Windows.Web.AtomPub Windows.Web.AtomPub Windows.Web.AtomPub Windows.Web.AtomPub Namespace

Enables HTTP CRUD access to Web resources using the AtomPub protocol. The AtomPub sample demonstrates this implementation.


AtomPubClient AtomPubClient AtomPubClient AtomPubClient

Encapsulates the methods needed to implement the AtomPub protocol which enables HTTP CRUD access to Web resources using the Atom 1.0 wire format.

ResourceCollection ResourceCollection ResourceCollection ResourceCollection

Encapsulates one or more collections within a workspace.

ServiceDocument ServiceDocument ServiceDocument ServiceDocument

Encapsulates a service document.

Workspace Workspace Workspace Workspace

Encapsulates a workspace in a service document.


Windows.Web.AtomPub leverages Windows.Web.Syndication classes to represent individual content elements.