Microsoft.Services.Store.Engagement Namespace

This namespace contains APIs in the Microsoft Store Services SDK that you can use in conjunction with features in Partner Center to engage with your customers. These features include running app experiments with A/B testing, launching Feedback Hub from your app so that users can submit feedback that you can respond to in the dashboard, logging custom events from your app that you can review in the dashboard, and sending targeted push notifications from the dashboard to your app.

For more information about this SDK, see Microsoft Store Services SDK.



Provides members you can use to log events from your app to Partner Center.


Provides members you can use to configure your app to receive targeted push notifications from Partner Center.


Represents a variation for an A/B experiment that you have configured in Partner Center.


Provides access to a variation assignment for an A/B experiment that you have configured in Partner Center.


Provides members you can use to launch Feedback Hub and take users to your app's area so they can submit and upvote feedback.


Contains data to pass to the RegisterNotificationChannelAsync method overload when you register your app to receive Partner Center notifications.


Provides access to the notification channel URI and error data returned by the RegisterNotificationChannelAsync method.



Defines error codes for a StoreServicesExperimentVariationResult or StoreServicesNotificationChannelRegistrationResult object.

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