Windows.​UI.​Xaml.​Navigation Windows.​UI.​Xaml.​Navigation Windows.​UI.​Xaml.​Navigation Namespace

Provides types that support navigation events as initiated by the Page and Frame classes.


NavigatingCancelEventArgs NavigatingCancelEventArgs NavigatingCancelEventArgs

Provides data for the OnNavigatingFrom callback that can be used to cancel a navigation request from origination.

NavigationEventArgs NavigationEventArgs NavigationEventArgs

Provides data for navigation methods and event handlers that cannot cancel the navigation request.

NavigationFailedEventArgs NavigationFailedEventArgs NavigationFailedEventArgs

Provides event data for the WebView.NavigationFailed and Frame.NavigationFailed events.

PageStackEntry PageStackEntry PageStackEntry

Represents an entry in the BackStack or ForwardStack of a Frame.


NavigationCacheMode NavigationCacheMode NavigationCacheMode

Specifies caching characteristics for a page involved in a navigation.

NavigationMode NavigationMode NavigationMode

Specifies the navigation stack characteristics of a navigation.


LoadCompletedEventHandler LoadCompletedEventHandler LoadCompletedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the LoadCompleted event.


LoadCompleted may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows 8.1. Instead, use NavigationCompleted.

NavigatedEventHandler NavigatedEventHandler NavigatedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the Navigated event.

NavigatingCancelEventHandler NavigatingCancelEventHandler NavigatingCancelEventHandler

Represents the method to use as the OnNavigatingFrom callback override.

NavigationFailedEventHandler NavigationFailedEventHandler NavigationFailedEventHandler

Represents a method that will handle the WebView.NavigationFailed and Frame.NavigationFailed events.

NavigationStoppedEventHandler NavigationStoppedEventHandler NavigationStoppedEventHandler

Provides event data for the NavigationStopped event.