCustomToolButton

Represents an InkToolbar button that invokes a non-pen tool, defined by the host app.

InkToolbarEraserButton InkToolbarEraserButton InkToolbarEraserButton InkToolbarEraserButton InkToolbarEraserButton

Represents an InkToolbar button that activates the built-in eraser tool.

InkToolbarFlyoutItem InkToolbarFlyoutItem InkToolbarFlyoutItem InkToolbarFlyoutItem InkToolbarFlyoutItem

Represents an InkToolbar button on a flyout. This item can be a basic button, a radio button, a radio toggle button, or a check box.

InkToolbarHighlighterButton InkToolbarHighlighterButton InkToolbarHighlighterButton InkToolbarHighlighterButton InkToolbarHighlighterButton

Represents an InkToolbar toggle button control that activates the built-in highlighter pen.

InkToolbarIsStencilButtonCheckedChangedEventArgs InkToolbarIsStencilButtonCheckedChangedEventArgs InkToolbarIsStencilButtonCheckedChangedEventArgs InkToolbarIsStencilButtonCheckedChangedEventArgs InkToolbarIsStencilButtonCheckedChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the IsStencilButtonCheckedChanged event.

InkToolbarMenuButton InkToolbarMenuButton InkToolbarMenuButton InkToolbarMenuButton InkToolbarMenuButton

Represents an InkToolbar button that invokes a menu of tools, defined by the host app.

InkToolbarPenButton InkToolbarPenButton InkToolbarPenButton InkToolbarPenButton InkToolbarPenButton

Provides a base class for all built-in and custom pen buttons on an InkToolbar.

InkToolbarPencilButton InkToolbarPencilButton InkToolbarPencilButton InkToolbarPencilButton InkToolbarPencilButton

Represents an InkToolbar toggle button control that activates the built-in pencil.

InkToolbarPenConfigurationControl InkToolbarPenConfigurationControl InkToolbarPenConfigurationControl InkToolbarPenConfigurationControl InkToolbarPenConfigurationControl

Represents an object used to configure an optional flyout associated with an InkToolbarCustomPenButton. An "extension glyph" is displayed on the button to indicate the existence of the flyout.

InkToolbarRulerButton InkToolbarRulerButton InkToolbarRulerButton InkToolbarRulerButton InkToolbarRulerButton

Represents an InkToolbar button that sets the state of the built-in ruler tool to on or off.

InkToolbarStencilButton InkToolbarStencilButton InkToolbarStencilButton InkToolbarStencilButton InkToolbarStencilButton

Represents an InkToolbar button that sets the state of stencil tool to on or off.

InkToolbarToggleButton InkToolbarToggleButton InkToolbarToggleButton InkToolbarToggleButton InkToolbarToggleButton

Represents an object that provides infrastructure for both built-in and custom toggle buttons on an InkToolbar.

InkToolbarToolButton InkToolbarToolButton InkToolbarToolButton InkToolbarToolButton InkToolbarToolButton

Provides a base class for all built-in and custom buttons on an InkToolbar.

IsTextTrimmedChangedEventArgs IsTextTrimmedChangedEventArgs IsTextTrimmedChangedEventArgs IsTextTrimmedChangedEventArgs IsTextTrimmedChangedEventArgs

Provides event data for the IsTextTrimmedChanged event.

ItemClickEventArgs ItemClickEventArgs ItemClickEventArgs ItemClickEventArgs ItemClickEventArgs

Provides event data for the ItemClick event.

ItemCollection ItemCollection ItemCollection ItemCollection ItemCollection

Holds the list of items that represent the content of an ItemsControl.

ItemContainerGenerator ItemContainerGenerator ItemContainerGenerator ItemContainerGenerator ItemContainerGenerator

Provides mappings between the items of an ItemsControl and their container elements.

ItemsControl ItemsControl ItemsControl ItemsControl ItemsControl

Represents a control that can be used to present a collection of items.

ItemsPanelTemplate ItemsPanelTemplate ItemsPanelTemplate ItemsPanelTemplate ItemsPanelTemplate

Specifies the panel that the ItemsPresenter creates for the layout of the items of an ItemsControl.

ItemsPickedEventArgs ItemsPickedEventArgs ItemsPickedEventArgs ItemsPickedEventArgs ItemsPickedEventArgs

Provides data for the ItemsPicked event.

ItemsPresenter ItemsPresenter ItemsPresenter ItemsPresenter ItemsPresenter

Specifies where items are placed in a control, usually an ItemsControl.

ItemsStackPanel ItemsStackPanel ItemsStackPanel ItemsStackPanel ItemsStackPanel

Arranges child elements of an ItemsControl into a single line that can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Supports pixel-based UI virtualization and grouped layouts.

ItemsWrapGrid ItemsWrapGrid ItemsWrapGrid ItemsWrapGrid ItemsWrapGrid

Positions child elements sequentially from left to right or top to bottom in an ItemsControl that shows multiple items. When elements extend beyond the container edge, elements are positioned in the next row or column. Supports pixel-based UI virtualization and grouped layouts.

ListBox ListBox ListBox ListBox ListBox

Presents a list of items the user can select from.

ListBoxItem ListBoxItem ListBoxItem ListBoxItem ListBoxItem

Represents the container for an item in a ListBox control.

ListPickerFlyout ListPickerFlyout ListPickerFlyout ListPickerFlyout ListPickerFlyout

Represents a control that allows a user to pick one or more items from a list. See Remarks.

ListPickerFlyoutPresenter ListPickerFlyoutPresenter ListPickerFlyoutPresenter ListPickerFlyoutPresenter ListPickerFlyoutPresenter

Represents a control that allows a user to pick one or more items from a list. (Not recommended for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. See Flyout.)

ListView ListView ListView ListView ListView

Represents a control that displays data items in a vertical stack.

ListViewBase ListViewBase ListViewBase ListViewBase ListViewBase

Provides the infrastructure for the ListView and GridView classes.

ListViewBaseHeaderItem ListViewBaseHeaderItem ListViewBaseHeaderItem ListViewBaseHeaderItem ListViewBaseHeaderItem

Provides the infrastructure for the ListViewHeaderItem and GridViewHeaderItem classes.

ListViewHeaderItem ListViewHeaderItem ListViewHeaderItem ListViewHeaderItem ListViewHeaderItem

Represents items in the header for grouped data inside a ListView.

ListViewItem ListViewItem ListViewItem ListViewItem ListViewItem

Represents the container for an item in a ListView control.

ListViewPersistenceHelper ListViewPersistenceHelper ListViewPersistenceHelper ListViewPersistenceHelper ListViewPersistenceHelper

Represents a helper class to save and retrieve the relative scroll position of the ListView.

MediaElement MediaElement MediaElement MediaElement MediaElement

Represents an object that renders audio and video to the display. See Remarks.

MediaPlayerElement MediaPlayerElement MediaPlayerElement MediaPlayerElement MediaPlayerElement

Represents an object that uses a MediaPlayer to render audio and video to the display.

MediaPlayerPresenter MediaPlayerPresenter MediaPlayerPresenter MediaPlayerPresenter MediaPlayerPresenter

Represents an object that displays a MediaPlayer.

MediaTransportControls MediaTransportControls MediaTransportControls MediaTransportControls MediaTransportControls

Represents the playback controls for a media player element.

MediaTransportControlsHelper MediaTransportControlsHelper MediaTransportControlsHelper MediaTransportControlsHelper MediaTransportControlsHelper

Provides properties and methods to customize media transport controls.

MenuFlyout MenuFlyout MenuFlyout MenuFlyout MenuFlyout

Represents a flyout that displays a menu of commands.

MenuFlyoutItem MenuFlyoutItem MenuFlyoutItem MenuFlyoutItem MenuFlyoutItem

Represents a command in a MenuFlyout control.

MenuFlyoutItemBase MenuFlyoutItemBase MenuFlyoutItemBase MenuFlyoutItemBase MenuFlyoutItemBase

Represents the base class for items in a MenuFlyout control.

MenuFlyoutPresenter MenuFlyoutPresenter MenuFlyoutPresenter MenuFlyoutPresenter MenuFlyoutPresenter

Displays the content of a MenuFlyout control.

MenuFlyoutSeparator MenuFlyoutSeparator MenuFlyoutSeparator MenuFlyoutSeparator MenuFlyoutSeparator

Represents a horizontal line that separates items in an MenuFlyout.

MenuFlyoutSubItem MenuFlyoutSubItem MenuFlyoutSubItem MenuFlyoutSubItem MenuFlyoutSubItem

Represents a menu item that displays a sub-menu in a MenuFlyout control.

NavigationView NavigationView NavigationView NavigationView NavigationView

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a container that enables navigation of app content. It has a header, a view for the main content, and a menu pane for navigation commands.

NavigationViewBackRequestedEventArgs NavigationViewBackRequestedEventArgs NavigationViewBackRequestedEventArgs NavigationViewBackRequestedEventArgs NavigationViewBackRequestedEventArgs

Provides event data for the NavigationView.BackRequested event.

NavigationViewDisplayModeChangedEventArgs NavigationViewDisplayModeChangedEventArgs NavigationViewDisplayModeChangedEventArgs NavigationViewDisplayModeChangedEventArgs NavigationViewDisplayModeChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the NavigationView.DisplayModeChanged event.

NavigationViewItem NavigationViewItem NavigationViewItem NavigationViewItem NavigationViewItem

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents the container for an item in a NavigationView control.

NavigationViewItemBase NavigationViewItemBase NavigationViewItemBase NavigationViewItemBase NavigationViewItemBase

Base class for NavigationView menu items.

NavigationViewItemHeader NavigationViewItemHeader NavigationViewItemHeader NavigationViewItemHeader NavigationViewItemHeader

Represents a header for a group of menu items in a NavigationMenu.

NavigationViewItemInvokedEventArgs NavigationViewItemInvokedEventArgs NavigationViewItemInvokedEventArgs NavigationViewItemInvokedEventArgs NavigationViewItemInvokedEventArgs

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Provides event data for the NavigationView.ItemInvoked event.

NavigationViewItemSeparator NavigationViewItemSeparator NavigationViewItemSeparator NavigationViewItemSeparator NavigationViewItemSeparator

Represents a line that separates menu items in a NavigationMenu.

NavigationViewList NavigationViewList NavigationViewList NavigationViewList NavigationViewList

Represents a control that displays menu items in a NavigationView control.

NavigationViewPaneClosingEventArgs NavigationViewPaneClosingEventArgs NavigationViewPaneClosingEventArgs NavigationViewPaneClosingEventArgs NavigationViewPaneClosingEventArgs

Provides data for the NavigationView.PaneClosing event.

NavigationViewSelectionChangedEventArgs NavigationViewSelectionChangedEventArgs NavigationViewSelectionChangedEventArgs NavigationViewSelectionChangedEventArgs NavigationViewSelectionChangedEventArgs

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Provides data for the NavigationView.SelectionChanged event.

NotifyEventArgs NotifyEventArgs NotifyEventArgs NotifyEventArgs NotifyEventArgs

Provides data for the ScriptNotify event.

Page Page Page Page Page

Represents content that a Frame control can navigate to.

Panel Panel Panel Panel Panel

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Provides a base class for all Panel elements. Use Panel elements to position and arrange child objects in a UI page.

ParallaxView ParallaxView ParallaxView ParallaxView ParallaxView

Represents a container that ties the scroll position of a foreground element, such as a list, to a background element, such as an image. As you scroll through the foreground element, it animates the background element to create a parallax effect.

PasswordBox PasswordBox PasswordBox PasswordBox PasswordBox

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a control for entering passwords.

PasswordBoxPasswordChangingEventArgs PasswordBoxPasswordChangingEventArgs PasswordBoxPasswordChangingEventArgs PasswordBoxPasswordChangingEventArgs PasswordBoxPasswordChangingEventArgs

Provides event data for the PasswordBox.PasswordChanging event.

PathIcon PathIcon PathIcon PathIcon PathIcon

Represents an icon that uses a vector path as its content.

PathIconSource PathIconSource PathIconSource PathIconSource PathIconSource

Represents an icon source that uses a vector path as its content.

PersonPicture PersonPicture PersonPicture PersonPicture PersonPicture

Represents a control that displays the avatar image for a person, if one is available; if not, it displays the person's initials or a generic glyph.

PickerConfirmedEventArgs PickerConfirmedEventArgs PickerConfirmedEventArgs PickerConfirmedEventArgs PickerConfirmedEventArgs

Provides data for the PickerConfirmed event.

PickerFlyout PickerFlyout PickerFlyout PickerFlyout PickerFlyout

Represents a custom picker control. (Not recommended for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. See Flyout.)

PickerFlyoutPresenter PickerFlyoutPresenter PickerFlyoutPresenter PickerFlyoutPresenter PickerFlyoutPresenter

Represents a custom picker. (Not recommended for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. See Flyout.)

Pivot Pivot Pivot Pivot Pivot

Represents a control that provides quick navigation of views within an app.

PivotItem PivotItem PivotItem PivotItem PivotItem

Represents the container for an item in a Pivot control.

PivotItemEventArgs PivotItemEventArgs PivotItemEventArgs PivotItemEventArgs PivotItemEventArgs

Event arguments for dynamically interacting with the PivotItem before use, allowing for delay load scenarios.

ProgressBar ProgressBar ProgressBar ProgressBar ProgressBar

Represents a control that indicates the progress of an operation, where the typical visual appearance is a bar that animates a filled area as progress continues.

ProgressRing ProgressRing ProgressRing ProgressRing ProgressRing

Represents a control that indicates that an operation is ongoing. The typical visual appearance is a ring-shaped "spinner" that cycles an animation as progress continues.

RadioButton RadioButton RadioButton RadioButton RadioButton

Represents a button that allows a user to select a single option from a group of options.

RatingControl RatingControl RatingControl RatingControl RatingControl

Represents a control that lets a user enter a star rating.

RatingItemFontInfo RatingItemFontInfo RatingItemFontInfo RatingItemFontInfo RatingItemFontInfo

Represents information about the visual states of font elements that represent a rating.

RatingItemImageInfo RatingItemImageInfo RatingItemImageInfo RatingItemImageInfo RatingItemImageInfo

Represents information about the visual states of image elements that represent a rating.

RatingItemInfo RatingItemInfo RatingItemInfo RatingItemInfo RatingItemInfo

Represents information about the visual states of the elements that represent a rating.

RefreshContainer RefreshContainer RefreshContainer RefreshContainer RefreshContainer

Represents a container control that provides a RefreshVisualizer and pull-to-refresh functionality for scrollable content.

RefreshInteractionRatioChangedEventArgs RefreshInteractionRatioChangedEventArgs RefreshInteractionRatioChangedEventArgs RefreshInteractionRatioChangedEventArgs RefreshInteractionRatioChangedEventArgs

Provides event data.

RefreshRequestedEventArgs RefreshRequestedEventArgs RefreshRequestedEventArgs RefreshRequestedEventArgs RefreshRequestedEventArgs

Provides event data for RefreshRequested events.

RefreshStateChangedEventArgs RefreshStateChangedEventArgs RefreshStateChangedEventArgs RefreshStateChangedEventArgs RefreshStateChangedEventArgs

Provides event data for the RefreshVisualizer.RefreshStateChanged event.

RefreshVisualizer RefreshVisualizer RefreshVisualizer RefreshVisualizer RefreshVisualizer

Represents a control that provides animated state indicators for content refresh.

RelativePanel RelativePanel RelativePanel RelativePanel RelativePanel

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Defines an area within which you can position and align child objects in relation to each other or the parent panel.

RichEditBox RichEditBox RichEditBox RichEditBox RichEditBox

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a rich text editing control that supports formatted text, hyperlinks, and other rich content.

RichEditBoxTextChangingEventArgs RichEditBoxTextChangingEventArgs RichEditBoxTextChangingEventArgs RichEditBoxTextChangingEventArgs RichEditBoxTextChangingEventArgs

Provides event data for the RichEditBox.TextChanging event.

RichTextBlock RichTextBlock RichTextBlock RichTextBlock RichTextBlock

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a rich text display container that supports formatted text, hyperlinks, inline images, and other rich content. RichTextBlock supports a built-in overflow model.

RichTextBlockOverflow RichTextBlockOverflow RichTextBlockOverflow RichTextBlockOverflow RichTextBlockOverflow

Represents a rich text display overflow container. This element cannot have direct content. The only purpose of RichTextBlockOverflow is to display text content that does not fit in the bounds of a RichTextBlock or another RichTextBlockOverflow element.

RowDefinition RowDefinition RowDefinition RowDefinition RowDefinition

Defines row-specific properties that apply to Grid elements.

RowDefinitionCollection RowDefinitionCollection RowDefinitionCollection RowDefinitionCollection RowDefinitionCollection

Provides access to an ordered, strongly typed collection of RowDefinition objects.

ScrollContentPresenter ScrollContentPresenter ScrollContentPresenter ScrollContentPresenter ScrollContentPresenter

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Displays the content of a ScrollViewer control.

ScrollViewer ScrollViewer ScrollViewer ScrollViewer ScrollViewer

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a scrollable area that can contain other visible elements.

ScrollViewerView ScrollViewerView ScrollViewerView ScrollViewerView ScrollViewerView

Provides a view for a ScrollViewer when its view is changing.

ScrollViewerViewChangedEventArgs ScrollViewerViewChangedEventArgs ScrollViewerViewChangedEventArgs ScrollViewerViewChangedEventArgs ScrollViewerViewChangedEventArgs

Provides event data for the ViewChanged event and similar control-specific events.

ScrollViewerViewChangingEventArgs ScrollViewerViewChangingEventArgs ScrollViewerViewChangingEventArgs ScrollViewerViewChangingEventArgs ScrollViewerViewChangingEventArgs

Provides event data for the ViewChanging event and similar control-specific events.

SearchBoxQueryChangedEventArgs SearchBoxQueryChangedEventArgs SearchBoxQueryChangedEventArgs SearchBoxQueryChangedEventArgs SearchBoxQueryChangedEventArgs

Provides event data for the SearchBox.QueryChanged event.

SearchBoxQuerySubmittedEventArgs SearchBoxQuerySubmittedEventArgs SearchBoxQuerySubmittedEventArgs SearchBoxQuerySubmittedEventArgs SearchBoxQuerySubmittedEventArgs

Provides event data for the SearchBox.QuerySubmitted event.

SearchBoxResultSuggestionChosenEventArgs SearchBoxResultSuggestionChosenEventArgs SearchBoxResultSuggestionChosenEventArgs SearchBoxResultSuggestionChosenEventArgs SearchBoxResultSuggestionChosenEventArgs

Provides event data for the SearchBox.ResultSuggestionChosen event.

SearchBoxSuggestionsRequestedEventArgs SearchBoxSuggestionsRequestedEventArgs SearchBoxSuggestionsRequestedEventArgs SearchBoxSuggestionsRequestedEventArgs SearchBoxSuggestionsRequestedEventArgs

Provides event data for the SearchBox.SuggestionsRequested event.

SectionsInViewChangedEventArgs SectionsInViewChangedEventArgs SectionsInViewChangedEventArgs SectionsInViewChangedEventArgs SectionsInViewChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the Hub.SectionsInViewChanged event.

SelectionChangedEventArgs SelectionChangedEventArgs SelectionChangedEventArgs SelectionChangedEventArgs SelectionChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the SelectionChanged event.

SemanticZoom SemanticZoom SemanticZoom SemanticZoom SemanticZoom

Represents a scrollable control that incorporates two views that have a semantic relationship. For example, the ZoomedOutView might be an index of titles, and the ZoomedInView might include details and summaries for each of the title entries. Views can be changed using zoom or other interactions.

SemanticZoomLocation SemanticZoomLocation SemanticZoomLocation SemanticZoomLocation SemanticZoomLocation

Communicates information for items and view state in a SemanticZoom, such that hosts for scrolling and virtualization (such as ListViewBase ) can get correct item and bounds information.

SemanticZoomViewChangedEventArgs SemanticZoomViewChangedEventArgs SemanticZoomViewChangedEventArgs SemanticZoomViewChangedEventArgs SemanticZoomViewChangedEventArgs

Provides event data for the ViewChangeStarted and ViewChangeCompleted events.

SettingsFlyout SettingsFlyout SettingsFlyout SettingsFlyout SettingsFlyout


SettingsFlyout is not supported for use in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app for Windows 10. Instead, use a Flyout.


SettingsFlyout is supported only for use with the SettingsPane in Windows 8. While the SettingsFlyout type is visible in Windows Phone projects, SettingsPane is not present on Windows Phone, so use of SettingsFlyout is not supported.

Represents a control that provides in-context access to settings that affect the current app. (Not recommended for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app.)

Slider Slider Slider Slider Slider

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a control that lets the user select from a range of values by moving a Thumb control along a track.

SplitView SplitView SplitView SplitView SplitView

Represents a container with two views; one view for the main content and another view that is typically used for navigation commands.

SplitViewPaneClosingEventArgs SplitViewPaneClosingEventArgs SplitViewPaneClosingEventArgs SplitViewPaneClosingEventArgs SplitViewPaneClosingEventArgs

Provides event data for the SplitView.PaneClosing event.

StackPanel StackPanel StackPanel StackPanel StackPanel

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Arranges child elements into a single line that can be oriented horizontally or vertically.

StyleSelector StyleSelector StyleSelector StyleSelector StyleSelector

Enables custom item style selection logic as a function of the content data and its specific item container.

SwapChainBackgroundPanel SwapChainBackgroundPanel SwapChainBackgroundPanel SwapChainBackgroundPanel SwapChainBackgroundPanel

Implements a XAML layout surface target for Microsoft DirectX interoperation scenarios. This panel has some atypical restrictions on its usage within an app window; see Remarks.


SwapChainBackgroundPanel may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows 8.1 Instead, use SwapChainPanel.

SwapChainPanel SwapChainPanel SwapChainPanel SwapChainPanel SwapChainPanel

Provides a hosting surface, where Microsoft DirectX swap chains provide content that can be rendered into a XAML UI. A SwapChainPanel element is a key component for an app that renders Microsoft DirectX graphics and then presents those visuals within a XAML page.

SwipeControl SwipeControl SwipeControl SwipeControl SwipeControl

Represents a container that provides access to contextual commands through touch interactions.

SwipeItem SwipeItem SwipeItem SwipeItem SwipeItem

Represents an individual command in a SwipeControl.

SwipeItemInvokedEventArgs SwipeItemInvokedEventArgs SwipeItemInvokedEventArgs SwipeItemInvokedEventArgs SwipeItemInvokedEventArgs

Provides event data for the SwipeItem.Invoked event.

SwipeItems SwipeItems SwipeItems SwipeItems SwipeItems

Represents a collection of SwipeItem objects.

SymbolIcon SymbolIcon SymbolIcon SymbolIcon SymbolIcon

Represents an icon that uses a glyph from the Segoe MDL2 Assets font as its content.

SymbolIconSource SymbolIconSource SymbolIconSource SymbolIconSource SymbolIconSource

Represents an icon source that uses a glyph from the Segoe MDL2 Assets font as its content.

TextBlock TextBlock TextBlock TextBlock TextBlock

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Provides a lightweight control for displaying small amounts of text.

TextBox TextBox TextBox TextBox TextBox

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a control that can be used to display and edit plain text (single or multi-line).

TextBoxBeforeTextChangingEventArgs TextBoxBeforeTextChangingEventArgs TextBoxBeforeTextChangingEventArgs TextBoxBeforeTextChangingEventArgs TextBoxBeforeTextChangingEventArgs

Provides event data for the TextBox.BeforeTextChanging event.

TextBoxTextChangingEventArgs TextBoxTextChangingEventArgs TextBoxTextChangingEventArgs TextBoxTextChangingEventArgs TextBoxTextChangingEventArgs

Provides event data for the TextBox.TextChanging event.

TextChangedEventArgs TextChangedEventArgs TextChangedEventArgs TextChangedEventArgs TextChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the TextChanged event.

TextCompositionChangedEventArgs TextCompositionChangedEventArgs TextCompositionChangedEventArgs TextCompositionChangedEventArgs TextCompositionChangedEventArgs

Provides event data for the TextCompositionChanged event on TextBox and RichEditBox.

TextCompositionEndedEventArgs TextCompositionEndedEventArgs TextCompositionEndedEventArgs TextCompositionEndedEventArgs TextCompositionEndedEventArgs

Provides event data for the TextCompositionEnded event on TextBox and RichEditBox.

TextCompositionStartedEventArgs TextCompositionStartedEventArgs TextCompositionStartedEventArgs TextCompositionStartedEventArgs TextCompositionStartedEventArgs

Provides event data for the TextCompositionStarted event on TextBox and RichEditBox.

TextControlCopyingToClipboardEventArgs TextControlCopyingToClipboardEventArgs TextControlCopyingToClipboardEventArgs TextControlCopyingToClipboardEventArgs TextControlCopyingToClipboardEventArgs

Provides event data for the CopyingToClipboard event.

TextControlCuttingToClipboardEventArgs TextControlCuttingToClipboardEventArgs TextControlCuttingToClipboardEventArgs TextControlCuttingToClipboardEventArgs TextControlCuttingToClipboardEventArgs

Provides event data for the CuttingToClipboard event.

TextControlPasteEventArgs TextControlPasteEventArgs TextControlPasteEventArgs TextControlPasteEventArgs TextControlPasteEventArgs

Provides data for the text control Paste event.

TimePickedEventArgs TimePickedEventArgs TimePickedEventArgs TimePickedEventArgs TimePickedEventArgs

Provides data for the TimePicked event.

TimePicker TimePicker TimePicker TimePicker TimePicker

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a control that allows a user to pick a time value.

TimePickerFlyout TimePickerFlyout TimePickerFlyout TimePickerFlyout TimePickerFlyout

Represents a control that allows a user to pick a time value.

TimePickerFlyoutPresenter TimePickerFlyoutPresenter TimePickerFlyoutPresenter TimePickerFlyoutPresenter TimePickerFlyoutPresenter

Represents the visual container for the TimePickerFlyout.

TimePickerValueChangedEventArgs TimePickerValueChangedEventArgs TimePickerValueChangedEventArgs TimePickerValueChangedEventArgs TimePickerValueChangedEventArgs

Provides event data for the TimePicker.TimeChanged event.

ToggleMenuFlyoutItem ToggleMenuFlyoutItem ToggleMenuFlyoutItem ToggleMenuFlyoutItem ToggleMenuFlyoutItem

Represents an item in a MenuFlyout that a user can change between two states, checked or unchecked.

ToggleSwitch ToggleSwitch ToggleSwitch ToggleSwitch ToggleSwitch

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a switch that can be toggled between two states.

ToolTip ToolTip ToolTip ToolTip ToolTip

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a control that creates a pop-up window that displays information for an element in the UI.

ToolTipService ToolTipService ToolTipService ToolTipService ToolTipService

Represents a service that provides static methods to display a ToolTip.

TreeView TreeView TreeView TreeView TreeView

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents a hierarchical list with expanding and collapsing nodes that contain nested items.

TreeViewCollapsedEventArgs TreeViewCollapsedEventArgs TreeViewCollapsedEventArgs TreeViewCollapsedEventArgs TreeViewCollapsedEventArgs

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Provides event data for the TreeView.Collapsed event.

TreeViewExpandingEventArgs TreeViewExpandingEventArgs TreeViewExpandingEventArgs TreeViewExpandingEventArgs TreeViewExpandingEventArgs

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Provides event data for the TreeView.Expanding event.

TreeViewItem TreeViewItem TreeViewItem TreeViewItem TreeViewItem

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents the container for an item in a TreeView control.

TreeViewItemInvokedEventArgs TreeViewItemInvokedEventArgs TreeViewItemInvokedEventArgs TreeViewItemInvokedEventArgs TreeViewItemInvokedEventArgs

Provides event data for the TreeView.ItemInvoked event.

TreeViewItemTemplateSettings TreeViewItemTemplateSettings TreeViewItemTemplateSettings TreeViewItemTemplateSettings TreeViewItemTemplateSettings

Provides calculated values that can be referenced as TemplatedParent sources when defining templates for a TreeViewItem control. Not intended for general use.

TreeViewList TreeViewList TreeViewList TreeViewList TreeViewList

Represents a flattened list of tree view items so that operations such as keyboard navigation and drag-and-drop can be inherited from ListView.

TreeViewNode TreeViewNode TreeViewNode TreeViewNode TreeViewNode

Represents a node in a TreeView control.

UIElementCollection UIElementCollection UIElementCollection UIElementCollection UIElementCollection

Represents an ordered collection of UIElement objects.

UserControl UserControl UserControl UserControl UserControl

Provides the base class for defining a new control that encapsulates related existing controls and provides its own logic.

VariableSizedWrapGrid VariableSizedWrapGrid VariableSizedWrapGrid VariableSizedWrapGrid VariableSizedWrapGrid

Provides a grid-style layout panel where each tile/cell can be variable size based on content.

Viewbox Viewbox Viewbox Viewbox Viewbox

Defines a content decorator that can stretch and scale a single child to fill the available space.

VirtualizingPanel VirtualizingPanel VirtualizingPanel VirtualizingPanel VirtualizingPanel

Provides a framework for Panel elements that virtualize their visual children.

VirtualizingStackPanel VirtualizingStackPanel VirtualizingStackPanel VirtualizingStackPanel VirtualizingStackPanel

Arranges and virtualizes content on a single line that is oriented either horizontally or vertically. Can only be used to display items in an ItemsControl.

WebView WebView WebView WebView WebView

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Provides a control that hosts HTML content in an app.

WebViewBrush WebViewBrush WebViewBrush WebViewBrush WebViewBrush

Provides a brush that renders the content that is currently hosted in a WebView control.

WebViewContentLoadingEventArgs WebViewContentLoadingEventArgs WebViewContentLoadingEventArgs WebViewContentLoadingEventArgs WebViewContentLoadingEventArgs

Provides data for the WebView.ContentLoading event.

WebViewDeferredPermissionRequest WebViewDeferredPermissionRequest WebViewDeferredPermissionRequest WebViewDeferredPermissionRequest WebViewDeferredPermissionRequest

Represents a deferred request for permissions in a WebView.

WebViewDOMContentLoadedEventArgs WebViewDOMContentLoadedEventArgs WebViewDOMContentLoadedEventArgs WebViewDOMContentLoadedEventArgs WebViewDOMContentLoadedEventArgs

Provides data for the DOMContentLoaded event.

WebViewLongRunningScriptDetectedEventArgs WebViewLongRunningScriptDetectedEventArgs WebViewLongRunningScriptDetectedEventArgs WebViewLongRunningScriptDetectedEventArgs WebViewLongRunningScriptDetectedEventArgs

Provides data for the WebView.LongRunningScriptDetected event.

WebViewNavigationCompletedEventArgs WebViewNavigationCompletedEventArgs WebViewNavigationCompletedEventArgs WebViewNavigationCompletedEventArgs WebViewNavigationCompletedEventArgs

Provides data for the WebView.NavigationCompleted and FrameNavigationCompleted events.

WebViewNavigationFailedEventArgs WebViewNavigationFailedEventArgs WebViewNavigationFailedEventArgs WebViewNavigationFailedEventArgs WebViewNavigationFailedEventArgs

Provides data for the WebView.NavigationFailed event.

WebViewNavigationStartingEventArgs WebViewNavigationStartingEventArgs WebViewNavigationStartingEventArgs WebViewNavigationStartingEventArgs WebViewNavigationStartingEventArgs

Provides data for the WebView.NavigationStarting and FrameNavigationStarting events.

WebViewNewWindowRequestedEventArgs WebViewNewWindowRequestedEventArgs WebViewNewWindowRequestedEventArgs WebViewNewWindowRequestedEventArgs WebViewNewWindowRequestedEventArgs

Provides data for the WebView.NewWindowRequested event.

WebViewPermissionRequest WebViewPermissionRequest WebViewPermissionRequest WebViewPermissionRequest WebViewPermissionRequest

Represents a request for permissions in a WebView.

WebViewPermissionRequestedEventArgs WebViewPermissionRequestedEventArgs WebViewPermissionRequestedEventArgs WebViewPermissionRequestedEventArgs WebViewPermissionRequestedEventArgs

Provides event data for the WebView.PermissionRequested event.

WebViewSeparateProcessLostEventArgs WebViewSeparateProcessLostEventArgs WebViewSeparateProcessLostEventArgs WebViewSeparateProcessLostEventArgs WebViewSeparateProcessLostEventArgs

Provides event data for the WebView.SeparateProcessLost event.

WebViewSettings WebViewSettings WebViewSettings WebViewSettings WebViewSettings

Defines properties that enable or disable WebView features.

WebViewUnsupportedUriSchemeIdentifiedEventArgs WebViewUnsupportedUriSchemeIdentifiedEventArgs WebViewUnsupportedUriSchemeIdentifiedEventArgs WebViewUnsupportedUriSchemeIdentifiedEventArgs WebViewUnsupportedUriSchemeIdentifiedEventArgs

Provides data for the WebView.UnsupportedUriSchemeIdentified event.

WebViewUnviewableContentIdentifiedEventArgs WebViewUnviewableContentIdentifiedEventArgs WebViewUnviewableContentIdentifiedEventArgs WebViewUnviewableContentIdentifiedEventArgs WebViewUnviewableContentIdentifiedEventArgs

Provides data for the WebView.UnviewableContentIdentified event.

WrapGrid WrapGrid WrapGrid WrapGrid WrapGrid

Positions child elements sequentially from left to right or top to bottom. When elements extend beyond the container edge, elements are positioned in the next row or column. Can only be used to display items in an ItemsControl. See Remarks.


ICommandBarElement ICommandBarElement ICommandBarElement ICommandBarElement ICommandBarElement

Defines the compact view for command bar elements.

ICommandBarElement2 ICommandBarElement2 ICommandBarElement2 ICommandBarElement2 ICommandBarElement2

Defines members to manage the command bar overflow menu.

IInsertionPanel IInsertionPanel IInsertionPanel IInsertionPanel IInsertionPanel

Provides methods to let an item be inserted between other items in a drag-and-drop operation.

IItemContainerMapping IItemContainerMapping IItemContainerMapping IItemContainerMapping IItemContainerMapping

Provides methods that let an ItemsControl map data items to UI containers.

INavigate INavigate INavigate INavigate INavigate

Defines the navigation action for navigation hosts and navigation initiators.

ISemanticZoomInformation ISemanticZoomInformation ISemanticZoomInformation ISemanticZoomInformation ISemanticZoomInformation

Communicates the info needed for a view to serve as one of the two possible views (ZoomedOutView or ZoomedInView ) of a SemanticZoom.


AppBarClosedDisplayMode AppBarClosedDisplayMode AppBarClosedDisplayMode AppBarClosedDisplayMode AppBarClosedDisplayMode

Defines constants that specify whether icon buttons are displayed when an app bar is not completely open.

AutoSuggestionBoxTextChangeReason AutoSuggestionBoxTextChangeReason AutoSuggestionBoxTextChangeReason AutoSuggestionBoxTextChangeReason AutoSuggestionBoxTextChangeReason

Values used to indicate the reason for the text changing in the AutoSuggestBox.

CalendarViewDisplayMode CalendarViewDisplayMode CalendarViewDisplayMode CalendarViewDisplayMode CalendarViewDisplayMode

Defines constants that specify which view of the calendar is shown.

CalendarViewSelectionMode CalendarViewSelectionMode CalendarViewSelectionMode CalendarViewSelectionMode CalendarViewSelectionMode

Defines constants that specify what kind of date selections are allowed in the calendar.

CandidateWindowAlignment CandidateWindowAlignment CandidateWindowAlignment CandidateWindowAlignment CandidateWindowAlignment

Defines constants that specify how the Input Method Editor (IME) window for text predictions is aligned with a text edit control.

CharacterCasing CharacterCasing CharacterCasing CharacterCasing CharacterCasing

Defines constants that specify how a control modifies the case of characters as they are typed.

ClickMode ClickMode ClickMode ClickMode ClickMode

Specifies when the Click event should be raised for a control.

ColorPickerHsvChannel ColorPickerHsvChannel ColorPickerHsvChannel ColorPickerHsvChannel ColorPickerHsvChannel

Defines contstants that specify which Hue-Saturation-Value-Alpha component a slider in a ColorPicker controls.

ColorSpectrumComponents ColorSpectrumComponents ColorSpectrumComponents ColorSpectrumComponents ColorSpectrumComponents

Defines constants that specify how the Hue-Saturation-Value (HSV) color components are mapped onto the ColorSpectrum.

ColorSpectrumShape ColorSpectrumShape ColorSpectrumShape ColorSpectrumShape ColorSpectrumShape

Defines constants that specify how the ColorSpectrum control is shown.

ComboBoxSelectionChangedTrigger ComboBoxSelectionChangedTrigger ComboBoxSelectionChangedTrigger ComboBoxSelectionChangedTrigger ComboBoxSelectionChangedTrigger

Defines constants that specify what action causes a SelectionChanged event to occur.

CommandBarDefaultLabelPosition CommandBarDefaultLabelPosition CommandBarDefaultLabelPosition CommandBarDefaultLabelPosition CommandBarDefaultLabelPosition

Defines constants that specify the placement and visibility of AppBarButton labels in a CommandBar.

CommandBarDynamicOverflowAction CommandBarDynamicOverflowAction CommandBarDynamicOverflowAction CommandBarDynamicOverflowAction CommandBarDynamicOverflowAction

Defines constants that specify whether items were added to or removed from the CommandBar overflow menu.

CommandBarLabelPosition CommandBarLabelPosition CommandBarLabelPosition CommandBarLabelPosition CommandBarLabelPosition

Defines constants that specify the placement and visibility of an app bar button's label.

CommandBarOverflowButtonVisibility CommandBarOverflowButtonVisibility CommandBarOverflowButtonVisibility CommandBarOverflowButtonVisibility CommandBarOverflowButtonVisibility

Defines constants that specify when a command bar's overflow button is shown.

ContentDialogButton ContentDialogButton ContentDialogButton ContentDialogButton ContentDialogButton

Defines constants that specify the default button on a content dialog.

ContentDialogPlacement ContentDialogPlacement ContentDialogPlacement ContentDialogPlacement ContentDialogPlacement

Defines constants that specify where in the XAML visual tree a ContentDialog is rooted.

ContentDialogResult ContentDialogResult ContentDialogResult ContentDialogResult ContentDialogResult

Specifies identifiers to indicate the return value of a ContentDialog

ContentLinkChangeKind ContentLinkChangeKind ContentLinkChangeKind ContentLinkChangeKind ContentLinkChangeKind

Defines constants that specify what kind of change is being made to a ContentLink.

DisabledFormattingAccelerators DisabledFormattingAccelerators DisabledFormattingAccelerators DisabledFormattingAccelerators DisabledFormattingAccelerators

Defines constants that specify which keyboard shortcuts for formatting are disabled in a RichEditBox.

HandwritingPanelPlacementAlignment HandwritingPanelPlacementAlignment HandwritingPanelPlacementAlignment HandwritingPanelPlacementAlignment HandwritingPanelPlacementAlignment

Defines constants that specify where the handwriting view panel is anchored to the control.

IncrementalLoadingTrigger IncrementalLoadingTrigger IncrementalLoadingTrigger IncrementalLoadingTrigger IncrementalLoadingTrigger

Defines constants that specify list view incremental loading behavior (IncrementalLoadingTrigger property).

InkToolbarButtonFlyoutPlacement InkToolbarButtonFlyoutPlacement InkToolbarButtonFlyoutPlacement InkToolbarButtonFlyoutPlacement InkToolbarButtonFlyoutPlacement

Specifies the location of the ink stroke configuration flyout relative to the InkToolbar.

InkToolbarFlyoutItemKind InkToolbarFlyoutItemKind InkToolbarFlyoutItemKind InkToolbarFlyoutItemKind InkToolbarFlyoutItemKind

Specifies the types of buttons that can be used on an InkToolbar flyout.

InkToolbarInitialControls InkToolbarInitialControls InkToolbarInitialControls InkToolbarInitialControls InkToolbarInitialControls

Defines constants that specify the built-in buttons (InitialControls ) added to an InkToolbar at initialization.

InkToolbarMenuKind InkToolbarMenuKind InkToolbarMenuKind InkToolbarMenuKind InkToolbarMenuKind

Specifies the types of menu buttons that can be added to an InkToolbar.

InkToolbarStencilKind InkToolbarStencilKind InkToolbarStencilKind InkToolbarStencilKind InkToolbarStencilKind

Specifies the types of InkToolbar stencils.

InkToolbarToggle InkToolbarToggle InkToolbarToggle InkToolbarToggle InkToolbarToggle

Defines constants that specify the button types exposed in the toggle button group of an InkToolbar.

InkToolbarTool InkToolbarTool InkToolbarTool InkToolbarTool InkToolbarTool

Defines constants that specify the type of built-in or custom tool associated with the InkToolbarToolButton.

ItemsUpdatingScrollMode ItemsUpdatingScrollMode ItemsUpdatingScrollMode ItemsUpdatingScrollMode ItemsUpdatingScrollMode

Defines constants that specify the scrolling behavior of items while updating.

LightDismissOverlayMode LightDismissOverlayMode LightDismissOverlayMode LightDismissOverlayMode LightDismissOverlayMode

Defines constants that specify whether the area outside of a light-dismiss UI is darkened.

ListPickerFlyoutSelectionMode ListPickerFlyoutSelectionMode ListPickerFlyoutSelectionMode ListPickerFlyoutSelectionMode ListPickerFlyoutSelectionMode

Defines constants that specify the selection mode of a ListPickerFlyout.

ListViewReorderMode ListViewReorderMode ListViewReorderMode ListViewReorderMode ListViewReorderMode

Defines constants that specify the reorder mode of a ListView or GridView.

ListViewSelectionMode ListViewSelectionMode ListViewSelectionMode ListViewSelectionMode ListViewSelectionMode

Defines constants that specify the selection mode of a ListView or GridView.

NavigationViewBackButtonVisible NavigationViewBackButtonVisible NavigationViewBackButtonVisible NavigationViewBackButtonVisible NavigationViewBackButtonVisible

Defines constants that specify whether the back button is visible in NavigationView.

NavigationViewDisplayMode NavigationViewDisplayMode NavigationViewDisplayMode NavigationViewDisplayMode NavigationViewDisplayMode

Defines constants that specify how the pane is shown in a NavigationView.

Orientation Orientation Orientation Orientation Orientation

Defines constants that specify the different orientations that a control or layout can have.

PanelScrollingDirection PanelScrollingDirection PanelScrollingDirection PanelScrollingDirection PanelScrollingDirection

Defines constants that specify the direction that a panel is scrolling.

ParallaxSourceOffsetKind ParallaxSourceOffsetKind ParallaxSourceOffsetKind ParallaxSourceOffsetKind ParallaxSourceOffsetKind

Defines constants that specify how the source offset values of a ParallaxView are interpreted.

PasswordRevealMode PasswordRevealMode PasswordRevealMode PasswordRevealMode PasswordRevealMode

Defines constants that specify the password reveal behavior of a PasswordBox.

PivotHeaderFocusVisualPlacement PivotHeaderFocusVisualPlacement PivotHeaderFocusVisualPlacement PivotHeaderFocusVisualPlacement PivotHeaderFocusVisualPlacement

Defines constants that specify the style of focus visual used for pivot header items.

PivotSlideInAnimationGroup PivotSlideInAnimationGroup PivotSlideInAnimationGroup PivotSlideInAnimationGroup PivotSlideInAnimationGroup

Defines constants that specify the different slide-in animation groups that Pivot elements can belong to.

RefreshPullDirection RefreshPullDirection RefreshPullDirection RefreshPullDirection RefreshPullDirection

Defines constants that specify the direction to pull a RefreshContainer to initiate a refresh.

RefreshVisualizerOrientation RefreshVisualizerOrientation RefreshVisualizerOrientation RefreshVisualizerOrientation RefreshVisualizerOrientation

Defines constants that specify the orientation of a RefreshVisualizer.

RefreshVisualizerState RefreshVisualizerState RefreshVisualizerState RefreshVisualizerState RefreshVisualizerState

Defines constants that specify the state of a RefreshVisualizer

RequiresPointer RequiresPointer RequiresPointer RequiresPointer RequiresPointer

Defines constants that specify when an element requires a mouse-like pointer behavior from a game pad.

RichEditClipboardFormat RichEditClipboardFormat RichEditClipboardFormat RichEditClipboardFormat RichEditClipboardFormat

Defines constants that specify the format of text copied from a RichEditBox.

ScrollBarVisibility ScrollBarVisibility ScrollBarVisibility ScrollBarVisibility ScrollBarVisibility

Defines constants that specify the visibility of a scrollbar within a ScrollViewer control.

ScrollIntoViewAlignment ScrollIntoViewAlignment ScrollIntoViewAlignment ScrollIntoViewAlignment ScrollIntoViewAlignment

Defines constants that describe how an item that is programmatically scrolled into view aligns with the visible area.

ScrollMode ScrollMode ScrollMode ScrollMode ScrollMode

Defines constants that specify scrolling behavior for ScrollViewer and other parts involved in scrolling scenarios.

SelectionMode SelectionMode SelectionMode SelectionMode SelectionMode

Defines constants that specify the selection behavior for a ListBox.

SnapPointsType SnapPointsType SnapPointsType SnapPointsType SnapPointsType

Defines constants that specify how panning snap points are processed for gesture/manipulation input.

SplitViewDisplayMode SplitViewDisplayMode SplitViewDisplayMode SplitViewDisplayMode SplitViewDisplayMode

Defines constants that specify how the pane is shown in a SplitView.

SplitViewPanePlacement SplitViewPanePlacement SplitViewPanePlacement SplitViewPanePlacement SplitViewPanePlacement

Defines constants that specify whether the pane is to the left or right of the content in a SplitView.

StretchDirection StretchDirection StretchDirection StretchDirection StretchDirection

Defines constants that specify the direction that content is scaled.

SwipeBehaviorOnInvoked SwipeBehaviorOnInvoked SwipeBehaviorOnInvoked SwipeBehaviorOnInvoked SwipeBehaviorOnInvoked

Defines constants that specify how a SwipeControl behaves after a command is invoked.

SwipeMode SwipeMode SwipeMode SwipeMode SwipeMode

Defines constants that specify the effect of a swipe interaction.

Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol

Defines constants that specify a glyph from the Segoe MDL2 Assets font to use as the content of a SymbolIcon.

TreeViewSelectionMode TreeViewSelectionMode TreeViewSelectionMode TreeViewSelectionMode TreeViewSelectionMode

Defines constants that specify the selection behavior for a TreeView instance.

VirtualizationMode VirtualizationMode VirtualizationMode VirtualizationMode VirtualizationMode

Defines constants that specify how VirtualizingStackPanel manages item containers for its child items.

WebViewExecutionMode WebViewExecutionMode WebViewExecutionMode WebViewExecutionMode WebViewExecutionMode

Defines constants that specify whether WebView hosts HTML content on the UI thread or on a non-UI thread.

WebViewPermissionState WebViewPermissionState WebViewPermissionState WebViewPermissionState WebViewPermissionState

Defines constants that specify the state of a WebView.PermissionRequested event.

WebViewPermissionType WebViewPermissionType WebViewPermissionType WebViewPermissionType WebViewPermissionType

Defines constants the specify the type of permission requested in a WebView.

ZoomMode ZoomMode ZoomMode ZoomMode ZoomMode

Defines constants that specify the current mode for zoom behavior in the ScrollViewer content.


BackClickEventHandler BackClickEventHandler BackClickEventHandler BackClickEventHandler BackClickEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle a BackClick event.

CalendarViewDayItemChangingEventHandler CalendarViewDayItemChangingEventHandler CalendarViewDayItemChangingEventHandler CalendarViewDayItemChangingEventHandler CalendarViewDayItemChangingEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the CalendarViewDayItemChanging event.

CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventHandler CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventHandler CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventHandler CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventHandler CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventHandler

Represents the method that handles the CleanUpVirtualizedItemEvent attached event.

ContextMenuOpeningEventHandler ContextMenuOpeningEventHandler ContextMenuOpeningEventHandler ContextMenuOpeningEventHandler ContextMenuOpeningEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the ContextMenuOpening event that exists on several text-related UI elements.

DragItemsStartingEventHandler DragItemsStartingEventHandler DragItemsStartingEventHandler DragItemsStartingEventHandler DragItemsStartingEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the DragItemsStarting event.

HubSectionHeaderClickEventHandler HubSectionHeaderClickEventHandler HubSectionHeaderClickEventHandler HubSectionHeaderClickEventHandler HubSectionHeaderClickEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle a Hub.SectionHeaderClick event.

ItemClickEventHandler ItemClickEventHandler ItemClickEventHandler ItemClickEventHandler ItemClickEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle an ItemClick event.

ListViewItemToKeyHandler ListViewItemToKeyHandler ListViewItemToKeyHandler ListViewItemToKeyHandler ListViewItemToKeyHandler

Represents the method that will handle callback for the GetRelativeScrollPosition method.

ListViewKeyToItemHandler ListViewKeyToItemHandler ListViewKeyToItemHandler ListViewKeyToItemHandler ListViewKeyToItemHandler

Represents the asynchronous method that will handle callback for the SetRelativeScrollPositionAsync method.

NotifyEventHandler NotifyEventHandler NotifyEventHandler NotifyEventHandler NotifyEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the ScriptNotify event.

SectionsInViewChangedEventHandler SectionsInViewChangedEventHandler SectionsInViewChangedEventHandler SectionsInViewChangedEventHandler SectionsInViewChangedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle a SectionsInViewChanged event.

SelectionChangedEventHandler SelectionChangedEventHandler SelectionChangedEventHandler SelectionChangedEventHandler SelectionChangedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the SelectionChanged event.

SemanticZoomViewChangedEventHandler SemanticZoomViewChangedEventHandler SemanticZoomViewChangedEventHandler SemanticZoomViewChangedEventHandler SemanticZoomViewChangedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the ViewChangeStarted and ViewChangeCompleted events.

TextChangedEventHandler TextChangedEventHandler TextChangedEventHandler TextChangedEventHandler TextChangedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the TextChanged event.

TextControlPasteEventHandler TextControlPasteEventHandler TextControlPasteEventHandler TextControlPasteEventHandler TextControlPasteEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle a Paste event.

WebViewNavigationFailedEventHandler WebViewNavigationFailedEventHandler WebViewNavigationFailedEventHandler WebViewNavigationFailedEventHandler WebViewNavigationFailedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the WebView.NavigationFailed event.

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