Windows.​UI.​Xaml.​Media.​Media3​D Windows.​UI.​Xaml.​Media.​Media3​D Windows.​UI.​Xaml.​Media.​Media3​D Namespace

Contains types that support matrix/perspective transformation.


CompositeTransform3D CompositeTransform3D CompositeTransform3D

Represents 3-D scale, rotation, and translate transforms to be applied to an element.

Matrix3DHelper Matrix3DHelper Matrix3DHelper

Provides static utilities for Matrix3D. C# and Microsoft Visual Basic code should use members of Matrix3D instead.

PerspectiveTransform3D PerspectiveTransform3D PerspectiveTransform3D

Represents a 3-D perspective effect.

Transform3D Transform3D Transform3D

The base class for the CompositeTransform3D and PerspectiveTransform3D classes.


Matrix3D Matrix3D Matrix3D

Represents a 4 × 4 matrix that is used for transformations in a 3-D space. Used as a value for Matrix3DProjection.ProjectionMatrix.