BackClickEventArgs BackClickEventArgs BackClickEventArgs BackClickEventArgs Class


Provides event data for the SettingsFlyout.BackClick event.

public : sealed class BackClickEventArgs : IBackClickEventArgspublic sealed class BackClickEventArgs : IBackClickEventArgsPublic NotInheritable Class BackClickEventArgs Implements IBackClickEventArgs// This API is not available in Javascript.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


BackClickEventArgs() BackClickEventArgs() BackClickEventArgs() BackClickEventArgs()

Initializes a new instance of the BackClickEventArgs class.

public : BackClickEventArgs()public BackClickEventArgs()Public Sub New()// This API is not available in Javascript.


Handled Handled Handled Handled

Gets or sets a value that can cancel the navigation. A true value for Handled cancels the default behavior.

public : PlatForm::Boolean Handled { get; set; }public bool Handled { get; set; }Public ReadWrite Property Handled As bool// This API is not available in Javascript.
PlatForm::Boolean bool bool bool

true to cancel the navigation. false to use default behavior. The default is false.