Navigating​Cancel​Event​Args Navigating​Cancel​Event​Args Navigating​Cancel​Event​Args Class


Provides data for the OnNavigatingFrom callback that can be used to cancel a navigation request from origination.

public : sealed class NavigatingCancelEventArgs : INavigatingCancelEventArgs, INavigatingCancelEventArgs2public sealed class NavigatingCancelEventArgs : INavigatingCancelEventArgs, INavigatingCancelEventArgs2Public NotInheritable Class NavigatingCancelEventArgs Implements INavigatingCancelEventArgs, INavigatingCancelEventArgs2
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Cancel Cancel Cancel

Specifies whether a pending navigation should be canceled.

public : PlatForm::Boolean Cancel { get; set; }public bool Cancel { get; set; }Public ReadWrite Property Cancel As bool
PlatForm::Boolean bool bool

true to cancel the pending cancelable navigation; false to continue with navigation.


NavigationMode NavigationMode NavigationMode

Gets the value of the mode parameter from the originating Navigate call.

public : NavigationMode NavigationMode { get; }public NavigationMode NavigationMode { get; }Public ReadOnly Property NavigationMode As NavigationMode
NavigationMode NavigationMode NavigationMode

The value of the mode parameter from the originating Navigate call.


NavigationTransitionInfo NavigationTransitionInfo NavigationTransitionInfo

Gets a value that indicates the animated transition associated with the navigation.

public : NavigationTransitionInfo NavigationTransitionInfo { get; }public NavigationTransitionInfo NavigationTransitionInfo { get; }Public ReadOnly Property NavigationTransitionInfo As NavigationTransitionInfo

Parameter Parameter Parameter

Gets the navigation parameter associated with this navigation.

public : PlatForm::Object Parameter { get; }public object Parameter { get; }Public ReadOnly Property Parameter As object
PlatForm::Object object object

The navigation parameter.


SourcePageType SourcePageType SourcePageType

Gets the value of the SourcePageType parameter from the originating Navigate call.

public : TypeName SourcePageType { get; }public Type SourcePageType { get; }Public ReadOnly Property SourcePageType As Type
TypeName Type Type

The value of the SourcePageType parameter from the originating Navigate call, as a type reference (System.Type for Microsoft .NET, a TypeName helper struct for Visual C++ component extensions (C++/CX)).




If you are programming using a Microsoft .NET language (C# or Microsoft Visual Basic), the TypeName type projects as System.Type. If you're using Visual C++ component extensions (C++/CX)), this is a TypeName helper struct.

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