Windows.​UI.​Xaml.​Hosting Windows.​UI.​Xaml.​Hosting Windows.​UI.​Xaml.​Hosting Namespace

Some information relates to pre-released product which may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here.

Prerelease APIs are identified by a Prerelease label.

Prerelease. Provides services that are relevant for XAML design surfaces that are hosted in a larger application.


DesignerAppManager DesignerAppManager DesignerAppManager

Prerelease. Manages an application in a XAML design surface.

DesignerAppView DesignerAppView DesignerAppView

Prerelease. Represents an app view in a XAML design surface.

ElementCompositionPreview ElementCompositionPreview ElementCompositionPreview

Enables access to composition visual objects that back XAML elements in the XAML composition tree.

ProcessExitedEventArgs ProcessExitedEventArgs ProcessExitedEventArgs

Prerelease. Provides event data for the DesignerAppManager.ProcessExited event.

XamlUIPresenter XamlUIPresenter XamlUIPresenter

Enables presenting a visual tree on a Microsoft Direct3D surface. This type is used for design tool hosting scenarios and is not intended for general use.


IXamlUIPresenterHost IXamlUIPresenterHost IXamlUIPresenterHost

Represents a service that resolves resources from an application. This interface is used for design tool hosting scenarios and is not intended for general use.

IXamlUIPresenterHost2 IXamlUIPresenterHost2 IXamlUIPresenterHost2

Extends IXamlUIPresenterHost to add GetGenericXamlFilePath.

IXamlUIPresenterHost3 IXamlUIPresenterHost3 IXamlUIPresenterHost3

Extends IXamlUIPresenterHost to add ResolveDictionaryResource.


DesignerAppViewState DesignerAppViewState DesignerAppViewState

Prerelease. Defines constants that specify whether the app view is visible or hidden.